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The time has come, my friends. I am a writer. I play Pokemon and other silly video games. I have participated in online LJ RP games. I have long discussions about various sci-fi shows and watch things like Star Trek, Farscape, Doctor Who and Firefly. I respect William Shatner. I watch anime with a somewhat religious fervor at times. I have conversations about the merits of certain weapons, the various histories and lifestyles of the Middle Ages, and complain about historical or logical inaccuracies in movies concerning the era. I have been to a Renn Faire. I have gone to sci-fi and fantasy cons, as well as anime cons. I read comic books, webcomics and manga. I play WoW. I collect Magic Cards. I'm an amateur astronomer and I listen to shortwave radio. I can readily quote Star Wars.

In short, I am a full blown nerd. And the time has now come to tackle the last bastion of nerddom, to venture into the fearsome, Mountain Dew-soaked, Cheeto-stained basement in the nether regions of the House of Nerd.

Yes, my friends. I speak of Dungeons and Dragons.

I am, as we speak, in the process of building a character and will soon start a campaign involving my similarly nerdy Ithaca friends. I am learning all about Spot Checks, Ability Modifiers, and D20s.

With this, I say my final farewell to the world of coolness, fashion and all semblance of sanity. Farewell, Lady Gaga, Eat, Pray, Love, 24, and True Blood. Goodbye, Justin Bieber and Louis Vuitton. Auf wiedersehn, mainstream media. To make a nerd quote, "I don't know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve." I go now to the Land of Fun, the Plane of Silliness, and the House of Nerd, and never shall I return to hipness, coolness and popularity. Good night...and good luck.

Just be glad I'm not LARPing.
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Well, we just got back from our annual Yosemite trip. We were up there a bit longer this time; my dad and I went up early on Thursday and the two of us hung out down in the valley until Saturday. I've never spent much time in the valley, but it's actually quite nice, aside from all the tourists and FREAKING MOSQUITOES. Bugs aren't usually a problem at Yosemite, but I guess I'm too used to being up on the rim.

Anyway, we checked Yosemite Falls first, the tallest waterfall in North America for the first night. After that we kind of just tooled around the valley till nightfall, when we went to this ridiculous premade tent-cabin area for the night. At least they had showers and food, but the whole set-up was just silly. Second day we went out Hetch Hetchy, which is a park/reservoir/dam, but it was too hot to do much aside from walk across the dam. Came back at night and just hung around again; saw a bear getting chased by a park ranger on the way back to camp

Next day we did a photo walk early in the morning and walked around some of the meadows taking pictures (saw a deer and her fawn!), then headed up to the proper campground to meet mom and Ben and his girlfriend. That was also the first night for the star party, though it wasn't much this year. Half of what remains of our group didn't go due to various issues, so there were literally four of us with scopes up there. The skies were the best I've ever seen them though, so it was nice all the same. Saturn was up and super clear with the rings edge on, and I could find galaxies and open and globular clusters just with my binoculars. It was cold, but awesome as all hell.

Dad left early Saturday cause he had work, but the rest of us spent the rest of the day there. We hiked Sentinel Dome, which is a smallish dome which has a view of the whole park basically. It's a super steep hike though, so we basically napped the rest of the day until going up again that night.

All in all a pretty damn awesome Yosemite visit, and seriously the best two nights of stargazing I've ever seen. I head back to Ithaca tomorrow night on a red eye, and on Friday I go in for job training at Borders. I'll also have new shoes waiting for me. And my mom who is awesome let me buy some DVDs. All in all this has been a freaking awesome vacation.

I'm exhausted now, so I'm gonna veg for the rest of the day. AKA watch Supernatural :)
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I've been so unbelievably BORED lately. Which is probably part of the reason I haven't posted anything in, like, months. Plenty of stuff has happened, but most of it is big, overarching real life stuff, the kind of things that are just sort of there and that you can't focus on 24/7. Boring stuff.

Let's see...I got a new job. I'm a part-time caretaker for an old lady with Alzheimer's and dementia. There's a total of five of us who look after her 24/7, and it's all under the table, working right in the lady's house. We get paid by one of her daughters. It's pretty decent money, but I really need a second job. My parents are currently paying my rent, but I'm 23 and that's really got to stop. I can't keep mooching on them forever.

