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You know, I would really, really like to be able to post some of my writing--none of the big stuff, but backstory stuff, drabbles, that kind of thing--on a place like DA. Not because I'm a whore for comments or what-the-fuck-ever, but because, I dunno, I want to know what people think. I love characters; I love my characters; I know other people like characters as much as I do. I love seeing people's original characters wandering around their galleries. I just think it would be nice to have that as well.

But dear God! I never knew places like DA were so fucking dramatic! DA used to be awesome and filled with awesome art and such, but now it's nothing but flame wars, personal attacks, fanart of the same damn shit over and over, and "OMG SRS BIZNIS!" When the hell did places like DA get this pathetic? People are leaving there in droves or going invisible because people are such assholes. If you post something that someone doesn't like, it's like a given that you'll be flamed.

I mean, at least if you write and publish a book, it's out there and you get people talking about it on forums, reviewing it on Amazon and such. Stuff like that is usually pretty easily avoided, to some degree, and of course you just learn to develop a thick skin over time. But posting something in a gallery? It's right there where you are, and when people like or dislike it, you hear about it immediately. It's the equivalent of writing a book and putting your home address and phone number on the cover.

I feel so bad for the poor artists and writers who post things on large sites like DA and then get run out of town with pitchforks shaped like lolcats or whatever! Whatever happened to "don't like it, don't read/view it?" Or was that ever the standard?

I feel like an old person for saying it, but whatever happened to common courtesy?

And don't even get me started on the art/writing theft. God! It's getting to the point where I'm almost afraid to post excerpts here under friends-lock for fear some little shit will find it and try to pass it off as their own or something. Admittedly, the only people who really know me online are RL friends, but I've been paranoid and self-conscious about my writing for my entire life. I would be devastated if I found Boone or Kaz or Violin or Kaiyss on someone else's site. That's a part of myself they'd be stealing!

And I do mean devastated. Like, "my boyfriend of 5 years broke up with me and I'm going to spend a month in bed now, kthxbye" devastated. I wouldn't know what to do with myself. How do you fight art/writing thieves, anyway? It's not like I understand copyright laws.

The theft thing was my main deterrent for posting anything online for the longest time (it's why anything that's writing related and specific to one of my projects goes under friend-lock). Now, recently, I'd been thinking I might give something like DA a try, but no! Everyone's too fucking immature and pathetic!

And on the flipside, dear god, what if I got the yaoi fanbrats slavering over E and Kail and being all "OMG BUTTSECKS KAWAII!"? What if I had people shipping characters who just shouldn't be shipped? Imagine the Kaz/Aidan shippers, since everyone's so into enemy!hate!sex these days. Christ!

If I ever get popular enough that kind of thing might happen anyway, but I just really don't want to see that kind of stuff when my babies are still learning to walk.

I'm not so arrogant to think if I did have a gallery or some shit that people would actually stop by to check it out. But still.

I love wank, don't get me wrong. Particularly fandom wank, because it's usually just so goddamn stupid that it's hilarious to watch. It's an entirely different matter when you've got personal attacks on someone's work going on. That's another beast entirely, one that should be put down.

So, thanks a lot, Internets. Way to completely discourage me from ever trusting people online with anything.
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Hey hey, the heat wave is leaving us! Yay!

So yes. We arrived at the theater at 8 nearabouts since we wanted to be early. There were at least 6 theaters playing Harry Potter and ALL the tickets had been sold out. The IMAX line took up most of the central hallway and there were other lines down the other two hallways for the regular movie. We sat around for about an hour before they moved a group of people into one of the theaters, which meant we got to move to the front of the line. Other people started arriving then, namely Lindy--Liz, Sarah and Sarah's friend Craig were already there. About another hour later, they let us into one of the theaters, and we sat there for I think another hour, playing Apples to Apples (which I'd never played before and which was pretty fun). Then I couldn't sit still, so a handful of us went out to get Coldstone (woo!), and by then two other people showed up. Once we got back a wee bit of drama was underway, as Liz had disappeared to take a call and various stuff was happening.

Then, finally, maybe another thirty minutes after that, everyone resurfaced from whatever they'd been doing and the movie started.

