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The time has come, my friends. I am a writer. I play Pokemon and other silly video games. I have participated in online LJ RP games. I have long discussions about various sci-fi shows and watch things like Star Trek, Farscape, Doctor Who and Firefly. I respect William Shatner. I watch anime with a somewhat religious fervor at times. I have conversations about the merits of certain weapons, the various histories and lifestyles of the Middle Ages, and complain about historical or logical inaccuracies in movies concerning the era. I have been to a Renn Faire. I have gone to sci-fi and fantasy cons, as well as anime cons. I read comic books, webcomics and manga. I play WoW. I collect Magic Cards. I'm an amateur astronomer and I listen to shortwave radio. I can readily quote Star Wars.

In short, I am a full blown nerd. And the time has now come to tackle the last bastion of nerddom, to venture into the fearsome, Mountain Dew-soaked, Cheeto-stained basement in the nether regions of the House of Nerd.

Yes, my friends. I speak of Dungeons and Dragons.

I am, as we speak, in the process of building a character and will soon start a campaign involving my similarly nerdy Ithaca friends. I am learning all about Spot Checks, Ability Modifiers, and D20s.

With this, I say my final farewell to the world of coolness, fashion and all semblance of sanity. Farewell, Lady Gaga, Eat, Pray, Love, 24, and True Blood. Goodbye, Justin Bieber and Louis Vuitton. Auf wiedersehn, mainstream media. To make a nerd quote, "I don't know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve." I go now to the Land of Fun, the Plane of Silliness, and the House of Nerd, and never shall I return to hipness, coolness and popularity. Good night...and good luck.

Just be glad I'm not LARPing.
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Well, we just got back from our annual Yosemite trip. We were up there a bit longer this time; my dad and I went up early on Thursday and the two of us hung out down in the valley until Saturday. I've never spent much time in the valley, but it's actually quite nice, aside from all the tourists and FREAKING MOSQUITOES. Bugs aren't usually a problem at Yosemite, but I guess I'm too used to being up on the rim.

Anyway, we checked Yosemite Falls first, the tallest waterfall in North America for the first night. After that we kind of just tooled around the valley till nightfall, when we went to this ridiculous premade tent-cabin area for the night. At least they had showers and food, but the whole set-up was just silly. Second day we went out Hetch Hetchy, which is a park/reservoir/dam, but it was too hot to do much aside from walk across the dam. Came back at night and just hung around again; saw a bear getting chased by a park ranger on the way back to camp

Next day we did a photo walk early in the morning and walked around some of the meadows taking pictures (saw a deer and her fawn!), then headed up to the proper campground to meet mom and Ben and his girlfriend. That was also the first night for the star party, though it wasn't much this year. Half of what remains of our group didn't go due to various issues, so there were literally four of us with scopes up there. The skies were the best I've ever seen them though, so it was nice all the same. Saturn was up and super clear with the rings edge on, and I could find galaxies and open and globular clusters just with my binoculars. It was cold, but awesome as all hell.

Dad left early Saturday cause he had work, but the rest of us spent the rest of the day there. We hiked Sentinel Dome, which is a smallish dome which has a view of the whole park basically. It's a super steep hike though, so we basically napped the rest of the day until going up again that night.

All in all a pretty damn awesome Yosemite visit, and seriously the best two nights of stargazing I've ever seen. I head back to Ithaca tomorrow night on a red eye, and on Friday I go in for job training at Borders. I'll also have new shoes waiting for me. And my mom who is awesome let me buy some DVDs. All in all this has been a freaking awesome vacation.

I'm exhausted now, so I'm gonna veg for the rest of the day. AKA watch Supernatural :)
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Holy shit, you guys. I just got back from seeing Toy Story 3 and...

Dear God. I feel like Andy. I mean, I was a kid when I saw the first one, and though I skipped the second one until Pat forced me to watch it the other day, I still sort of grew up with it, you know? And now I'm 23, pretending to be an adult, and I haven't played with toys in years and...

I won't spoil anything, but the movie was spectacular, and absolutely heartbreaking. And it made me cry, the first Pixar movie to do so (no, I didn't cry at Up or Finding Nemo--there, I said it! Don't get me wrong, I loved them--just didn't cry). Mostly because by the end of the movie I felt pretty much the same as Andy; when you have to leave your childhood behind, put your toys away and move on. The movie in itself was like growing up; painful, but in the end, you're better for it and things are generally okay.

You all need to go see this movie.