Money's been tight all around, which is one of the reasons why Julie has decided to move back home to Minnesota. She needs to get out of here, or at least get away from her current job, which has been crushing her so bad that it's actually painful to watch. I'd like to keep living with her, but this is probably what's best for her.

It also means Pat and I need to find a smaller, cheaper apartment, and that we're both going to be paying more overall for rent. Which is also no good, for one thing because Pat will be paying more than half, which isn't fair, and because my parents will be picking up my half. I'm such a leech.

Speaking of parents, I'll be heading home sometime in July for the annual star party at Yosemite. It'll be good to be back for awhile. And I swear one day I'm gonna drag Pat and Julie with me.

I've gotten thoroughly addicted to Glee and Supernatural. Well, not Supernatural so much anymore. Julie found it first and then we all marathoned basically the whole thing in a matter of weeks. I don't have much desire to see the next season, though I'll try it out. Glee just continues to be awesome, with really great comedy and well-rounded characters. It makes for a hilarious parody of high school in general.

Saw Ironman 2, loved it, saw Kickass, loved it, and I think that's all in the way of movies.

Meanwhile I was pretty addicted to World of Warcraft, but last week my account got hacked and stolen. I'm still waiting to hear from Blizzard, but in the meantime I haven't been able to play at all. Ah well. It's nice to have a good long break from it.

On the anime front, the three of us here have been marathoning Yu Yu Hakusho...I don't really know why, but does there need to be a reason? It's awesome either way. I've also been steadfastly watching the Darker than BLACK OAVS (AMAZING), and two new shows called Durarara and Angel Beats, which are both pretty sweet in different ways. Also Hetalia, since Heathers got me hooked.

I'm finally writing again, specifically a new novel. This is the Jin novel that I'm pretty sure I've mentioned a few times. Basically, space dragons and evil robots. It's fun so far, though for some reason I'm not as crazy-into-it as I was with my previous novels. I've just been so...blase about writing in general, but I'm getting back into it. I think the lack of significant RP lately has something to do with that. I love Route 47, and I think it's gonna keep going for a good while, but it's been so slow for almost a month and a half now that it's become this casual thing, instead of taking up a good portion of my day like before. IDK. I'm just really unmotivated lately.

Another reason that I'm glad I'm going back home soon, even if it's just for a week, is that I think I'm needed there. I swear, I love my brother but he's going to kill my parents with the stress he causes. If it's not drug addiction and the police, it's fights with the neighbors. This is a major reason I want to become financially independent, because my parents have enough to worry about with Ben around. He really does seem to be trying to do better, but it's not happening fast enough. The best I can do is try to take my burden off of them.

Ah well. Life goes on, even when Israeli commandos are killing activists, the Koreans are at war again, and the oil at the Deepwater Horizon just will not stop flowing.
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Yeah, remember me? Look, I'm alive!

So, summing up the past, what, two months? We have moved into our apartment/house and are slowly making it all homey, our landlord is an anal retentive douchebag, Julie and I got cats--Elwood and Nephry (Elwood is mine), I went home to see my brother's graduation (he actually did it!), and I finally got a job--at Michael's. I'm actually going in for my second day in about an hour :D

Julie and I are still in the RP, of course. It is so epically awesome. I absolutely love the people there, they're all such good players. I'm actually playing two characters now--Hei and Amaterasu from Okami.

We're still working our way through Persona 3 and Tales of the Abyss. Also, I bought a few new games for Ezili (my DS) including The World Ends With You. I like it so far! And I finished the first Phoenix Wright game, hooray! The last case was pretty epic.

I finished the first season of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni which was terrifying and awesome. Now I need to get through the second season (ni Kai). I'm also working my way through the 114 episodes and several OAVs of cheese that is Saint Seiya. It's ridiculously epic.

Julie and I have begun, watched through, and finished what we both agree is the best television show we've ever seen, which is Life on Mars. The British version. We don't talk about the forthcoming American version. Basically, Sam Tyler is a cop who gets hit by a car and suddenly ends up back in 1973. Awesomeness ensues.

