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Holy shit, you guys. I just got back from seeing Toy Story 3 and...

Dear God. I feel like Andy. I mean, I was a kid when I saw the first one, and though I skipped the second one until Pat forced me to watch it the other day, I still sort of grew up with it, you know? And now I'm 23, pretending to be an adult, and I haven't played with toys in years and...

I won't spoil anything, but the movie was spectacular, and absolutely heartbreaking. And it made me cry, the first Pixar movie to do so (no, I didn't cry at Up or Finding Nemo--there, I said it! Don't get me wrong, I loved them--just didn't cry). Mostly because by the end of the movie I felt pretty much the same as Andy; when you have to leave your childhood behind, put your toys away and move on. The movie in itself was like growing up; painful, but in the end, you're better for it and things are generally okay.

You all need to go see this movie.

Also, for all of you who saw Brave Little Toaster as a kid? Yeah, prepare to be traumatized again.
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Yes I am alive. The reason for my lack of posting is uh. Laziness and post-graduation now what/lawl future/lawl real life/fuck it I'm gonna sit on my ass for a few months ness that is now graaaadually wearing off. Yup. Mostly because I haven't been writing or doing anything productive this entire time and it's catching up to me in the form of OH GOD MY WORTHLESS EXISTEEEEENCE.

It's almost three AM, which explains this incoherence.

ANYWAY. It is almost Christmahanukwanzaayule again. Hooray! I have no money with which to buy presents for people. Boo! I'm relying at this point on tiny things that are cheap but awesome. Which reminds me, HEY, CMAK AKA [ profile] kuribohcoast I NEED YOUR ADDRESSSSSSSS or you won't get presents and I will be sad ):

Oh, another reason for my lack of posting? I am now officially a WoWfag. Yeah. Inorite? Well, it's fun, when it works and when the patches update alright which they're not right now, and I'm not addicted (yet) so. It's sort of the same as RP in its addictive qualities, however, in terms of like "As soon as I finish this tag" which in WoW's case is "As soon as I finish this quest!"

But at the very least I think I'm ready to make a concerted effort not only to just generally write more but to really get to work on the edits/rewrites for Motley Crew. If not Pentagram as well. But, lol, for those of you who have known me awhile, you know how well my declarations of "I'M GONNA DO IT THIS TIME" go, so we'll see. At least I have a sort of method this time for keeping myself working on the edits. Plus new ideas keep springing up. Now if only I could buckle down and actually start either North or Jin or something...

I also need to finish my resume WHICH I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON SINCE AUGUST. Laziness and an unwillingness to enter the real world much?

Currently we have all just gotten back from Darkover con (which was awesome), we had our own Thanksgiving at home (I made Cornish game hens and didn't set anything on fire!), Julie has a book deal for her co-authorship with Tammy for the Tortallverse (Cara's in on it too), Pat still has his steady job and I'm...still at Michaels.


Also as of today the kitten is sick. Pogo has gotten a cold like this pretty consistently around this time so hopefully it's nothing serious. If she's still sick in a few days/she gets worse we're taking her to the vet, pet health program or not.

Oh and the second season of Darker than BLACK is out, and is about halfway over, and is awesome. That is all.
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Check out the icon I made. I love V for Vendetta and I love Pink Floyd, and the two go together quite nicely.

Also made this one )

though I'm not sure which one I like better.

So! I came to a series of realizations today and last night. The big, life-changing type that are worth calling my brother at 5 AM to tell him about, since he was the only one I could really go to then. It's been weird, but talking about it made me feel a lot better (I finally got to sleep). Epiphanies like this are good, despite their also being terrible and strange. And I still don't know entirely what I'm going to do. Either way, it means change.

Saw V for Vendetta with Pat on Friday. Excellent movie.

V for Vendetta )

Today feels like Sunday and I don't really know why. It turns out I have a major presentation this Monday that I thought was going to be due way at the end of the semester, but oh well. Pretty much all I have to do is put together a powerpoint and find a little bit more information. But I also have a fanfic chapter to write between now and the end of Sunday. I'm a few pages in--I'm gonna try to finish it tonight.

Oh, we officially have a Garden. 27-38. Kitchen. Spiral staircase. Living room. View of the lake. Next year is going to be so fucking much fun.


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