Also, for all of you who saw Brave Little Toaster as a kid? Yeah, prepare to be traumatized again.


Jun. 12th, 2010 12:09 am
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Never mind, managed to get some pics on my Blackberry :3



Jun. 11th, 2010 11:46 pm
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Also, my hair is blue.

I attempted to dye it blue a few months ago, but it sorta failed and ended up more seagreen than anything. I've gotta figure out a way to bleach my hair without having that effect, though I don't think there is one. Anyway, tried it again yesterday with a different shade of blue and HOT DAMN. It's a really deep blue green. I also got it cut last week so it's super short.

I'd post pics if I had a camera :\


Jun. 11th, 2010 08:22 pm
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Soooo, as if I needed another thing to fill my time, I've stumbled upon one of the greatest webcomics of all time--Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name. Vampires, werewolves, zombies, selkies, great comedy, great art style, and too much adorable for words. Seriously, it's excellent--the best webcomic I've seen in awhile, and I have a whole damn file devoted to webcomics. Also Hanna reminds me scarily of Jin.

While I'm on the topic of webcomics; IDK if I ever got around to mentioning this one before (good god I need to update more often), but another great webcomic I've been following for awhile is Freakangels more like a comic that happens to be online. The writer, Warren Ellis, is already a big name in comic books (he's written some X-Men stuff as well as plenty of originals). Twelve kids with superpowers who kinda broke the world and are sorta trying to put it back together. Craziness abounds. Excellent and quite pretty.

Also, here's one I've been waiting for for awhile: The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal. I have the artist bookmarked on DA and I'd been following her work for awhile; I knew a webcomic or sommat was in the works, but I had no idea she'd actually started it. Quite a happy discovery the other day. No superpowers in this one, just two guys roadtripping across America and discovering themselves.

Lastly, not a webcomic but quite possibly the greatest blog of all time.

That's all for now. All this awesome art/writing makes me want to go write myself. The Jin novel is plugging along, though with my lack of serious writing lately it's like riding a bike after...not, for like a year. You never forget, but you sort of go "wait, is this how I change gears?" Let's just say I think I'm gonna be doing a lot of rewriting, lol, but at least it's getting down on paper.

Or, uh, pixels?
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I've been so unbelievably BORED lately. Which is probably part of the reason I haven't posted anything in, like, months. Plenty of stuff has happened, but most of it is big, overarching real life stuff, the kind of things that are just sort of there and that you can't focus on 24/7. Boring stuff.

Let's see...I got a new job. I'm a part-time caretaker for an old lady with Alzheimer's and dementia. There's a total of five of us who look after her 24/7, and it's all under the table, working right in the lady's house. We get paid by one of her daughters. It's pretty decent money, but I really need a second job. My parents are currently paying my rent, but I'm 23 and that's really got to stop. I can't keep mooching on them forever.

Money's been tight all around, which is one of the reasons why Julie has decided to move back home to Minnesota. She needs to get out of here, or at least get away from her current job, which has been crushing her so bad that it's actually painful to watch. I'd like to keep living with her, but this is probably what's best for her.

It also means Pat and I need to find a smaller, cheaper apartment, and that we're both going to be paying more overall for rent. Which is also no good, for one thing because Pat will be paying more than half, which isn't fair, and because my parents will be picking up my half. I'm such a leech.

Speaking of parents, I'll be heading home sometime in July for the annual star party at Yosemite. It'll be good to be back for awhile. And I swear one day I'm gonna drag Pat and Julie with me.

I've gotten thoroughly addicted to Glee and Supernatural. Well, not Supernatural so much anymore. Julie found it first and then we all marathoned basically the whole thing in a matter of weeks. I don't have much desire to see the next season, though I'll try it out. Glee just continues to be awesome, with really great comedy and well-rounded characters. It makes for a hilarious parody of high school in general.

Saw Ironman 2, loved it, saw Kickass, loved it, and I think that's all in the way of movies.

Meanwhile I was pretty addicted to World of Warcraft, but last week my account got hacked and stolen. I'm still waiting to hear from Blizzard, but in the meantime I haven't been able to play at all. Ah well. It's nice to have a good long break from it.

On the anime front, the three of us here have been marathoning Yu Yu Hakusho...I don't really know why, but does there need to be a reason? It's awesome either way. I've also been steadfastly watching the Darker than BLACK OAVS (AMAZING), and two new shows called Durarara and Angel Beats, which are both pretty sweet in different ways. Also Hetalia, since Heathers got me hooked.

