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Red eye.

Jet lag.

Sick kitten.

Panic attacks.


One hour of sleep.

I hate everything.
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It's about 4:30 and I have a plane to catch in about 4 hours, which means I need to wake up in about one so we can leave in two. Whhhyyy did I stay up this late?

Yes, I'm heading back to Ithaca about a week early, mostly because I want the time away from my family to write. Something I've done ALMOST NONE OF for this entire break, and for someone who was talking about finishing Motley Crew by the end of the year, that's simply unacceptable. Of course this always happens--as soon as I have some free time, I get writer's block, or get sick, or have real-life shit to deal with.

I did do some writing tonight, mostly world-building stuff. I decided that all the stuff for North has been kicking around in my head for long enough, and deserved to finally be on paper where I can sort through it all.

Did I mention that another new idea has sprouted? No? Let's just say it's based in a country that's like a cross between 1800's Japan and present-day Haiti (in terms of culture, mostly), involves gods, and involves a guy who works as the muscle at a brothel (he throws the johns out when they get drunk and start making a fuss). As well as a female samurai-type and poor old Naioh, my blind character who has officially made about ten moves from project to project. :3

I'm going to write it entirely in fangirl Japanese.

No, I'm kidding. I think Crow (main character, brothel guy) wouldn't know what to do if anyone screamed "KAWAII-DESU~!!!1!11!one!" at him.

Though I must admit that he certainly is kawaii-desu~ *is shot*

Still considering that RP. It's an absolute blast to watch, particularly when seeing The Master being called a poof by another character who has no clue who he's talking to. Lol, I might not have met him yet, but I at least get the sense that The Master would eat you for talking that way to him.

Now I really do have to go get in that hour of sleep before leaving. Agh. At least I'll be seeing Julie half way. We wrangled it so that the both of us will be on the same plane out of Detroit.

See you all back in Ithaca.
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Holy shit, I'm finally home.

Let's see, a little over a week ago I was in Ithaca.

Then I was in Chicago.

Then I slept one night at home and went directly to Mono Lake.

Then I was home for a few days, not long enough to bark about.

Then I was in Fabius, New York for Lisa's wedding.

Then I went to Hollister here in Cali to go off-roading with Liz and her boyfriend Steve.

And now I'm finally home for the long run. No trips, no sudden traveling anytime soon. Thank god. It's good to finally be home.

Anyway, it turns out I didn't just crash my dad's car, I totaled it. Ugh. Dad called me a few days ago and he seems pretty cool about it all. I still feel incredibly stupid and bad, and I'm holding to my resolution not to use the credit card for anything I don't absolutely without a doubt need. And to actually find a good job this summer. I've applied at about a zillion places already, but no one's gotten back to me yet. And I still have a few online apps to do.

Left for New York right after Lost, which was awesome. )

Got a red-eye flight to Syracuse and Tammy was amazingly nice and came to pick up both me and Kate. She droves us to Kate's aunt's tiny and awesome house in Tully, right next door to Fabius, where we met Clara the insane two-year-old black lab. Kate's aunt Kitty is as awesome as her tiny and awesome house (I want a house like that, even with the landslide in the backyard). The day after that was the wedding. We did some yardwork and such before that, then got into our pretty dresses and went over to Fabius for the wedding.

It was so pretty and adorable! It took place at this sort of lodge place, and was outside on a hill that overlooked very green and pretty countryside. Kate and I explored the place while we waited for everyone to arrive. Steve (Lisa's hubby) showed up first, dressed in his Marine uniform (weird, how I know two Steves who are boyfriends/husbands of people named Elizabeth/Lisa who are in the Marines...). Lisa was wearing this beautiful sparkly sleeveless dress. The wedding happened soon after she arrived, and since she's Wiccan, the ceremony was Wiccan as well. She and Steve lit candles and did handfasting, which is when the partners have their hands tied together briefly to symbolize their connection. Then to finish it off they jumped over a broomstick. So cute and so pretty!

Then we went inside to eat yummy food (there was a chocolate fountain!), talk with Lisa, dance and have fun.

The day after that was more exploration of Kitty's house and yard, then I got on a plane back for Cali. Somewhere in that all, Mom called to tell me that the car was totaled.

On the plane ride back I finished Trickster's Queen which is definitely my favorite Tammy book so far. It's full of spywork, politics, court stuff, and all kinds of fun stuff all toward the eventual revolution. God it's so much fun to watch a revolution unfold! Tammy got all the little details right. And the characters, oh man, Aly was still a snarky little awesome thing, Nawat was still adorable, Dove was still intellectual and amazing, and there were some new people, particularly Taybur Sibigat, and Julie, I can understand why he's your favorite Tammy character ever, oh my holy God he's amazing.

Next up is the Alanna series, methinks. But before that I'm going to read a few more of the Dresden books. I'm onto Summer Knight, which is very promising so far. Harry just has no fucking luck. With anything. Though god, I hope things work out with this whole Faerie Godmother thing (for those who haven't read the books, you don't want a faerie godmother. There are no pumpkins involved and no fucking bippity-boppity-boo. Faeries are evil little shits in the real mythology. If there are any pumpkins, they're moldy and evil and smelly pumpkins).