More evidence of the BBC's prowess for good telly, Doctor Who has been pretty amazing this season, with a couple of ups and downs. The most recent episode was...well. "Fuckawesome" comes to mind. I'm talking about the most recent episode that aired in Britain (and is of course available online), not the most recent one that aired in America. The question on everyone's mind right now is of course SPOILERZ XOMG! )

I haven't really been writing, like, at all. I'm such a failure. New ideas have been swimming around my head, though. And that key kid is still nagging at me. There's a new character as well--well, a new double-character, I guess. But I'll go over all of that in a locked post like usual.

So yeah! I'm alive, things have been good. Ithaca is as awesome as ever.
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So what do you call a fan of Doctor Who? A Tard?

It's getting its own tag now.


Dec. 17th, 2007 03:02 pm
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Sooo I just read the most recent Naruto chapter.

Froggies. Contains SPOILERS. )

In other news, finals are eating me alive, I want hot chocolate, and Doctor Who is the best show ever. I'm in love with the Tenth Doctor.

Itty Bitty Doctor Who Spoilers )
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I also must be the last person on Earth to have discovered Doctor Who.

Not that I didn't know it was out there, but it's a hard show to catch in terms of "when the fuck is it on and where?"

It's the fucking shit. One of the best shows I've seen. Now I understand why everyone's been raving about it for years. It really is that good. Three episodes in (lol, familiar?) and I'm totally sold.

Cheesy and hilarious and angsty and intense, and how often do you get that combination??

It's supposed to hemorrhage snow today.
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Grah, why did no one tell me there wasn't a new Avatar today?!?!

Mrrr, they're keeping us hanging for another week, it looks like.

*not pleased*
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I love this show. And I usually hate reality TV.

Julie and I have been coming up with names for all of them--since I can never remember their real names.

So far we've got:

Crazy Train
Village People
Country Club
Chicken Dance

That's all we've got so far. Try and guess which ones they are.
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So tomorrow at 4 I'm leaving with Julie to spend the night with Tammy. Then Thursday we're driving up to Saratoga to go to World Fantasy Con.

This'll be my second con EVER, and seeing as the first one was tiny, but still wonderful, I think this one's gonna be ten times the lulz. We're gonna be sharing a hotel room with four others, one of whom is a friend of Julie's. The con runs from Thursday to Monday. There will be books, art, agents, famous people, pretty things, pointy things, and six fantasy/writerly/art-minded girls sharing a single hotel room for four days. Oh the times we shall have.

Sarah Monette and Laura Anne Gilman, two of my favorite authors right now, are going to be there. And Tammy, of course, as well as pretty much all the big names in fantasy and such, and the famous [ profile] ladyjaida is going too. I'm going to be surrounded by awesome and successful people and will probably come away feeling very tiny and unsuccessful, but also with new ideas and, hopefully, hope. And shiny things.

Also, augh, Thursday is the first day of NaNoWriMo, and I still don't know if I'm going to do it. November is going to be the bitch month from hell in Grants since we're gonna be going through two whole components of our proposal, but I'd like to try and push myself to finish Mot. Actually, I've told myself that I'm going to finish it by the end of the year. Will I do it? Who knows. Gonna try, though. As for NaNo, well, I suppose I could use it to churn out a bunch for Mot, or maybe I could work on North.

News about North! It turns out that her world is going to have more than one story in it.

Uh, let me rephrase that.

Pretty much, North's world, which has no name right now, is going to have other stories set in it. In other words, it's going to be like Tammy's Tortall. I've got a pretty awesome idea in mind for something that happens about 100 years after North's story. I'll explain it and introduce the characters in another post, though.

In other news--we're watching Ouran in ASIC alongside Death Note, and I think Ouran is being taken pretty well. It's hard to dislike that show, really.

And you know what pwns hard?


You know what else pwns hard?


And you know what else pwns hard?


Holy poop. All three shows are just doing so awesome right now. The most recent episode of Heroes was probably the best of the season, which dragged its feet in the beginning but now is picking up steam. House is always awesome and more so now that he's got all these newbies running around. And Avatar? Dooon't even get me started. I think this is my favorite season thus far. Well worth the wait.

Discovered a new awesome and relatively obscure anime (I've been doing that a lot lately) called Darker Than Black. Check it out. Incredible animation, complex and intriguing storyline, plus a kickass main character.

Meanwhile the fires are finally out in California (mostly) and there was just an earthquake ten miles from my house (which is more fun than bad).

Anyway. Off I go into the wild blue yonder of con-dom. No, Jules, I'm never letting you live that one down.

