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I found a dead lizard outside of apartment 25-1. No, seriously. A dead lizard. In winter, just skooshed there on the concrete, right outside the door. What the fuck! A dead lizard! It doesn't make sense! It goes against all logic!

Well. In other news, life and college is EATING MY FACE, and there's various drama shit going on, and we've apparently found an apartment. Or rather, a house. Um. Three floors, the most beautiful kitchen ever, four bedrooms, XOMG it is gorgeous and affordable, assuming we live with six people. So far that seems to be the plan. Julie's been buying furniture already! We're going to be responsible adults!...Sort of!

This means I have to get a job here for the summer, so I'm thinking of Brotchen, this awesome little bread-and-coffee shop down on the Commons.

Let's see. Tales of the Abyss continues to pwn. There's been quite a bit of brain break there recently. And I finally got my copy of Persona 3 which is prooobably the most amazing game ever. It consists of you shooting yourself in the head to summon a monster which fights other monsters. It's supremely existential and psychological and brilliant. The gameplay is probably the most elaborate of any game I've seen, and the soundtrack is pretty wonderful.

Also, the RP has gotten a whole lot more intricate, and there's a bunch of new people who have arrived, including the Tenth Doctor and the most recent Master, Persona 3 characters, a serial killer from "Dexter" and the main character from "Psych," among others. Woot.

ASIC has been room-hopping, and now we're in one of the lecture halls in Williams, which is pretty brilliant. Nodame Cantabile and Gurren Lagann have reached new heights of brilliance. Nodame has gotten more layered; and Gurren Lagann is about to do a timeskip (so I've heard).

Oh, right, Boskone. Well, it went from late Friday to the middle of Sunday, and it was awesome, as cons are wont to be. The panels were a lot more enjoyable than the ones at World Fantasy. Everyone was very friendly, there was a weapons display, and the art room had some amazing pieces in it. I didn't buy a single thing. I'm trying to cut back on my spending overall.

Amanda and Darcy, Julie's little sister, came with us, and we rode up with Tammy, Tim, Cara Coville and one of Bruce Coville's assistants. Good times were had by all, and now, thanks to Tim's podcasts, I think I want to learn some programming. /wrists

I also got a lot of writing done. Mot is this close to being finished. I intend to be up quite late tonight, writing.

...My icon makes me want to watch Ergo Proxy again.
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I don't know how bad it is, but they wouldn't tell me anyway, so there's no point in asking. I'll just assume that it ain't good and act accordingly.


My Methods class is officially back in CNS now that the ceilings are repaired (I didn't see any damage). It's kind of a shame, even though Smiddy is grungy and far away. I no longer get to walk past Steve Zissou's head on my way to class (people have been doing those spray paint stencil faces all over campus. There's a Mr. Rogers near Park).

Also, I know I haven't mentioned this before, but Julie, Amanda and I are going with Tammy et. al. to Boskone, which'll go from Friday to Monday...ish. In any case, I'll be off campus for those four days. I'm quite excited because, well, it's a con, and Amanda is pretty much flipping out that she gets to travel with Tamora Pierce. Unfortunately I think this means that we'll end up missing ASIC this Thursday, since we'll have left by then. Guess I'll just have to download, muah-ha.

Oh, Boston.

I was up till 6 AM Saturday night and then about 4 AM last night writing for Motley Crew and XOMFG I think I'm ACTUALLY GOING TO FINISH IT. And, like, soon. Dear god, what am I going to do then?

My plan for now is to shift my focus back to the Pentagram rewrite since it's the one I want to step into the world of professional writing with. But I think I'm also going to start work on North, as well as the next installment of Motley Crew, since it's the only thing right now that I have solid ideas for.

The Mot I have right now was originally supposed to be only one book--the first in a trilogy--but you've heard me bitch and moan these past months about how massive the whole thing has become. Pretty much now we're looking at an EPIC serial. This book is probably going to be divided into two, if not three. I'm going to try and show restraint for the "next two books," though I'll probably fail as epiclly as I have this time around in that regard. In reality there isn't as much planned for the next two. The trilogy (remember it's now a series) was supposed to go kind of like this--book one presents a problem, book two elaborates on it, and book three resolves it. Kind of like a really, really, really big story arc.

The elaboration and resolution shouldn't take as much time (or space) simply because it pretty much consists of "everyone goes off and gets shit done, then there's a huge fucking fight scene."

Every epic should end (or almost end) with a huge fucking fight scene, methinks.

