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Warning, TMI incoming.

AKA Kate Syndrome. Kate who has been known to break her tailbone and then get pneumonia and then a kidney infection. Everything EVER will go wrong, medically.

So about two weeks ago I broke out in hives. Epically. Sounds gross, right? That's because it is gross. Sounds funny, right? No. Not funny. Was late to classes due to the not funny of oh-my-god-the-itching-kill-me-now-pleeeease.

Went to Health Center. Gave me prednisone and claritin and hooray, I was feeling better by the first day. Think it might be soy milk. No more soy milk.

Then, a few days ago, sore throat. I can track this by now. Sore throat, gross nose, coughing, it's how all my colds progress.

Two days ago. Random extreme dizzy spell that happens to me very rarely--vision and hearing go skewy, dizzy, almost fainting. Even threw up this time. What the fuck. Went to Health Center again, but apparently it's nothing to be too worried about, something brought on by a combination of things.

Yesterday, the hearing goes in my left ear. I figure it's just my ears refusing to clear cause it's a cold and that happens. But it was achy and not going away today. So went to Health Center again. Turns out it's an ear infection. A bad one. Like, really bad. Pus bad. Implication is that there's a chance I might not get full hearing in that ear back. And now it hurts like a bitch. Am on amoxicillin for it.

Slept all day, skipped classes and work. Will have to call in to work for the whole weekend. Hope they don't fire me.

Just got a call from Julie saying she totaled her car on the way to Syracuse. She's completely fine, but the car is dead.

This is on top of my brother dropping out of college, Elwood getting sick and needing pills forced down his throat, everyone in the house having a cold, and Kate having another kidney infection.

You'd think this stuff would have all happened on Friday the 13th. Go figure.


Oct. 6th, 2008 07:11 pm
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Well, it's that time of year again.

It's the time for my annual sinus infection. Which means pure, unadulterated misery and knocking back tea like it's candy.

Much as I hate the Health Center, I'll probably have to visit them tomorrow to get my hands on some amoxicillin. And maybe some klonapin if I can manage it.

Meanwhile, on my way home today something very odd occurred to me. And maybe I'm stupid for not noticing this before, but oh well.

So, the Constitution gives us the freedom of assembly, right? It's right there in the first amendment.

But we need written permission in order to demonstrate, protest or gather for a political cause.

So we're allowed freedom of assembly, but only so long as the government says we can?

Woah thar. Something's not quite right here...

ETA: An unusual thing I've noticed about myself--when I get sick, I act a bit like I do when I get drunk.

That is, I start singing a lot and talking to myself.

Who knew?
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So while we were dancing in Worlds of Music today, my toe cracked open and started bleeding a little. No big deal. I figured I'd walk halfway across campus down to the Health Center and get a band-aid to make sure it stayed closed, you know? I figure it'll take like a minute.

So I get to the Health Center and ask for a band-aid and maybe some Neosporin, and what do they tell me?

They can't hand out band-aids. You have to buy them. Because handing out band-aids is a liability.


I had to get in line for the medication room, then had to wait about five minutes while they processed the transaction. For ten band-aids and some antibacterial cream.

Now. I work in retail, so I know how much it sucks to deal with angry customers. Which is the only thing that stopped me from bitching them all out.

This? This is me furious.

It's one thing to have a customer get angry just because they're impatient. And yeah, I am impatient, but this is different than like, some new cashier taking forever to sell me something. The bleeding had stopped (it was just a tiny bit anyway), but suppose it had still been bleeding? I could have been bleeding into my shoe while they made me wait to buy my goddamn band-aid. For all they knew I could have had hepatitus or AIDS!

And they're worried about liabilities from handing out band-aids?!

Yeah, I know, suing is a big deal, especially on college campuses. But for fuck's sake, all I wanted was a band-aid. Would they have made me wait that long if I was bleeding visibly? Would they bandage me up and then say "oh by the way you have to pay for that." It's like a lifeguard resuscitating you and then demanding 100 dollars on the spot.

I've been forgiving of the Health Center in the past, despite their egregious displays of incompetence, the fact that they lost my prescriptions not once or twice but three times, the fact that they misdiagnosed my friend as having allergies when she had pneumonia, the fact that they've been known to bandage the wrong limb and the fact that they charge ten bucks for you to just lie down when you're about to pass out from anemia. But this is incompetence and unrealistic stupidity on an absolutely unforgivable level.

My family does not fucking pay $50,000 a year so that they can deny me a fucking band-aid when I need one.

And I know it's likely not directly the Health Center's fault--rather it's the policies of Ithaca College. But that just makes me even more pissed off. There is no reason why they can't just hand out a band-aid to someone who is bleeding. I don't care that I wasn't bleeding badly--what if the next person who comes in really is bleeding badly?