Flameo, hotmen!
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I've been really crappy at updating this lately, but yes, I'm still alive.

Woo, sinus infection! Ah, this always happens at least once a year, but it doesn't make it any more fun. Woke up a few mornings ago just like "oh my god I'm drowning -fhggakhhggghkksnerk-*" I know what this is all about by now so I went to the health center right after class, and despite waiting for an hour and a half it wasn't as awful an experience as I thought it would be. Got some Amoxicillin and now I'm feeling better. Though I didn't sleep much two nights ago. Not. Fun.

We have mice. Like, an infestation. No, I'm kidding, but we do have mice--two of them, in a cage. One is brown and the other is white with a black patch over his eye. The brown one's name is Malcom Reynolds. The white one's name is Hoban Washburn, or Wash for short. This is because they have a little spaceship in their cage upon which we have written "Serenity." Wash is excitable, friendly, and likes sweets. Mal is somewhat antisocial, cautious, and likes to hide his food, which is mostly health food.

I swear, they are Mal and Wash in...mouse form.

Plus they are tiny and fuzzy and cute and thus far have remained undiscovered by said RA peoples.

Though we did have an adventure last week, I think. Mal got away from me and ended up under the couch. We spent awhile trying to catch him and finally just lifted the couch up, but Mal is not one to be held down by The Man (or Woman) and actually squeezed under the door and ran out into the stairwell. Well, as one who has owned mice before, I figured hope was pretty much lost by then, but we chased him. He was on the edge of the balcony part of the staircase and we were chasing him along the edge, but then I got distracted when the door across the hall opened and a kid started walking out. Mal decided death would be better than capture by The Woman and threw himself off the stairs, landing two sections down. I ran all the way down and managed to catch him and scoop him up just as the kid drew level with me. It was like something out of a college comedy movie. And let me tell you right now, catching a mouse barehanded is no easy feat. Mal was returned to his cage where I'm sure he told Wash all about his adventure and has since not attempted escape.

I'm gonna get started on the next chapter of my fic since it's been awhile. I also need to write two things for Fiction II, one of which is due tomorrow. Dear God I'm starting to hate that class. I think I mentioned already that it's taught by a teacher I'm not really fond of, but more than that--she's one of the many writing teachers 'round these parts who is all like "oh, haha, genre, it's not really writing. It's all cheap and pulpy. It must all be literateur and meta if it's going to be legit!" To which Julie and I say a big FUCK YOU. We're both gonna write nothing but genre stuff for that class. So fucking there, bitch.

Grants and Proposals is picking up speed as we hear from more and more promising projects (the ones I'm looking at so far are this local alt ed school which teaches diversity education and wants to get funding for a trip to Guatemala, one involving EcoFashion, and of course the SPCA one which involves a spay/neuter program (desperately needed!)). We get assigned our groups over the weekend and have to have make our choice on which project to tackle by Friday. After that we leap off the boat and then it's sink or swim. Man.

Going to a thing at Cornell tomorrow for my Terrorism class--a talk by a woman who is a Palestinian and is working on the peace movement. Should be awesome.

ASIC has been awesome. We've been watching Death Note which leaves nothing to be desired (L, I want to have your babies!) and the second part of Jubei-chan which is as insane as the first part. But this one has a tiny little chibi-guy who

I've heard tell that we'll be watching Ouran later in the semester too. Yes!

So far we've been maintaining a shopping/cooking schedule in the apartment and it's been working! I cook on Wednesdays. I've gotta work on my time management where that's concerned, but so far my recipes have worked (just made carrot-ginger-pear soup and pots de creme which is XOMG awesome). Woo. And Kate continues to be AWESOME by making AWESOME food. She also won our Iron Chef two Fridays or so ago.

Julie has successfully completed both Kingdom Hearts I and II and now understands my love of the Organization members. And the awesome tragedy that is Axel and Roxas's relationship, whether or not you think it's just friendship or what have you (I must confess myself a shipper, but y'all knew that. I think...).

Avatar starts Friday, Heroes the following Monday, and House the Tuesday after. Hells ya.

Oh, and. The latest Naruto chapter? WHUT? WHUT? Revelations liek woah??
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Holy shit, I'm finally home.

Let's see, a little over a week ago I was in Ithaca.