Glad to see Billy the Werewolf back, though, even if it was just for a second.

As soon as I got back, Liz called and invited me up to camp with her and some of her friends in Hollister. That was a lot of fun, even though I didn't know anyone and felt awkward and antisocial as usual. Liz spent most of the time with Steve, which is more than understandable, considering he's leaving very very soon. Hollister is pretty much this place to go off-roading, or wheeling as the boys called it. And we're not talking a little oh-we're-so-bad trek off the main road, we're talking driving through freaking trenches and up rock walls and stuff like that. The car I was in actually tipped over, which was as scary as it was exciting. The window had already been smashed before I got there, so I could literally put my hand out the window and feel the dirt. For anyone thinking of going to Hollister, the Tank Traps trail is very awesome, but you'd better have some badass wheels or you're dead. Oh, and there's poison oak everywhere.

I also heard wild boars when I went to sleep that night. And here I thought wild boards were imaginary. Lol, just kidding. We had a fire and the boys stayed up talking trucks ("rigs") with some other guys. Liz and Steve turned in early since neither of them were feeling good. The girl I was supposed to share a tent with got drunk and spent the night with the boys in the larger tent (in a strictly friendly way--she wanted the one guy to look after her while she was plastered) so I got the tent to myself, though having a mat would have been nice. That ground is fucking hard.

God back around noon today, and have decided to take the next two days to do abso-fucking-lutely nothing but sit on my ass and do my own damn thing. Finish up the other applications, get some writing done, do some shit, so on.

Still have to write the next chapter of the fic. I'm horrible--I said it would be up last week, but then there was the car accident and suddenly I was on a plane. Otherwise I would have finished it.

Oh, and I'm going to see Pirates tonight if it kills me.
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So Mono Lake was awesome. It's pretty much this lake that's up past Yosemite (we had to drive through Yosemite to get there, through parts I'd never been before). I didn't expect it to be a salt lake, though. It's quite awesome, a lot saltier than the ocean, and I think saltier than the Great Salt Lake. There are these weird, huge formations of salt and calcium carbonate at the edges of the lake, too. They have the best name--tufa. "Tufa" to describe massive salt and calcium carbonate deposits! Anyway, we went there the first day, and then to Bodie, which was a few miles north of the lake, and is a ghost town. Very, very awesome. I spent the whole weekend with my mom, which was nice, though being with my dad would have been nice too. The reason he was there though was for this photography class led by a professional, so he was gone for most of the time.

After Bodie we checked out the teeny town we were staying in, which is called Lee Vining. Lots of trading posts and an excellent cafe that sold real chai. Woot.

Day after that (today) we went on a bird walk on the other side of the lake. Saw lots of birds, most of which I'd seen before, but it was still very awesome. After that we packed up and left and went to a nearby volcanic crater (the whole place is a volcanic basin) called Punam Crater and hiked through that. After getting suitably dusty we drove back through Yosemite, stopping at Tuolommane...Tuloumanne...oh god, I don't know, the meadows there. They were very cool, and there was this place called the Soda Springs which is a naturally carbonated spring (it was bubbling! Bubbling! Like soda! XOMG!!)

Then we got home.

Eyurgh, it's good to be home, much as Chicago and Mono Lake were awesome. I got back from Chicago at about eight at night on Thursday and had that night to hang around. I was exhausted, so I got about no packing done. And the morning after we left for Mono Lake, so I kind of haven't been home at all.

Good to be home.

I have a lot to catch up on, and that's pretty much what tomorrow is about. I'm taking tomorrow to unpack, find Liz, catch up on various anime, and do some spring cleaning and go on a bike ride (I gained waaaay too much weight this winter). Then this entire week is devoted to finding a job and, alternately, writing the next chapter of my fanfic. I've promised readers that I'd have the next one up before this weekend, when I go off to Lisa's wedding, back in New York. That'll be awesome, though Kate's the only other one who can make it. Ah well.

Not much else to report, really.
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Woah, Heroes man.

Clicky for SPOILERS! )

Well, I'm in Chicago (or rather, the suburbs), and despite pain, bloody noses, heat and more pain, it's been really nice. I've discovered that a 12 hour drive passes pretty quickly when you're listening to Harry Potter on tape (I officially recommend books on tape for long drives). I also managed to sleep some. Yesterday we went to the local lake to go canoing, and we also checked out the local mall, which was awesome. It had a Rainforest Cafe, which I've never heard of before, and a store called Black Market Minerals, which sold stones and wooden wind chimes and crystal things and mineral type things. Very nice. I got some kind of...Indian river rock which is sacred to Shiva, and is pretty much a smaller version of the stones in the Temple of Doom. Also got a bit of agate like another stone I've got at home, which has very close veins (or whatever you call them), a worry stone (Flourite, for mental calmness), and a malachite bowl that looks suspiciously like the Kouki wine cup from Mushishi. Also got to meet Claire, Molly's friend.

