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So two things just happened to me that have never happened to me before.

I saw a fist fight and I called the cops.

And if you've never seen an actual fight, Jesus, it's a lot freakier than you'd think.

Anyway. I was just heading back from the Commons after going to Brotchen for a coffee and I just happen to look across the street just as one of those in-window ACs falls out of a window and almost hits a little girl and her dad on the sidewalk below. Naturally, the father was pissed as hell and was yelling up at the younger guy in the apartment. The father was yelling to everyone nearby asking whether they'd seen it--I guess he was looking for witnesses?--because I mean, the AC had just missed the kid who had to be like seven or something.

Well, the younger guy came down, and I couldn't hear what they were saying to each other but then suddenly they were fighting and the dad went down and the guy was punching him in the head. And the poor girl was screaming. So I just pulled out my phone and called the cops without even really thinking. I was freaked the whole time, because about the time the dispatch person answered they'd stopped fighting, but the younger guy was yelling at basically everyone nearby and I was right across the street with my phone out and I had no idea if he was going to see me and come after me or something. Anyway, I told the cops what I saw and by then the younger guy had gone back inside and another woman was calling the cops. I was pretty impressed, actually--the cops were there within about thirty seconds. The station is basically the next street over, so. After that I just walked away because I was kinda freaked.

But yeah. Never seen a real fist fight before. Never had to call the cops before, either. I was shaking by the time I walked away. I mean, the guy was punching the dad in the head while he was on the ground and the poor girl is just screaming. And like I said, she was like seven or something. How traumatizing must that be?

I could understand it if the dad had been alone or something, but the AC almost hit the poor kid. The dad had every right to be pissed off. Not to mention that you just don't start beating up a dad when his daughter is right there. That's just fucked up.

Have to admit, though; this is one of the few times in my life I've been impressed with the police. I didn't stick around, but let's just hope that they handled the situation well.
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So I was playing Pandemic II yesterday. And I get everyone except Madagascar. Bastards close their ports as ever. So I start ignoring the screen and figure I'll just annihilate the rest of the world.

I look back like ten minutes later and I see this:


So now the whole fucking world is infected and it's all THIS BEAUTIFUL TOXIC SHADE OF RED and I start buying things like Hemorrhaging and Insanity (LOL! I LOVE PARASITES) and soon they're all dropping like flies, but it's a parasite so it takes about a year. And I look back awhile later and:


And then for the first time ever:




Oh, and the name of the disease?

Edward Cullen.



Feb. 21st, 2009 09:19 pm
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And now the kitten has a cold of some kind and needs pills and eye goop.

Yaaaay the week gets better and better.
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Warning, TMI incoming.

AKA Kate Syndrome. Kate who has been known to break her tailbone and then get pneumonia and then a kidney infection. Everything EVER will go wrong, medically.

So about two weeks ago I broke out in hives. Epically. Sounds gross, right? That's because it is gross. Sounds funny, right? No. Not funny. Was late to classes due to the not funny of oh-my-god-the-itching-kill-me-now-pleeeease.

Went to Health Center. Gave me prednisone and claritin and hooray, I was feeling better by the first day. Think it might be soy milk. No more soy milk.

Then, a few days ago, sore throat. I can track this by now. Sore throat, gross nose, coughing, it's how all my colds progress.

Two days ago. Random extreme dizzy spell that happens to me very rarely--vision and hearing go skewy, dizzy, almost fainting. Even threw up this time. What the fuck. Went to Health Center again, but apparently it's nothing to be too worried about, something brought on by a combination of things.

Yesterday, the hearing goes in my left ear. I figure it's just my ears refusing to clear cause it's a cold and that happens. But it was achy and not going away today. So went to Health Center again. Turns out it's an ear infection. A bad one. Like, really bad. Pus bad. Implication is that there's a chance I might not get full hearing in that ear back. And now it hurts like a bitch. Am on amoxicillin for it.

Slept all day, skipped classes and work. Will have to call in to work for the whole weekend. Hope they don't fire me.

Just got a call from Julie saying she totaled her car on the way to Syracuse. She's completely fine, but the car is dead.