Then I was in Chicago.

Then I slept one night at home and went directly to Mono Lake.

Then I was home for a few days, not long enough to bark about.

Then I was in Fabius, New York for Lisa's wedding.

Then I went to Hollister here in Cali to go off-roading with Liz and her boyfriend Steve.

And now I'm finally home for the long run. No trips, no sudden traveling anytime soon. Thank god. It's good to finally be home.

Anyway, it turns out I didn't just crash my dad's car, I totaled it. Ugh. Dad called me a few days ago and he seems pretty cool about it all. I still feel incredibly stupid and bad, and I'm holding to my resolution not to use the credit card for anything I don't absolutely without a doubt need. And to actually find a good job this summer. I've applied at about a zillion places already, but no one's gotten back to me yet. And I still have a few online apps to do.

Left for New York right after Lost, which was awesome. )

Got a red-eye flight to Syracuse and Tammy was amazingly nice and came to pick up both me and Kate. She droves us to Kate's aunt's tiny and awesome house in Tully, right next door to Fabius, where we met Clara the insane two-year-old black lab. Kate's aunt Kitty is as awesome as her tiny and awesome house (I want a house like that, even with the landslide in the backyard). The day after that was the wedding. We did some yardwork and such before that, then got into our pretty dresses and went over to Fabius for the wedding.

It was so pretty and adorable! It took place at this sort of lodge place, and was outside on a hill that overlooked very green and pretty countryside. Kate and I explored the place while we waited for everyone to arrive. Steve (Lisa's hubby) showed up first, dressed in his Marine uniform (weird, how I know two Steves who are boyfriends/husbands of people named Elizabeth/Lisa who are in the Marines...). Lisa was wearing this beautiful sparkly sleeveless dress. The wedding happened soon after she arrived, and since she's Wiccan, the ceremony was Wiccan as well. She and Steve lit candles and did handfasting, which is when the partners have their hands tied together briefly to symbolize their connection. Then to finish it off they jumped over a broomstick. So cute and so pretty!

Then we went inside to eat yummy food (there was a chocolate fountain!), talk with Lisa, dance and have fun.

The day after that was more exploration of Kitty's house and yard, then I got on a plane back for Cali. Somewhere in that all, Mom called to tell me that the car was totaled.

On the plane ride back I finished Trickster's Queen which is definitely my favorite Tammy book so far. It's full of spywork, politics, court stuff, and all kinds of fun stuff all toward the eventual revolution. God it's so much fun to watch a revolution unfold! Tammy got all the little details right. And the characters, oh man, Aly was still a snarky little awesome thing, Nawat was still adorable, Dove was still intellectual and amazing, and there were some new people, particularly Taybur Sibigat, and Julie, I can understand why he's your favorite Tammy character ever, oh my holy God he's amazing.

Next up is the Alanna series, methinks. But before that I'm going to read a few more of the Dresden books. I'm onto Summer Knight, which is very promising so far. Harry just has no fucking luck. With anything. Though god, I hope things work out with this whole Faerie Godmother thing (for those who haven't read the books, you don't want a faerie godmother. There are no pumpkins involved and no fucking bippity-boppity-boo. Faeries are evil little shits in the real mythology. If there are any pumpkins, they're moldy and evil and smelly pumpkins).

Glad to see Billy the Werewolf back, though, even if it was just for a second.

As soon as I got back, Liz called and invited me up to camp with her and some of her friends in Hollister. That was a lot of fun, even though I didn't know anyone and felt awkward and antisocial as usual. Liz spent most of the time with Steve, which is more than understandable, considering he's leaving very very soon. Hollister is pretty much this place to go off-roading, or wheeling as the boys called it. And we're not talking a little oh-we're-so-bad trek off the main road, we're talking driving through freaking trenches and up rock walls and stuff like that. The car I was in actually tipped over, which was as scary as it was exciting. The window had already been smashed before I got there, so I could literally put my hand out the window and feel the dirt. For anyone thinking of going to Hollister, the Tank Traps trail is very awesome, but you'd better have some badass wheels or you're dead. Oh, and there's poison oak everywhere.