It is the most unfathomably stupid policy I have ever encountered on this campus, which frankly, is full of ridiculous policies. I don't think I can bring myself to ever go to that pathetic and incompetent place again.
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I've been really crappy at updating this lately, but yes, I'm still alive.

Woo, sinus infection! Ah, this always happens at least once a year, but it doesn't make it any more fun. Woke up a few mornings ago just like "oh my god I'm drowning -fhggakhhggghkksnerk-*" I know what this is all about by now so I went to the health center right after class, and despite waiting for an hour and a half it wasn't as awful an experience as I thought it would be. Got some Amoxicillin and now I'm feeling better. Though I didn't sleep much two nights ago. Not. Fun.

We have mice. Like, an infestation. No, I'm kidding, but we do have mice--two of them, in a cage. One is brown and the other is white with a black patch over his eye. The brown one's name is Malcom Reynolds. The white one's name is Hoban Washburn, or Wash for short. This is because they have a little spaceship in their cage upon which we have written "Serenity." Wash is excitable, friendly, and likes sweets. Mal is somewhat antisocial, cautious, and likes to hide his food, which is mostly health food.

I swear, they are Mal and Wash in...mouse form.

Plus they are tiny and fuzzy and cute and thus far have remained undiscovered by said RA peoples.

Though we did have an adventure last week, I think. Mal got away from me and ended up under the couch. We spent awhile trying to catch him and finally just lifted the couch up, but Mal is not one to be held down by The Man (or Woman) and actually squeezed under the door and ran out into the stairwell. Well, as one who has owned mice before, I figured hope was pretty much lost by then, but we chased him. He was on the edge of the balcony part of the staircase and we were chasing him along the edge, but then I got distracted when the door across the hall opened and a kid started walking out. Mal decided death would be better than capture by The Woman and threw himself off the stairs, landing two sections down. I ran all the way down and managed to catch him and scoop him up just as the kid drew level with me. It was like something out of a college comedy movie. And let me tell you right now, catching a mouse barehanded is no easy feat. Mal was returned to his cage where I'm sure he told Wash all about his adventure and has since not attempted escape.

I'm gonna get started on the next chapter of my fic since it's been awhile. I also need to write two things for Fiction II, one of which is due tomorrow. Dear God I'm starting to hate that class. I think I mentioned already that it's taught by a teacher I'm not really fond of, but more than that--she's one of the many writing teachers 'round these parts who is all like "oh, haha, genre, it's not really writing. It's all cheap and pulpy. It must all be literateur and meta if it's going to be legit!" To which Julie and I say a big FUCK YOU. We're both gonna write nothing but genre stuff for that class. So fucking there, bitch.

Grants and Proposals is picking up speed as we hear from more and more promising projects (the ones I'm looking at so far are this local alt ed school which teaches diversity education and wants to get funding for a trip to Guatemala, one involving EcoFashion, and of course the SPCA one which involves a spay/neuter program (desperately needed!)). We get assigned our groups over the weekend and have to have make our choice on which project to tackle by Friday. After that we leap off the boat and then it's sink or swim. Man.

Going to a thing at Cornell tomorrow for my Terrorism class--a talk by a woman who is a Palestinian and is working on the peace movement. Should be awesome.

ASIC has been awesome. We've been watching Death Note which leaves nothing to be desired (L, I want to have your babies!) and the second part of Jubei-chan which is as insane as the first part. But this one has a tiny little chibi-guy who

I've heard tell that we'll be watching Ouran later in the semester too. Yes!

So far we've been maintaining a shopping/cooking schedule in the apartment and it's been working! I cook on Wednesdays. I've gotta work on my time management where that's concerned, but so far my recipes have worked (just made carrot-ginger-pear soup and pots de creme which is XOMG awesome). Woo. And Kate continues to be AWESOME by making AWESOME food. She also won our Iron Chef two Fridays or so ago.

Julie has successfully completed both Kingdom Hearts I and II and now understands my love of the Organization members. And the awesome tragedy that is Axel and Roxas's relationship, whether or not you think it's just friendship or what have you (I must confess myself a shipper, but y'all knew that. I think...).

Avatar starts Friday, Heroes the following Monday, and House the Tuesday after. Hells ya.

Oh, and. The latest Naruto chapter? WHUT? WHUT? Revelations liek woah??
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Bronchitis and strep--that's the diagnosis. Great, innit? So I'm on amoxicillin and kinda/sorta an inhaler for a week or so. It's all kinds of fun. I'm not wheezing too much, so I don't really need the inhaler, but yeah (plus the thing kind of scares me...a little).