This is on top of my brother dropping out of college, Elwood getting sick and needing pills forced down his throat, everyone in the house having a cold, and Kate having another kidney infection.

You'd think this stuff would have all happened on Friday the 13th. Go figure.
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Red eye.

Jet lag.

Sick kitten.

Panic attacks.


One hour of sleep.

I hate everything.


Sep. 22nd, 2008 04:37 pm
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Everyone who knows me well knows I'm a chocoholic. I love the stuff. Me and about 75% of the population of women in this country, really. I've been hearing over the years of some of the issues with chocolate--mostly that the plants are running out and the genetic strain for natural chocolate is fading because they so rarely replant the beans.

This is one I hadn't heard, though.

The majority of chocolate (I don't know the exact percentage) consumed in the First World is produced in West Africa, specifically Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire. Which is odd enough when you consider that cacao is originally from South America. The rest of the chocolate does indeed come from South America and Indonesia. But the West African chocolate is the focus here.


Because the cacao plantations in Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire utilize child slaves to harvest and refine the chocolate.

I won't go into the details of what exactly happens to these kids. You've all hopefully paid attention in your American history classes and know what slavery was like in North America in the 17-1800's. So you have an idea.

Now. I didn't know this until my professor brought it up today in class (we're on Marxism). It bothered me so much that I decided to go home and research it. And yes, the child slavery is a true fact. There have even been lists generated of which companies actually utilize slave-grown chocolate and which don't.

The following are the companies that use slave-labor, know they're doing it, and don't care:

Hershey's--no surprise here. They even have a non-disclosure policy that says they can't reveal where their chocolate comes from.
Lindt--this includes Ghirardelli.
Kraft--includes Toblerone.

A couple of these companies, particularly Ghirardelli and Lindt, also utilize cacao from South America. You can usually tell because it will say so on the bar--from Ecuador, usually. This chocolate has a much lower likelihood of slavery, but of course that doesn't rule out exploitation.

The following companies are known to not use slavery, though for a few the issue of fair trade still looms:

Green and Black's--owned by Cadbury, but the company itself is both fair trade and doesn't use slavery.
Ithaca Art Bars--for you folks in the area.
Rapunzel--a brand I've never heard of.
Newman's Own--they've always been good about organic and such, and the chocolate is slave-free, but it's technically not fair trade.
Endangered Species--also in a good cause. Completely fair trade and slave-free
Cloud Nine--another company I've never heard of.
Dagoba Organic--fulfills all three.
Equal Exchange--does what it says on the tin.

There are a couple of companies where there's not enough information to tell what they're doing. Vosges is one of these companies (they're the producers of things like the Red Fire Bar and stuff). They have a page on their website about fair trade and child labor, but the thing is wishy-washy. They do seem committed to other things, particularly women's issues, so there's a good chance that they're doing alright, but they even state on their website that there's no way for them to confirm that their cacao is fair trade and slave-free--or rather, they just don't go to the lengths needed to confirm it.

So, what does this mean exactly? Well, if you're eating a Snickers, Milky Way, Reese's cup, M&Ms, or Lindor truffle right now, it's pretty damn likely that the cacao used to make the chocolate was picked, processed and refined by an eight-year-old slave in Cote d'Ivoire.

Well, I can tell you right now, this is a blow to me. Not only because it means the majority of the chocolate I eat is produced by slaves, but also because the companies have been doing this for years and have made no effort to stop.


As of today, I'm adding Hershey's, Mars, Cadbury, Nestle, Lindt, Godiva, See's and Kraft to my list of companies to boycott. There's only one exception--where Lindt and Ghirardelli are concerned, I'll still be willing to buy their chocolate if I see on the label that it's from South America.

Other than that, this is a complete boycott, not just of their chocolate bars but of their other chocolate products as well. Brownies, cake mixes and so on.

Which means Green and Black's, Newman's Own and Vosges for me from now on.

The only other companies on my boycott list are Coca-Cola and sub-companies (including Vitamin Water) and Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is obvious, but Coca-Cola has a rather lengthy explanation for it that I won't go into now.

I'm also going to make more of an effort in general to buy things that are fair trade because it's just a good idea.