Well, we'll see how it goes. Much as I love my boys and girls of Mot, North and her buds have been calling out to me for the past year, and after taking that year to polish the world and certain parts of the plot to sparkling, I think it's high time I started work on it. But editing of Pentagram comes first. I don't intend to even start edits for Mot until this summer. My general policy after finishing something is to give it a thorough once-over and pick at it a little, but that will be it.

In other news, Julie and I are going to look at off-campus apartments today like REAL ADULTS. Oh god. The plan is to stay in Ithaca over the summer and find a place in town to live. I've got my sights set on a job on the Commons. Living off campus is apparently cheaper than living here, and also we get to have kitties.

After twenty-one years of wanting a cat, I can finally have one. No way I'm letting this opportunity pass by.
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Just saw the schedule for ASIC next year:

"Nodame Cantabile" and "Gurren-Lagann" to start with. Both of which I've of course heard about and am excited to see (since I'm not allowed to watch Gurren-Lagann between now and then, lol). Then we're closing off with "Mushishi" and "Baccano!" I've seen Mushishi, and while it's brilliant I'm a bit worried about its reception at ASIC, if only because it's so slow and nice. Like sitting on a raft and drifting down a river. "Baccano!" I've heard good things about.

And it looks like our marathon will be "Trigun." Hell yes.

GAH! I'm done with almost all my finals! I have one last part to do for fiction and then my World Civ paper, and that's it. I spent two hours last night packing. The only other thing I have to do is clean up around the apartment, since it's kind of grungy.

Julie left yesterday with Tammy since she didn't complete her finals (long story forthcoming) and Molly left a few hours ago, so it's just me and Kate. Kate's leaving around noon tomorrow, and I'm leaving whenever I get the last bunch of shit turned in and Tim comes up to get me.

Flight tomorrow at 2 (?) to Florida. Parents are getting in around the same time so they won't be able to pick me up, and I'll be going back to Grammie and Grampie's house with one of their friends.

Spending Christmas there and then going back to Pleasanton for a short time. Then coming back to Ithaca early so I can get some writerly-stuff done before classes start the day after MLK day.

I probably won't be posting again until Florida. So, have a good break everyone, travel safely, and I hope finals didn't kill you!

P.S. My Grants professor and her son know the dance to "Soulja Boy--Crank That." Yep.
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I've kind of sucked lately at doing reviews, so I figured it was high time to get back in the habit. Especially since this weekend you can expect a very detailed account of The Golden Compass. Very. Detailed.

SPOILER WARNING on all of these.

First and foremost, Avatar had it's kinda-sorta mid-season finale on Friday. The date of its return is still up in the air, though the episodes are written, so they're unaffected by the writer's strike. We're thinking sometime in January. We had Amanda, Michelle, a guy friend of theirs, and Sophia over to watch it, and even Molly, who doesn't usually watch Avatar, joined in.

Momo singlehandedly takes down the Fire Nation )

Last weekend was the first ASIC marathon of the year. Twelve hours. We watched Neon Genesis Evangelion, which is probably one of the most famous animes ever, though I had never seen it. To finish it off, we watched the infamous Eva movie, appropriately titled "The End of Evangelion."

Psychological Trauma, or, Pay No Attention To the Thing Living Inside My Hand )

And last but not least, the Heroes kinds-sorta-maybe season finale.


Long entry.

In the meantime, I'm thinking of writing a letter of recommendation for my professor's tenure portfolio. Just need to figure out how exactly I go about doing that. And I'm pretty sure that I'm going to exchange my Soc major for a minor. Not entirely because of what's been going on with Margo, though it was a catalyst--but frankly, if I switch to a minor, it frees me up to take classes I actually want to take. There are so many awesome-looking classes, but I wouldn't be able to take any of them because I still need a shitload of credits for my major. I would already have had to take a summer class. I think Ithaca College has sucked enough money from my poor parents.

And in other news, Motley Crew is on a downhill slope toward the end. FINALLY.
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So tomorrow at 4 I'm leaving with Julie to spend the night with Tammy. Then Thursday we're driving up to Saratoga to go to World Fantasy Con.

This'll be my second con EVER, and seeing as the first one was tiny, but still wonderful, I think this one's gonna be ten times the lulz. We're gonna be sharing a hotel room with four others, one of whom is a friend of Julie's. The con runs from Thursday to Monday. There will be books, art, agents, famous people, pretty things, pointy things, and six fantasy/writerly/art-minded girls sharing a single hotel room for four days. Oh the times we shall have.