I'm finally writing again, specifically a new novel. This is the Jin novel that I'm pretty sure I've mentioned a few times. Basically, space dragons and evil robots. It's fun so far, though for some reason I'm not as crazy-into-it as I was with my previous novels. I've just been so...blase about writing in general, but I'm getting back into it. I think the lack of significant RP lately has something to do with that. I love Route 47, and I think it's gonna keep going for a good while, but it's been so slow for almost a month and a half now that it's become this casual thing, instead of taking up a good portion of my day like before. IDK. I'm just really unmotivated lately.

Another reason that I'm glad I'm going back home soon, even if it's just for a week, is that I think I'm needed there. I swear, I love my brother but he's going to kill my parents with the stress he causes. If it's not drug addiction and the police, it's fights with the neighbors. This is a major reason I want to become financially independent, because my parents have enough to worry about with Ben around. He really does seem to be trying to do better, but it's not happening fast enough. The best I can do is try to take my burden off of them.

Ah well. Life goes on, even when Israeli commandos are killing activists, the Koreans are at war again, and the oil at the Deepwater Horizon just will not stop flowing.
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Oh my god you guys. Go play this game and never be sane again.

Cut for rainbows )


Feb. 27th, 2010 04:39 am
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Got a case of the writer emos again. I hate reading something amazing only to feel inadequate in comparison. It just feels selfish.

I just really wish I could write and be amazing instead of writing and being mediocre.
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Well, I got through the first major rewrite of Mot. Although I'm not entirely sure if it can be called a rewrite since I didn't do much more than leave footnotes for myself and make some tweaks. There's a couple of major things I need to rewrite, but I'm gonna take it slow, one step at a time and all that. The two biggest problems are the beginning and the length. I tend to stress a lot about length, but upon rereading it there really are some places where stuff can be cut out or trimmed down. Again, the beginning needs to be tightened up like hell.

But I think I'm off to a good start! I'm happy, because I'm making real progress and finally taking real steps to get this damn thing "finished" and published.

What I really need now is to do some how-to reading, and to get someone to read this mother.

An agent would be nice too :|a
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Despite the utter shitbomb that was the end--not the whole thing, just the end--of DTB2, I'm still holding out hope for the OAV. They've got release dates now--first one comes out this week, then a second in May, then a third in June. Or something like that.

And if this is any indication? It's gonna be awesome.

Someone was nice enough to post a rough translation here in the comments.
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Fuck everything.
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So I have been very, very stressed lately--working long hours during peak season, not sleeping much, not eating much and having panic attacks. For once the panic attacks have been about real world stuff--like money! Which, you know, they're still panic attacks, so it's not much different. Ugh, it's just that time of year, you know?

I ended up skipping work today for the first time in since September or something. Michael's has this dumbass point system where basically, if you clock in late or early you get half a point, if you miss a day you get one point etc. and if you rack up six points you get FIRED. The point system even applies if you, say, get run over on the way to work and can't call in to say "btw I'm not gonna be in today because my spleen is in someone's passenger seat." I was up to 5.5 points for awhile there, but now I'm down again. And it's good timing because I think it was better for my sanity and general health that I not go to work today.

Don't even get me started on the Christmas music they have playing at work ><

ANYWAY I ended up getting a lot done all the same. Sent the jam/Christmahanukwanzaayule presents to the chatling people (LMAO NOT GONNA MENTION HOW MUCH IT COST TO SEND FIVE PACKAGES TO FIVE LOCATIONS, INCLUDING TWO IN CANADA). I also finished basically EVERYTHING that I can possibly finish on my resume--I need to get a few relevant dates from my mom, but other than that it's DONE. I've also been scouring Craigslist and sent a few e-mails.

Now I have three free days before my next work day (another 8 hour shift). Hopefully enough time to veg and decompress. Though with all the money that's just FALLING out of my bank account lately I somehow don't think some people are getting Christmahanukwanzaayule stuff. *sadness* Oh money. Why do you suck?

Feeling better today and generally okay. I'm also getting back into my writing :)
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Also, this. Watch from the intro to the end (it's ongoing). Preferably in a dark room at night by yourself for maximum effect.

Holy shit you guys. I haven't been so thoroughly freaked out (in the good, horror movie kind of way) since...I think since I saw Mothman Prophecies, which still gives me the chills. In fact this is kind of in the same vein. Interesting how Hollywood can churn out truly pathetic slasher movies at the drop of a hat whereas a couple of guys with camcorders and YouTube access can not only attract several thousand viewers but also scare them all shitless.