And as a last note, this isn't meant to pressure anyone. It's just something to think about. Also, if anyone wants links to my sources, leave a comment and I'll link you.
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So while we were dancing in Worlds of Music today, my toe cracked open and started bleeding a little. No big deal. I figured I'd walk halfway across campus down to the Health Center and get a band-aid to make sure it stayed closed, you know? I figure it'll take like a minute.

So I get to the Health Center and ask for a band-aid and maybe some Neosporin, and what do they tell me?

They can't hand out band-aids. You have to buy them. Because handing out band-aids is a liability.


I had to get in line for the medication room, then had to wait about five minutes while they processed the transaction. For ten band-aids and some antibacterial cream.

Now. I work in retail, so I know how much it sucks to deal with angry customers. Which is the only thing that stopped me from bitching them all out.

This? This is me furious.

It's one thing to have a customer get angry just because they're impatient. And yeah, I am impatient, but this is different than like, some new cashier taking forever to sell me something. The bleeding had stopped (it was just a tiny bit anyway), but suppose it had still been bleeding? I could have been bleeding into my shoe while they made me wait to buy my goddamn band-aid. For all they knew I could have had hepatitus or AIDS!

And they're worried about liabilities from handing out band-aids?!

Yeah, I know, suing is a big deal, especially on college campuses. But for fuck's sake, all I wanted was a band-aid. Would they have made me wait that long if I was bleeding visibly? Would they bandage me up and then say "oh by the way you have to pay for that." It's like a lifeguard resuscitating you and then demanding 100 dollars on the spot.

I've been forgiving of the Health Center in the past, despite their egregious displays of incompetence, the fact that they lost my prescriptions not once or twice but three times, the fact that they misdiagnosed my friend as having allergies when she had pneumonia, the fact that they've been known to bandage the wrong limb and the fact that they charge ten bucks for you to just lie down when you're about to pass out from anemia. But this is incompetence and unrealistic stupidity on an absolutely unforgivable level.

My family does not fucking pay $50,000 a year so that they can deny me a fucking band-aid when I need one.

And I know it's likely not directly the Health Center's fault--rather it's the policies of Ithaca College. But that just makes me even more pissed off. There is no reason why they can't just hand out a band-aid to someone who is bleeding. I don't care that I wasn't bleeding badly--what if the next person who comes in really is bleeding badly?

It is the most unfathomably stupid policy I have ever encountered on this campus, which frankly, is full of ridiculous policies. I don't think I can bring myself to ever go to that pathetic and incompetent place again.


Jan. 6th, 2008 12:45 am
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Reason #436 why Steve Jobs and his Apple products should DIE IN A FIRE:

I was under the impression that selecting "sync only checked music" meant would upload the songs you want and leave the ones already on the iPod alone.

That's what I remember learning.


I haven't been plugging in my iPod because my iTunes library got corrupted a month ago and lost a hundred or so songs--I don't know which, and until I fixed it I was going to leave the iPod alone. Since the iPod syncs as soon as you plug it in. But I figured that syncing only checked meant that I could upload this the rest of the iPod would be intact.


So I currently on my iPod.

It took about 30 seconds to delete every single one without a trace.

And now it's going to take about 6 hours to upload the ones on my iTunes library.

Minus those hundred that are missing.

So pretty much, thanks to a really stupid move on my part, and the idiocy of the Apple people, I have been forced to do the exact thing I didn't want to do.

Excuse me while I go throw up.
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No, seriously, WHUT?

The gist: Warner Bros. exec, the Esteemed Robinov, said that the company would no longer produce movies with female leads. Citing a few recent movies with female leads that happened to bomb.

Cause, yanno, movies bombing. 'S never happened before. Movies bombing with male leads? Nope, never. It's the wimmins fault, yanno.

Hay, guess wat, WB?

The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions? Troy? Alexander? Superman Returns? The innumerable, unnameable, unmentionable punch-drunk comedies?

And, guess wat, guess wat! It's not just yoos guys!

Gigli? Original Sin? Unleashed? Unbreakable? The Village? The Planet of the Apes remake? Rollerball? The War of the Worlds remake? Hostel 1 and 2?