Sarah Monette and Laura Anne Gilman, two of my favorite authors right now, are going to be there. And Tammy, of course, as well as pretty much all the big names in fantasy and such, and the famous [ profile] ladyjaida is going too. I'm going to be surrounded by awesome and successful people and will probably come away feeling very tiny and unsuccessful, but also with new ideas and, hopefully, hope. And shiny things.

Also, augh, Thursday is the first day of NaNoWriMo, and I still don't know if I'm going to do it. November is going to be the bitch month from hell in Grants since we're gonna be going through two whole components of our proposal, but I'd like to try and push myself to finish Mot. Actually, I've told myself that I'm going to finish it by the end of the year. Will I do it? Who knows. Gonna try, though. As for NaNo, well, I suppose I could use it to churn out a bunch for Mot, or maybe I could work on North.

News about North! It turns out that her world is going to have more than one story in it.

Uh, let me rephrase that.

Pretty much, North's world, which has no name right now, is going to have other stories set in it. In other words, it's going to be like Tammy's Tortall. I've got a pretty awesome idea in mind for something that happens about 100 years after North's story. I'll explain it and introduce the characters in another post, though.

In other news--we're watching Ouran in ASIC alongside Death Note, and I think Ouran is being taken pretty well. It's hard to dislike that show, really.

And you know what pwns hard?


You know what else pwns hard?


And you know what else pwns hard?


Holy poop. All three shows are just doing so awesome right now. The most recent episode of Heroes was probably the best of the season, which dragged its feet in the beginning but now is picking up steam. House is always awesome and more so now that he's got all these newbies running around. And Avatar? Dooon't even get me started. I think this is my favorite season thus far. Well worth the wait.

Discovered a new awesome and relatively obscure anime (I've been doing that a lot lately) called Darker Than Black. Check it out. Incredible animation, complex and intriguing storyline, plus a kickass main character.

Meanwhile the fires are finally out in California (mostly) and there was just an earthquake ten miles from my house (which is more fun than bad).

Anyway. Off I go into the wild blue yonder of con-dom. No, Jules, I'm never letting you live that one down.

Flameo, hotmen!
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So I'm in Ithaca, obviously, in my fantastic apartment that I'm sharing with the other three. Two floors! Kitchen! Spiral staircase! It is wonderful. We get to cook our own food! I am pleased.

My schedule this semester is a bitch. 18 credits. I've done it before, but my classes are looking tough:


Intro to Social Institutions and Organizations
Social Change
Grants and Proposal Writing


Fiction II
World Civilizations
Global Conflict and Terrorism

Grants writing will be hard since we have to actually write a REAL grant proposal for a REAL organization in Ithaca. I've heard war stories about that class, but I think it'll be good experience and that I'll get a lot out of it.

Fiction II is being taught by Godfrey, like Intro to Creative Writing freshman year and...the woman's a bit odd. We'll have to see how it goes, but if she hands out the same kinds of stories that she handed out in Creative, it's going to be a looooong semester.

World Civ looks fascinating.

Terrorism is going to be a fucking intense class, since already in the course of one class I had my opinions changed about both the Iraq war and the Revolutionary War. *sigh* But it's an interesting topic, and a class I'd really like to take. So.

Meanwhile, ASIC is back and running, woot! We watched Paprika which is beautiful and stunning and completely insane, much the same as Paranoia Agent, really. Don't have time for a review now, but expect a post with lots of reviews soon, since I still haven't reviewed those other ones. We're gonna be watching Death Note and the second part of Jubei-chan for the rest of the quarter, or so.

I did get a lot of ideas from Paprika since it deals with dreams, and this newest dream-based idea has been simmering nicely.

As for writing, I worked everything out with Motley Crew and we're on speaking terms again, though we've yet to go on a real date yet. And North hasn't really been returning my calls, though Kaiyss keeps jamming up my phone line.

Spent a few days in Minnesota with Julie, in transit between Cali and Ithaca. I met her awesome dad and her awesome sisters (Darcy is so cute). Also saw The Invasion while I was there, and we all went to the Minnesota State Fair, which is legendary and deserving of the stories. Cheese curds roxors my boxors.

I've also gotten Julie deeply, deeply into Kingdom Hearts, and she's almost finished with the first one. Woo! I also finally buckled down and finished up Okami, for the second time. My homework schedule is light since it's the first week.

Julie and I will be meeting with two others from ASIC, Amanda and Sharona, to watch Excel Saga tomorrow. My brain will probably be melted when I come back.

Also, I made hash browns and funnel cakes the other day and got grease burns on my hand, but at least they were tasty.

And BB hasn't sent me all my paychecks yet. *grumbles*


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