Previews first--lemme say right now, I really want to see that 10,000 BC movie, although I wonder if they're gonna be all PC and change it to "10,000 BCE." Probably enough people don't know what that stands for, so I doubt it. I can't remember much of the other previews except for the ping-pong movie, which has the guy who plays Hiro on Heroes. I shouted "yatta" with pretty much the whole theater.

And then, of course, the movie itself started. There was quite a bit of cheering.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix--SPOILERS )

The only reason I didn't post this yesterday was because right after the movie some really stupid drama went down. I'll spare you the details, but pretty much, Liz and I got in a fight, and I was subsequently in a bad mood all day yesterday.

My mom got home today. She's spent the last week and a half in Maine with my grandparents.

I'm finally sort of getting back into writing! I've been looking a lot at Penta, picking at it a little. But nothing worth really barking about.

I did watch a few episodes of Sousei no Aquarion. Oh my god, we've gotta show this next year in ASIC. This is an anime that really needs to be watched in groups and mysted like hell. There is just too much in it that can be taken so wrong. But aside from that it's a fun show with a great soundtrack and a pretty good storyline, so it won't be so bad that they give it the boot.
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This is probably one of the best movies ever made.

Little Miss Sunshine )

I also bought Pan's Labyrinth the other day, but forgot to mention it. More movie reviews coming, since Tokyo Godfathers and the Ghost In the Shell movie just came in the mail.

Not much else to report. Went to the beach today with Liz and Lindy and got so fucking burned. On the backs of my legs too, so every time I move them it's like "AGH I KILL YOU!" Eurgh. It's all splotchy and gross too. I should know better by now. I always burn before I tan. x_x

I'm a slug bug. I haven't done any writing lately. I feel like such a loser. And I still haven't been approved for the 100 Themes Challenge. I think I'd better check up on that.

My job finally, really starts next week on Wednesday and it looks like I've got 15 hours this week. The woes of part-time work, but oh well. If I work like this from now until the end of summer I should have enough. And they might give me more hours eventually.

Had to deal with some major drama issues earlier as well. Not gonna talk about it, since it concerns a friend of mine, but let's just say that all is not well.

Julie, can you remind me of which cons we're going to? I've got to start thinking about getting the tickets. And any updates on whether I'm coming to Minnesota??

Geh. It's been a weird day.
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Haven't mentioned this before, but we're in the middle of a heat wave. It's been in the triple digits for about a week now--maybe more. Highest was 115, I think? It's insane. I only hope the weather in Pittsburg is better. Of course I'll probably have to contend with humiditiy...maybe.

Leaving tomorrow, bright and early! Confluence starts Friday. I get in about 4 PM tomorrow, and Julie doesn't get in till almost midnight I think, so...oh well. I'll hang out in the lobby, wander around until then I suppose. I'm used to waiting.

It's gonna be fun! Still looking over all the program stuff, and there's so much we want to go to. And all these writerly-types! XOMG!

And Julie tells me there will be...pointies.

I want a pointy.

Bright and early tomorrow, though, my flight's at 6:20 in the mornin'. I'll be awake then anyway, so it doesn't really matter--problem is, I won't be with it enough to drive, plus I don't know how to get to SFO, so one of the 'rents is gonna have to drive me.

Still, it should all work out.

Still haven't heard from all. I don't even know where in the country she is. Man. I wanted to at least see her before I went away. Not that I'm gonna be gone long, but still...

Oh well.

Sporadically packing now. All my clothes are in the wash, unfortunately. And of course most of the shizz can't get packed until later (toothbrush, PJs, laptop, certain books, notebooks, etc). I'm gonna try not to extend my tradition of over-packing. If I really wanted to I suppose I could fit everything in my backpack, even. I still need to check the Pittsburg weather, though...

Oh man! This is gonna be fun!


Oh, on a total sidenote: I was watching a few eps of Lost the other day, and I was thinking to myself--you know, no answer to the Big Question is going to be entirely satisfying. The Big Question being, "Why are they on the Island, what exactly is going on?" Aside from the whole Desmond-crashing-the-plane thing. And I was thinking, "They can't ever really answer that question to the viewer's satisfaction." I mean, part of the greatness of that show is that it keeps you wondering, keeps you asking questions. So give any kind of complete answer to the Big Question would kind of...detract from the show some. Of course, the same is going to happen if viewers end up getting angry at all the questions and mysteries. So I dunno.


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