Today we went to Chicago, first to Millennium Park, then we tooled around for awhile in the heat and sun until we went to a very, very awesome pizza place where I had deep-dish pizza for the first time. After that we went to the Art Institute, where I saw many beautiful, famous paintings, and some puzzling, famous paintings, and SWORDS and ARMOR. I now officially know what a real glaive looks like, and the difference between a halberd and a spear. Wooo!! I'm sorry, Julie, I tried to get pics or postcards for you, but there was no photography allowed and they didn't have any postcards. Blasphemy!! I wish you could have been there.

Molly's cousin Kelly and her friend were here as well, and they're good people.

Also am about halfway through Trickster's Choice, and I officially LOVE Nawat because he is adorable and oblivious and awesome. Aly is the coolest thing too.

I'm thoroughly tired. Dunno what we're doing tomorrow, though it's supposed to thunder. Woot! We're also gonna meet Molly's friend, Whitney.

In terms of writing, I haven't gotten anything done due to--yanno--12 hour drive, tooling around Chicago, being exhausted for the better part of three days (the Red Eyed Monster will do that to you). But I've been thinking more about Spirits/North and have some general ideas for how spirits function and the difference between insubstantials, gods, imaginaries, spirits, animal spirits, and other such declinations of spirity-types (all of whom are called Folk).

I've also decided to do the 100 Theme Challenge, which is supposed to be for fanfic, but which I suppose I'll just post here. Don't know when I'll start it, hopefully soon. Don't know what characters I'll use, either. Maybe I can switch off...or maybe I can just stick to one world. So, there's that project for the summer, in case I get nothing done on the other projects.

I've also decided to start posting more excerpts here. Figure I might as well.

It's gonna be a busy next few weeks. As soon as I get back to Cali, I'm off to Mono Lake with my parents for a photography talk and for birding and astronomy. Then I'm pretty much looking for a job until the 24th, when I'll head back to Syracuse, get a ride to Fabius, and go to Lisa's wedding. Then I come back that Sunday, probably look for more jobs, and hopefully start one (fat chance). I've applied to Borders and will be applying to a bunch of other places. I really need a job this summer. Guh.

Well, that's the news from Lake Country. Julie, I hope you're alive and got home alright and that you saw Heroes! Sending you all my love. ^.^
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So in the middle of ASIC, during the break, I went to the computer lab to print out my e-ticket for my flight home, assuming I wouldn't actually be on a plane until Saturday, right? Turned out, my flight was at 3:15 on Friday. So after ASIC I had to rush to pack and e-mail my teachers and finish a project for Poetry (10 pages). And in the middle of all of this I remembered that I was supposed to register for classes on Thursday. Um, oops. I didn't even have my alternate PIN to register. I e-mailed my advisor and he gave me the PIN, but of course registration was closed so I ended up getting up at 7:30 on Friday to register. And of course the classes I wanted were filled, so I got into classes I only sort of wanted. Oh well. And though it was completely unintentional, I ended up with no classes on Tusedays and Thursdays--same as Julie. I'd told myself I was only taking 12 credits (4 classes) and turns out they're all MWF classes. Go figure.

Anyway. Then I didn't wake up till eleven--if Julie hadn't woken me up I probably would have slept through my flight. Packed and ran around doing shit, and didn't call a cab until 2 because I hadn't factored in that, though I needed to be at the airport an hour before the flight, that meant I had to leave about an hour and a half before the flight. My taxi didn't arrive till 2:30 and I didn't get to the airport until 2:50, but I was just in time, thank god. Skipped over to Philly and then on to San Fran. Read the second in Tammy's Protector of the Small quartet, Page which is as awesome if not more so than the first. I couldn't bring Julie's copy of Beka Cooper because it's a fatty book and I had already overloaded my backpack. Because that's what I do.

So anyway, I'm back home. Everyone's doing great. My dog still smells, but I love him to death so it doesn't matter. I made strawberry soup this morning for pretty much no reason other than my dad said to.

Turkey Day is at the Corsbie's again this year, at noon because Liz has to work that day. Poor Liz. She's going through some really tough times right now.

Oh. In terms of classes. I'm taking Grammar and Usage, Women and Writing, Environmental Biology, and the Sociology of Religious Institutions.

We're watching something new in ASIC--the Meloncholy of Haruhi...Sazu...Suya...something. It's good so far--the first episode totally threw me off for a while there, but I rather like it. As near as I can tell it's about an eccentric high school girl who creates a club devoted to mysterious things--like aliens and time travelers and stuff--and the people sucked in with her.

Meanwhile, Mot is totally rolling. Hex's secret is out. This is a scene I've been looking forward to for some time. It's not perfect, but I like how it's going so far. I have some future things I need to consider as well. Haven't had a chance to work on it for awhile now, but that's what break is for.

Mom and I are going whale watching tomorrow. And my brother is having a random feast on Tuesday. For. No. Reason. Because that's what he does.


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