I'm chugging tea and Vitamin Water like crazy. Think I'm gonna end up going to bed relatively early tonight, too. I'm just so tired today--plus I gotta get up early for the job training.

Lame, man.

No further on the 100 Themes.


Mar. 5th, 2007 10:11 pm
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April 23rd? April-Fucking-23rd? Are you shitting me? That is not fair. We've just caught up with the damn thing, and now it's on hiatus for more than a month? Especially leaving us like that?

Fuck you, Heroes. Fuck you.

Spoilers! )

It's been the wonkiest weather ever today. Periods of sunlight followed by outright blizzard. It's windy as hell and now something like -20 with wind chill. Part of the reason I went to Campus Center to see Heroes rather than join Pat up at Terraces. Terraces is far, far away and I didn't want to walk through the cold, especially since I'd be walking from Williams which is where we have Writer's Workshop.

There's also the fact that winter has finally hit me with a cold, after all this time of not getting sick. Damn it. Hasn't turned into a cough yet. I'm combating it with Vitamin Water, as is my prerogative.

Couldn't sleep last night because I had heartburn on and off, also. Ugh.

Pat sent me the first chapter critiques for Pentagram back and I managed to implement most of them. Lol, it's amazing what you miss.

Gonna try to get back into that tonight.
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Well, Nature decided to pick this weekend to hit me in the face with the Unholy Frying Pan of Illness. My throat feels like an SOS pad and I've been knocking back tea like it's...tea.

So I won't be going to Lewis Black tonight. *cries* God DAMN you, Mother Nature! I waited too long to get tickets anyway, and frankly, I don't have the cash to pay a cab to get down there and back. Damn.

We went to Wegman's yesterday and I'm not entirely sure what happened because my brain was only half there. I even took DayQuil, not that it helped.

Oh, and speaking of DayQuil, here's something funny. At the store I got a new pack of DayQuil cause I'm running out, and I also bought a thing of those little chocolate liquor things, right? Which certainly taste like real alcohol, let me tell you, so I was thinking I'd get carded for 'em. But no. The girl swipes the liquor chocolates without a second glance and then cards me for the DayQuil. Now, the liquid form I could understand, people really get high on it in the pill form? Man. Weird.

Meanwhile the new acid reflux drugs seem to be thinking about working.

Watched eight episodes of Buffy last night for our movie night. It's funny but I was actually awake for all of them. I rather like that show. Good cheese. And Angel's like a puppy dog.

And that's about it. I'd write but I don't trust my ability to string two coherent sentences together.
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It usually happens like this; there'll be a grand sweeping plague across the school that'll hit everyone I know except me, and as soon as everyone seems to have gotten better--whammo! I'm out on the floor leaking fluids from my face and feeling like death.

Man, I saw it coming, too. I was knocking back vitamin C like it was candy! *shakes head*

So let's see. Quiz today in German that--XOMG--actually went well. Rough draft in Persuasive Argument on the gay marriage paper due today, and the final due sometime next week. We're talking about sleep and conditioning in Psych. Fiction and Poetry continue on their uncharted course into parts unknown. And Queer Studies is still just fricking awesome. It's giving me a lot of ideas on how to better understand E and Kail's relationship, woot.

In the writing vein, it's tough because I haven't had much time at all, and also I don't know what I want to focus on. Mot has kind of gone *splut* so I think I need to work on one of the others for the time being. And at this point it's a toss up between Spirits and Desert. Leaning more toward Desert, but at the same time I've wanted to work on Spirits since last yearish.

Holy noodles, television. I am liking the new chick on SVU, liek woah. And the CI episode was incredible. I worry about poor Bobby!

And, and, and, dude, oh man, dude--


Cut for Spoilers )

It's gotten cold here. Not like winter cold, but like fall cold. Fifties and stuff. The poor Californian in me isn't used to it.

Once again there are socks stuck to Julie's wall. ^.^

Oh, and Julie's friend Eileen is coming today and staying for the weekend! Should be fun, though I'll probably spend most of the weekend asleep. Damn cold.

I'm a bad kid. Haven't called my parents in so long. I've been so busy.

Oh, and speaking of Julie, I think I've really gotten her into Naruto! We've just hit the second part of the Chuunin exam, in the Forest of Death. And Orochimaru has just shown up.

It's weird to be watching these parts over again, especially now that I know...

More spoilers )

Well, so it goes.

Oh and, DUDE, ASIC was awesome last night. Holy shit. Gankutsuo. Really, don't let the crazy animation throw you, because the story is amazing. I gotta download it. Wow. Last night was...whoa. Intense. And Yakitate continues to be the most amazingly hilariously amazing show EVER.


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