Jun. 11th, 2010 08:22 pm
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Soooo, as if I needed another thing to fill my time, I've stumbled upon one of the greatest webcomics of all time--Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name. Vampires, werewolves, zombies, selkies, great comedy, great art style, and too much adorable for words. Seriously, it's excellent--the best webcomic I've seen in awhile, and I have a whole damn file devoted to webcomics. Also Hanna reminds me scarily of Jin.

While I'm on the topic of webcomics; IDK if I ever got around to mentioning this one before (good god I need to update more often), but another great webcomic I've been following for awhile is Freakangels more like a comic that happens to be online. The writer, Warren Ellis, is already a big name in comic books (he's written some X-Men stuff as well as plenty of originals). Twelve kids with superpowers who kinda broke the world and are sorta trying to put it back together. Craziness abounds. Excellent and quite pretty.

Also, here's one I've been waiting for for awhile: The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal. I have the artist bookmarked on DA and I'd been following her work for awhile; I knew a webcomic or sommat was in the works, but I had no idea she'd actually started it. Quite a happy discovery the other day. No superpowers in this one, just two guys roadtripping across America and discovering themselves.

Lastly, not a webcomic but quite possibly the greatest blog of all time.

That's all for now. All this awesome art/writing makes me want to go write myself. The Jin novel is plugging along, though with my lack of serious writing lately it's like riding a bike after...not, for like a year. You never forget, but you sort of go "wait, is this how I change gears?" Let's just say I think I'm gonna be doing a lot of rewriting, lol, but at least it's getting down on paper.

Or, uh, pixels?


Mar. 4th, 2007 08:38 pm
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We did it! Julie and I have caught up with Heroes! Holy crap this show is amazing! The characters are so well done, the story is so well written--it's seriously the best show on television. It's like Lost back before it started sucking. Except that unlike Lost, you actually end up liking the "bad guys!" Woot! Next episode is tomorrow--can't wait! Now we have something to preoccupy our Mondays other than Writer's Workshop.

It's been a so-so kind of week. I've been trying to do my Soc of Religion paper--pretty much, I have to research a certain religion. Well, I chose Pentecostalism, and I left a message at the nearby Pentecostal church, just asking for times when their services are--but they didn't even call me back. I have another big paper for my Social Movements class--I'm doing the Iranian Revolution and I have a bunch of stuff to read. Also have a Soc of Religion test due next Friday, the same day as my Grammar and Usage midterm. And I didn't really get anything done today because I was too busy watching Heroes, lol.

Went to the opera on Friday. Yes, you read that right. Dillingham was putting on an opera called Acis and Galatea--it was in English and it was very awesome, since one of the characters looked pretty much like Edward Scissorhands. Fuck yes. The music was good, but I can tell why people prefer operas in other languages--it's a lot of repeating the same thing over and over. Nice music, but it gets repetitive. Hung out with Pat afterwards and that was fun. He also drove us into town on Saturday, which was nice. I found the next volume of Monster in the comic book store--woot! Probably the best volume ever and it ends in such a bad place!

We were also supposed to go see Casino Royale on Saturday as well, but we ordered Chinese that night and it didn't arrive until an hour and a half later. Same deal as what happened when we tried to see The Departed. Goddamnit. I felt bad because Pat was going to go too. In any case, we didn't get to see Casino Royale and instead started watching the third season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I love that show, it's such good cheese.

I also handed off Pentagram to Pat for him to critique. I'm kind of nervous. The last time I sent something off to a First Reader, she was my cousin and it was a few years ago, so it was pretty much safe. But, I dunno. Lol, Pat, just don't rip it to shreds, okay? ^.^;

Handing off Pentagram has in fact gotten me back into the rewrite. It's good to return to the old stuff, put everything else aside. I'm going to work on the rewrite for awhile before I get back into Mot or North.

[ profile] toukenjen has turned her story, The Askari, into a webcomic. And you should all go read it!!!! It's here.

Spring break is next week. Julie and I are going to stay with the family in New York City. Should be hella fun!
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It's cold. Descriptively cold.

Mother-fucking-sweet-baby-Jesus-holy-fucking-Jesus-H-Christ cold.


Chapter 12 of my fic is up, and the link is in the sidebar (My Place in the Pit)

I did not watch the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Julie has gotten into D. Gray Man, and we have both watched the whole show up to what's been released.

10 days until the Naruto fillers are over.

I freaking love my Sociology of Religion class, even though I have shitloads to read.

I'll be watching Sin City with Pat this Friday. Woot.

And Two Kinds continues to win at life.


Jan. 15th, 2007 12:10 am
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<--New icon! Yay Noein!

Here are piccies of my tattoo now that it's looking better. Check out my madly terrible photo-taking skillzz!

Cut because they're big...I think )

So Final Fantasy X pwns my soul right now, though I'm still plugging my way through FFVIII and Shadow of the Colossus. I want to finish at least one before I go back to IC.

It occurs to me that I rather like webcomics. Though I've kind of only just been getting into them seriously. I've been reading Ursula Vernon's Digger since it started. This is a comic that is right up there with VG Cats for how popular it is. I'd rec it to everyone, except that the website demands a paid subscription, so your only hope really is to wait till they come out in paper form. Another simply brilliant one is TwoKinds which Julie told me about awhile ago but that I only just found. I spent an entire night reading the WHOLE THING, that's how good it is. And then there's The Awakened, which I've also been reading since it started, and is also brilliant, with an awesome story and really unique art. Oh, and of course Talismen by the ever-wonderful Barbara Jacobs and Steve Jones, which has gone on hiatus more often than I'd like, but is still awesome. And can't forget Lackadaisy because there's really nothing better than cats with guns.

I figure now I'll check out Blackbird, which Julie has also read and says is good, and the rest of Inverloch which I've been reading in paper form.


Haven't been doing much else. Finally got The Virtu from B&N as well as a few of the newest mangas. I've told myself I can't read The Virtu until I'm done with Three Days to Never, but the temptation is hard to resist.

Wrote a really *squee* part with Hex and Tag the other night! Yay! Motley Crew has slowed a bit, but is still going strong, and I know where to go next. Tonight will be busy.


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