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I figure I should mention this now, before the next two weeks, being the last two weeks of the semester, murder my soul.

So I got Cinquefoil, at long last. This would be [ profile] ladyjaida's poetry book. And I've been reading it, and...

This girl cannot fail.

Oh my god. She's like Midas without the negative side effects. Everything she touches turns to gold. She can do fanfic! She can do original fiction! She can do poetry! You know, it's not easy to excel in one area of writing and also in another. I'm starting to think that there's nothing she can't do. Her poems are so brilliant, mostly modern-esque with beautiful imagery and the sort of sarcastic, musing style that is entirely hers.

She's amazing. She makes me feel so inadequate. Here I am, about the same age as her with this 439 page mother that is Motley Crew, and she with two published works (at least) and a fanfic with billions of fans and a mention in the Wall Street Journal.

But that's okay, because feeling inadequate makes me just want to try harder.

And if I sound like a fangirl, it's because I am.

Anyway, go buy Cinquefoil. You can get it on Babel Books and Amazon.

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It's totally random and so bad, but it was hella fun to write, so I figured I'd post it. Wrote this today in Poetry class--we had to come up with our very own form.

See if you can guess:

Dog running with wind
follows scent, fox runs,
fox and Dog
in eternal chase of scent and sense,
unforgiving is Dog, and wily is fox,
this is how it is, how is it this?
Fox is wily and Dog is unforgiving
sense and scent of chase eternal in Dog,
and fox runs, fox scent follows
wind with running Dog.


Haven't figured it out yet?

It's a palindrome. Or palinpoem (ooooh, you see what I did there?? Yeah, whaaat?), except with words instead of letters. Pretty much, it reads the same backwards.

Yeah, I know, what the FUCK was I thinking? As if I could write a decent palinpoem in the ten minutes they gave us. If I had maybe a month I could get a nice one out. That one reads like something on acid. But at least it reads the same backwards, so that's pretty neat I suppose.

Turkey Day is on the that the right use of that word?...and I haven't started packing yet, oh well. Went to the doctor's--erm, the health center--today and got a three month scrip for my drugs, so that's good. Julie and I have finished Avatar which rocks the planet, just so's you know, and now have not much to do, at least in the way of TV shows. Though Jules is psychotically busy and I fear for her brain. Her brain is nice and thinks up nice things. And I wouldn't want any on me.

It's been all foggy and rainy and ick here, and tonight was International Food Night at the food place, and all was very tasty, despite waiting in a line for 20 minutes for my damn crepe. And finding out too late that what I thought was baklava was really "pumpkin pastry" or something.

My P-Arg teacher is indeed alive and apparently not going to die, though what's wrong with him we still don't know.

And life goes on.
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Hooray for poetry about bunnies and death! I just had to.

Lament On the Death of Wee Bunny )

Not much new under the rain. One more class and then it's Fall Break!!! I'm glad cause Julie's been stressing and now she gets to actually sleep, yay!

Ah, Chapter 8 of Not That I Care is up, woot. I wasn't sure about it at first, but I guess it's okay. In any case, link is in the sidebar.
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I found this yesterday. Dubbing outtakes from Berserk. I've never seen the anime so I probably just ruined it for myself, but oh well, they're fugging hilarious and there aren't enough of these out there. So watch all of them. I mean, the English is painful, but it's simply wonderful when the voice actors fuck up like these guys do. Anyone ever seen the Kenshin outtakes? Ohhhh man.

The other day I clicked on an errant link on Albinoblacksheep and Julie and I ended up watching a half an hour Flash consisting entirely of stick figures blowing up and flying watermelons. It's...well it wastes a half an hour of your life, but at least it's funny.

I've had the French National Anthem stuck in my head all day.

Aux armes citeyon!
Formez nos batallions!
Marchons, marchons,
Qu'un san impur
Abreuve nos sillons!

I wrote a poem lamenting the death of Wee Bunny and read it in class. I think it went over well.

Maybe I'll post it here later.
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Wrote this pretty much a half an hour ago in Poetry. It's got no content and makes no sense and there's no meaning but for some reason I like it. We were supposed to write a poem driven by sound.

Solipsism, serendipity, serenity,
city, Italy, alleyway, little way,
leeway, pathway, sunday, daytime,
May time, make time, take time,
timeless, rhymeless, heiress,
enchantress, chanting, ranting,
Ingrid, she did, katydid, did not,
cannot, shallot, will stop, stoptime,
Maginot Line, fine, fine, cosine,

Movie review time! It'll be a quiche. I mean, a quickie.


So this is pretty much the quintisessential Hitchcock movie. I love Hitchcock. Strangers on a Train. The Birds. Rear Window. Rock on, baby, got love for ya. Anyway, the MC in Vertigo is the same actor from Rear Window and is an ex-detective with acrophobia or whatever, fear of heights, you know the story. He gets hired by an old college friend to tail the man's wife, who he believes is possessed.

He follows her, and she is indeed acting weird. Wandering around San Fran, staring at paintings that look remarkably similar to her, staring at gravestones, stuff like that.

If I said anymore it would give stuff away, but there are a lot of twists and the plot thickens and unravels and it's pretty sweet.

But it was kind of like RotK. Like, there were dozens of places where I thought it should have ended. And the very ending's been shouted from the mountaintop as being awesome and "liek woah" but I found it disappointing. It's like, "okay, it's a tangled web we've woven, so how to resolve this...hmm...okay, squish the spider." That kinda thing. It leaves you going like "...okay...uh..."

Yeah. I liked it up until kind of what you'd call the midway point in the movie, which is when everything comes to a head. It's like they put the climax in the middle of the movie and the rest of it is just falling action. You can only have one climax in a movie, after all. It's a psychological fact. I think they could have packed everything that came after into a fifteen minute thing that explained what had been left unexplained and resolved certain issues.

I dunno. I did like it for the most part, though.

Score: 5 out of 10

Julie and I are watching Naruto, *squee!* And in ASIC, Gankutsuo has gone from simply intriguing to downright awesome, so much so that I think I need to download it, acid-trip patterns be damned. And Yakitate! Japan is still all kinds of bready awesomness. The new challenge--make bread that doesn't mold and get Solar Hands for Kawachi! Soooooollllarrrr Haaaaaannnnddsss!! I still get a kick out of the orgasmic reactions everyone has to the bread.

Soooooooo glad it's the weekend now.

Oh man. Oh man. I'm glad I don't have too much homework this weekend, because the muse is mad with anticipation. Angels is coming together in my head, as is the desert thing, to which I might add another character (this shaggy, wolf-like thing has been sniffing around my head lately, demanding a place somewhere, and I think he'll fit best in the desert thing). Mot has hit a bit of a stumbling block, meanwhile. This is aside from the fact that it's a fat mother, which is the ever-present problem in my mind, though lately I've been learning to forget it and just write. That's what it's all about, anyway. Anyway, it's another E and Cir scene, and Cir just isn't coming off realistically. So there's that to work out.

There's the fic, too. I want to get that started this weekend and hopefully post sometime next week.

And Kaz has told me, in no uncertain terms, that "Sympathy for the Devil" just ain't working for him. Damn. I was so close too. So Kaz still needs a song.

Oh, I read Pie-IX. Jaida's book. It's awesome. I love the existential, cheerily philisophical, Virginia Woolfish scuba-diving sensation, thing, and no, that did not make sense, and I apologize. It's really good. You should order it. It's on, though I don't have the link on hand. Search Pie-IX in the LJ communities and you'll find 'em. Dude, it's so brilliant. She's going to be so incredibly amazing some day. I pre-ordered her poetry book too.



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