I also heard wild boars when I went to sleep that night. And here I thought wild boards were imaginary. Lol, just kidding. We had a fire and the boys stayed up talking trucks ("rigs") with some other guys. Liz and Steve turned in early since neither of them were feeling good. The girl I was supposed to share a tent with got drunk and spent the night with the boys in the larger tent (in a strictly friendly way--she wanted the one guy to look after her while she was plastered) so I got the tent to myself, though having a mat would have been nice. That ground is fucking hard.

God back around noon today, and have decided to take the next two days to do abso-fucking-lutely nothing but sit on my ass and do my own damn thing. Finish up the other applications, get some writing done, do some shit, so on.

Still have to write the next chapter of the fic. I'm horrible--I said it would be up last week, but then there was the car accident and suddenly I was on a plane. Otherwise I would have finished it.

Oh, and I'm going to see Pirates tonight if it kills me.
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Quite the double-post, innit? I hadn't realized I hadn't updated at all in two weeks.

Anyway, continuing in the amazing story of my life...

So yeah, the last half of break we spent doing the book thing and hanging with my people. I think it was Friday night we went to Caleb and Asher's (the cousins) school to hear a jazz and poetry thing--Caleb plays guitar, Asher plays drums. The only way I can really describe it is that it was very, very New York. It was interesting the way the poems and the music melted together, though I don't know if I actually liked it or not. Though some of the poems were pretty awesome. One was a poem about being in the primordial soup and amoeba love, haha. Brilliant.

Speaking of primordial soup, holy FUCK, Spore is coming out this fall apparently. What is Spore? Spore is only the most awesome computer game probably to ever grace geekdom. Pretty much, in the game you start out as a one-celled organism, and then you evolve. You choose what lines you want to evolve along, giving yourself X number appendages and so on. And according to their new video
you can do a lot more than that. *squee!* I've been anticipating this game ever since I heard about it about two years ago.

The only problem being that I'll need a new laptop to handle this game. Septimus is getting up there, but he still works and he's still mostly reliable, like an old dog. I don't want to get rid of him yet. I'm one of those people who keeps using my things until they fall apart ^.^

Had a bit of a surreal moment when we drove by the World Trade Center. I'm still sort of torn about visiting places like that. It was the same when we went to Dachau in Germany--just the idea of a place of such suffering becoming a tourist attraction. But I did tell myself this time that I wanted to go there, because 9/11 I think played a major role in my anxiety disorder, and I need to start facing that. We never actually made it to the WTC, but we did drive past it, and it was just like, "wow...there used to be towers there. There used to be people there." Ah, man. I dunno.

But, enough with the depressing. I can't be entirely depressed right now because there's an icicle hanging outside my window that looks like an alien's hand, no joke.

Last day spent in NYC we went to the Brooklyn Museum of Art, kind of like a smaller version of the Met, though it was still all kinds of brilliant. We only had time for two floors (there were five), so we checked out the floor with American art (woot) and the floor with the Egyptian stuff (holy crap, Batman!). No mummies, but it was all very awesome.

And now we're back in good old Ithaca and it's cold and wet and there are classes to attend and Julie and I are still sick. *sigh*

And now the requisite reports on the various and sundry things that came out in the past week. Though first, another book I read.

Have I mentioned the Retriever's Series here? The series is about Wren, a Retriever living in NYC. A Retriever is like a Get Backer (lol) in that she "retrieves" things for people, which usually means steals them. Except that in this world there is magic, and it takes a very interesting form. In any case, Wren has gotten up to some shit in the last two books, but the most recent one out, the third, is definitely my favorite. At this point, it looks like war's about to break out between the Mage Council (the organized group of magic users), the lonejacks (the live-free-or-die types of magic users) and the fatae (the non-human people living in the city). It's gotten very awesome, and it's an excellent example of modern urban fantasy. If you like Dresden, you'll probably like Wren, though this series falls a bit more on the female side of things, though not to a chick-lit degree. Wren is an awesome character, and the book has its own voice that is a blatantly New York voice. Love it.

So what have we? No House on Tuesday due to March Madness, but Crossing Jordan and Lost were both on Wednesday, of course, and they were both ALL KINDS of awesome. I'm really impressed with this season of Jordan so far, since it's really branching out and doing some interesting things. And Lost is no longer sucking! It's getting back into the mysterious and strange that made the first season and the first part of the second season so brilliant.

However, there are things I must report and speculate on. For instance, in Crossing Jordan...*spoilers alert* )

As if that wasn't intense enough, we follow it up immediately with...