Also I love ARGs. Which this soooort of counts as.

Also, for being a completely made up monster thing, Slenderman is pretty fucking scary.
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Yes I am alive. The reason for my lack of posting is uh. Laziness and post-graduation now what/lawl future/lawl real life/fuck it I'm gonna sit on my ass for a few months ness that is now graaaadually wearing off. Yup. Mostly because I haven't been writing or doing anything productive this entire time and it's catching up to me in the form of OH GOD MY WORTHLESS EXISTEEEEENCE.

It's almost three AM, which explains this incoherence.

ANYWAY. It is almost Christmahanukwanzaayule again. Hooray! I have no money with which to buy presents for people. Boo! I'm relying at this point on tiny things that are cheap but awesome. Which reminds me, HEY, CMAK AKA [ profile] kuribohcoast I NEED YOUR ADDRESSSSSSSS or you won't get presents and I will be sad ):

Oh, another reason for my lack of posting? I am now officially a WoWfag. Yeah. Inorite? Well, it's fun, when it works and when the patches update alright which they're not right now, and I'm not addicted (yet) so. It's sort of the same as RP in its addictive qualities, however, in terms of like "As soon as I finish this tag" which in WoW's case is "As soon as I finish this quest!"

But at the very least I think I'm ready to make a concerted effort not only to just generally write more but to really get to work on the edits/rewrites for Motley Crew. If not Pentagram as well. But, lol, for those of you who have known me awhile, you know how well my declarations of "I'M GONNA DO IT THIS TIME" go, so we'll see. At least I have a sort of method this time for keeping myself working on the edits. Plus new ideas keep springing up. Now if only I could buckle down and actually start either North or Jin or something...

I also need to finish my resume WHICH I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON SINCE AUGUST. Laziness and an unwillingness to enter the real world much?

Currently we have all just gotten back from Darkover con (which was awesome), we had our own Thanksgiving at home (I made Cornish game hens and didn't set anything on fire!), Julie has a book deal for her co-authorship with Tammy for the Tortallverse (Cara's in on it too), Pat still has his steady job and I'm...still at Michaels.


Also as of today the kitten is sick. Pogo has gotten a cold like this pretty consistently around this time so hopefully it's nothing serious. If she's still sick in a few days/she gets worse we're taking her to the vet, pet health program or not.

Oh and the second season of Darker than BLACK is out, and is about halfway over, and is awesome. That is all.
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So two things just happened to me that have never happened to me before.

I saw a fist fight and I called the cops.

And if you've never seen an actual fight, Jesus, it's a lot freakier than you'd think.

Anyway. I was just heading back from the Commons after going to Brotchen for a coffee and I just happen to look across the street just as one of those in-window ACs falls out of a window and almost hits a little girl and her dad on the sidewalk below. Naturally, the father was pissed as hell and was yelling up at the younger guy in the apartment. The father was yelling to everyone nearby asking whether they'd seen it--I guess he was looking for witnesses?--because I mean, the AC had just missed the kid who had to be like seven or something.

Well, the younger guy came down, and I couldn't hear what they were saying to each other but then suddenly they were fighting and the dad went down and the guy was punching him in the head. And the poor girl was screaming. So I just pulled out my phone and called the cops without even really thinking. I was freaked the whole time, because about the time the dispatch person answered they'd stopped fighting, but the younger guy was yelling at basically everyone nearby and I was right across the street with my phone out and I had no idea if he was going to see me and come after me or something. Anyway, I told the cops what I saw and by then the younger guy had gone back inside and another woman was calling the cops. I was pretty impressed, actually--the cops were there within about thirty seconds. The station is basically the next street over, so. After that I just walked away because I was kinda freaked.

But yeah. Never seen a real fist fight before. Never had to call the cops before, either. I was shaking by the time I walked away. I mean, the guy was punching the dad in the head while he was on the ground and the poor girl is just screaming. And like I said, she was like seven or something. How traumatizing must that be?

I could understand it if the dad had been alone or something, but the AC almost hit the poor kid. The dad had every right to be pissed off. Not to mention that you just don't start beating up a dad when his daughter is right there. That's just fucked up.

Have to admit, though; this is one of the few times in my life I've been impressed with the police. I didn't stick around, but let's just hope that they handled the situation well.


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