Nor are terrible movies a recent invention! Sorry, WB, ya don't own the patent on that one!

Waterworld? This Island Earth? Xanadu? Plan 9 From Outer Space and everything else by ol' Ed Wood? Howard the Duck? Caveman?

And let's not forget that yoos guys have produced blockbusters with strong female characters before!

Remember White Oleander? North Country? No? Anyone?


Now. Anyone taken statistics? I haven't. You don't need to have to notice the trend going on here.

The problem? Logic.

"Dur, three movies with females leads dun badly. Must be cause...cause dere are dem, dem wimmins in dem leadin' roles, an' stuff!"

When there is evidence of WB-produced movies that have failed, evidence of recent non-WB movies that have failed, evidence of OLD movies that have failed, and evidence of SUCCESSFUL movies with FEMALE leads.

Philosophy 101. This claim is not only invalid, it is also inductive.

Therefore this claim is illogical.

Therefore this claim is made of PHAIL. EPIC PHAIL.

Which means that the Esteemed Robinov and his cronies and, well, the entire company, is made of EPIC FAIL.

So, thank you, your Esteemed Sir, for proving your own idiocy. I hereby boycott all future movies produced by you or your company in the future. You have alienated your entire female audience. Congratulations.

We do not need you. You do not represent us. You do not speak for us. May a thousand talented women strip off their high heels and stab you with them, then string you up with their own nylons, so they can walk home in comfortable flats and not ever have to worry about runs again.
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What I can't eat when the Ithaca Health Center doesn't get me my acid reflux drugs in time:

Tomatoes, tomato products (soup, ketchup, etc.), meat except turkey, aged cheese (everything but cottage cheese and mozarella), pizza, potato chips, tea, coffee, Thai food, Mexican food, Chinese food, Indian food, spices, herbs, salty foods, sugary foods, oils, alcohol, chocolate, salad dressing, onions, garlic, butter, vinegar, curry, hot liquids, orange juice, apple juice, grape juice, any other kind of juice, all fruit except cantaloupe and honeydew melon, soup of any kind, teriyaki, soy sauce, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, any and all junk food/snack food, any sauce that isn't white sauce, popcorn, BBQ, noodles except plain, hummus, most cooked foods, nuts, artificial flavoring, dark green vegetables/vegetables high in alkalides, sour foods, any and all dessert foods, ginger, yogurt, and pickles.

Which leaves me with:

Bread (don't have), some cereals (don't have), plain rice (don't have), plain non-Asian noodles (don't have), some fish (don't have), a few raw vegetables (don't have), and milk (running out).


Fuck you, IC Health Center. Fuck you.
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The Ithaca College Health Center is a cesspool of incompetence. I ran out of my Protonix--acid reflex stuff--three days ago and went to them that morning. They said, "oh, it'll be here tonight!" It's been three days and after six fucking trips they finally got me my meds. What the hell is wrong with them? First they didn't fax the fucking thing right, then I guess it got lost in the paperwork, or the shipment kept not coming. It's a damn fucking good thing I decided to refill Lexapro when I was down there the first time, when I still had some extra pills, seeing as it took them two days and four visits to get that sorted out. Two days without psychoactive drugs, yeah, that would have been great.

But, I'm okay now because I finally got my drugs and got to use the word "cesspool" in a sentence.

In other news, December has finally struck and it's cold and there was some snow until awhile ago. Not much. I doubt we'll get much more before the end of the semester.

P-Arg teacher complimented me on my writing (^.^) and offered a job in the Writing Center as a tutor. I'm going down to fill out an application tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

Julie and I finished the first season of The OC which was brilliant, and we're closing in on the end of Secret of Mana.

And I finally downloaded the Death Note movie. Whoa nelly.

Writing has been nyeh. I finally have a solid setting for Spirits and some more details about everything--though I'm still looking for a name for the main villain. Mot has been slugging along. It's been busy so I've been focusing on homework and other stuff.

Lots of stuff happening when we get back from break. Avatar comes back. Lost comes back. Some manga come out. Julie brings back the second season of The OC. Woot. Looking forward to it.

D. Gray Man is into the double digits so that's nice.


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