Lost )

And of course, of course, there were the Narutos that came out, being the latest manga chapter and the latest Shippuden episode.

Chapter spoilers )

As for the episode, well, it's following the manga, and it continues to be brilliant, although it was lacking on the crazy music front.

Back in my world, in terms of writing, I didn't get half as much done of the rewrite over break as I wanted. Between being sick and hitting a snag that Pat pointed out, it just kind of came to a standstill. But I'm going to get back in it now, and keep thinking about that snag. Mostly the thing is, do I want to overhaul the beginning in order to get things moving faster, or draw it out so things are more dramatic? I'm long-winded, in case you couldn't tell, but that's something I'm trying to fix. So I dunno. There are a few things I'm going to extend because they kind of have to be.

Also, a lot's been coming together for some of my other projects. Mot has been niggling me again. The thing with Ramsey--my white haired, cloak-wielding heroine--is taking shape in my head. Have I mentioned Skye? Skye is the main character of Ramsey's story--I don't know her last name, but she's a snarky tattoo artist in Berkely who was diagnosed with schizophrenia some years ago. This was because she could see the things that Ramsey fights--critters I have dubbed darksouls for now, who are kind of shadow creatures that haunt people at their best and kill them at their worst. Anyway, Skye could see those things, and ghosts and stuff, but it made her a strange kid and she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. She believes now that all the things she saw when she was younger were hallucinations, but when she meets Ramsey she realizes she's been sane all along. Should be fun.

Things are also really coming together for North, though I'm still not sure how far I am from actually starting it. I've got a better sense of what's going on in the Whodden--where the Folk, the spirits and non-humans live--and what's going on in North's own life. I just need to figure out certain things about the beginning of the story.

And now I have to get some things done before Women and Writing. Another long post! Lol, and these two were supposed to be all one. Nya-ha.


Feb. 7th, 2007 09:53 pm
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You know, just a slight curiosity...

What the hell does the title "D. Gray-Man" mean? I mean, what exactly does it refer to? I don't get it.

And in the same vein, what the hell does the title "Bleach" mean? I mean, what the hell? The series has nothing whatsoever to do with any and all things even remotely or slightly relating to bleach. The product or the...product.

Late night musings. Sorry.

Also, I started watching Heroes, from the beginning this time. Earlier in the year I saw a random episode and wasn't entirely enthralled. But starting from the beginning not only makes it make a lot more sense, it's also more interesting. I think I could get into it.

There's just the minor problem of its airtime coinciding with Writer's Workshop. Well. There's always downloads.
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I accidentally saw a spoiler for the OC.

A very, very, very major spoiler.

That has to do with Marissa.


But it's okay, because I still want to see what leads up to it and why it happened, etc.
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The Ithaca College Health Center is a cesspool of incompetence. I ran out of my Protonix--acid reflex stuff--three days ago and went to them that morning. They said, "oh, it'll be here tonight!" It's been three days and after six fucking trips they finally got me my meds. What the hell is wrong with them? First they didn't fax the fucking thing right, then I guess it got lost in the paperwork, or the shipment kept not coming. It's a damn fucking good thing I decided to refill Lexapro when I was down there the first time, when I still had some extra pills, seeing as it took them two days and four visits to get that sorted out. Two days without psychoactive drugs, yeah, that would have been great.

But, I'm okay now because I finally got my drugs and got to use the word "cesspool" in a sentence.

In other news, December has finally struck and it's cold and there was some snow until awhile ago. Not much. I doubt we'll get much more before the end of the semester.

P-Arg teacher complimented me on my writing (^.^) and offered a job in the Writing Center as a tutor. I'm going down to fill out an application tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

Julie and I finished the first season of The OC which was brilliant, and we're closing in on the end of Secret of Mana.

And I finally downloaded the Death Note movie. Whoa nelly.

Writing has been nyeh. I finally have a solid setting for Spirits and some more details about everything--though I'm still looking for a name for the main villain. Mot has been slugging along. It's been busy so I've been focusing on homework and other stuff.

Lots of stuff happening when we get back from break. Avatar comes back. Lost comes back. Some manga come out. Julie brings back the second season of The OC. Woot. Looking forward to it.

D. Gray Man is into the double digits so that's nice.


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