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I've fallen in love with a strange indie band known as MGMT. Y'all should check them out. Retro and awesome, and I feel like I've heard them somewhere before.


Minor spoilers for those who haven't seen all three seasons of Doctor Who )

And a substantially bigger Naruto-shaped spoiler )
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So we got a new dog. She's a German shepherd mix, 3 years old, very big and very loving. Her name is Shasta.

It's nice having a dog in the house again. She has her own crate in my parents room and there are dog toys strewn across the floor once again, as well as muddy pawprints on the hardwood. She has a lot to learn, and so do we, of course. She's a lot bigger than Shadow and a lot younger. Less boisterous than he was at her age, but his nose didn't reach the edge of our counters. She's also had some trouble with the whole "peeing outside" thing. But she's sweet and adorable and her ears are really soft so it's all okay. We're actually going to train her this time, unlike we did with Shadow.

She looks a lot like a German shepherd--same coloring and shape--but her head is boxier than a shepherd's and her ears do this curl-over thing that's really quite adorable. I almost wonder if she's got some pitbull in her, but who knows.

Ahh. She's a great dog so far. We've only had her a day.

In other news, California is drowning. It rained all day today, to the point that we needed sandbags because water was coming in the garage. Our yard is a lake, and out back where the broken sump pump is there's a veritable pond. It's supposed to continue like this for the next two days, I hear. The water's up to the edges of our house in some places. It's never gotten like this that I can remember, at least not while I was here. Now if only we had something like this during the fires. Maybe this is Nature's way of making up for it.

I've been relaxing for the most part. Chillaxing. Going to the gym. Making cookies. After a semester like the last one I think I deserve a few days to just hang. Gonna start work as soon as Blockbuster gets back to me (I'm going to call them tomorrow and find out what's going on). Watching Shasta is going to take work too. In the meantime I've been catching up on all my manga and have used up my Border's giftcard.

A new character has been introduced in Monster--Wolfgang Grimmer--and I think I love him. He's pretty damn awesome. It's such a shame that the anime sucks so much. It really could have been awesome. True, Monster doesn't have a lot of action in it, but they pulled it off with Death Note...there aren't enough awesome mystery animes out there. The Monster manga doesn't even compare to the anime; it's without a doubt my favorite manga right now. Even though Naruto is awesome. To tell the truth, Monster is the only manga I read that still really, really catches my interest. I've kind of fallen out of D. Gray Man and Fullmetal Alchemist, Fruits Basket, Bleach, Mushishi and Re:Play take way too long to come out, Black Cat I'm shaky with, and Naruto is brilliant but I've read it all before.

I love Monster. And Grimmer is seriously the shit. Probably my favorite Monster character, even though I still love Tenma (he's so cute now with his long hair and kicked-dog expression). And Johan remains one of the most frightening manga villains ever.

I finally found the Shippuuden OST and HAVE IT. XOMG. The music is SEX. Sex for the ears. Musicgasm.

Also, I've caught wind of an anime called Dennou Coil. I've seen the first episode and it looks pretty promising so far. It has a similar look to Haibane Renmei...I haven't researched enough to find out if it's the same people. It's similarly confusing too, but I'm hoping things might be explained. It's a cyberpunk sort of show--a world that seems to coexist with cyberspace, where there are pets and other things made out of data and people who wear special glasses that enable them to see those things.

The things I learn on [ profile] fandomsecrets, lol. It's like my favorite internet place ever right now. It's so wanky and amazing and fun. It's also a great source to find out what shows/mangas/movies people in the fandom world are talking about. Certainly some of the fans are completely insane or slash-happy or shipwarriors, but usually if people are buzzing about something it's worth listening to. The community is how I found out about Gurren Lagann, Baccano!, Nodame Cantabile, Dennou Coil, Tales of the Abyss. Heh, it also taught me which things to avoid.

Check it out. It's pretty hilarious most of the time.

Also, apparently I'm one of the moderators over at [ profile] ya_fsf_con. This one you definitely should check out. This is Julie and Tammy's brainchild--the idea is to establish a con that caters to YA fantasy, since there isn't one and since YA is sadly lacking at other literary cons. Also, while fantasy writers get looked down on by "literateur" writers, YA fantasy writers get looked down on by other fantasy writers who consider themselves "legit." What better than to have a place where we feel welcome, happy and safe to talk about the stuff we like? I'm doing what I can to help them make this happen, but so far I've had trouble putting on my mod-hat. I'm in charge of leading the search for grants, since this little adventure is going to take a lot of money. Right now, federal grants aren't looking to good, but I'll keep searching--but I think we're going to have to look at foundational grants, which is good since they tend to award money more often.

There are a lot of people out there with more skill than me, though. I probably won't end up writing the grant or even doing most of the fund-hunting. It looks like there's already a lot of people who know what they're doing more than me. *shrug* I guess I just feel overshadowed, but I can't let that get to me. I am a moderator, after all, plus I'm part of this.

I'm going back to Ithaca on the 15th--not on a red-eye this time, thank God! Lol, I'm also going to end up with Julie on the flight from Detroit into Syracuse. My dad and his travel-finaggling abilities.
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The anime "Karas" is the most pulse-pounding, intense anime I've ever seen. No other anime has so literally had me on the edge of my seat. I'm amazed more people don't know about it or haven't seen it, because it's brilliant. Maybe not for the storyline--don't get me wrong, it's an awesome and complex storyline, but it's nothing particularly new--but definitely for the action, the animation, the characters and the music.

Like, literally? They animate every possible second of the fight scenes. Sure, some of it is CGI and I know some people have an issue with that (I don't as long as it looks like it belongs in the show--if it's glaringly obvious that it's CGI then I don't bother), but it's just so damn beautiful. They spent a fortune on this thing. None of this "long pause for the opponents to stare at each other and the wind to blow." Once the fight starts, you see every second of it, and there are no pauses until it's over.

Think Lee vs. Gaara + Naruto vs. Sasuke + Kenshin vs. Saito + Ishida vs. Mayuri + Ed vs. Greed + Asuka vs. all the pseudo-Evas + Tetsuo vs. Kaneda (and I can't think of anymore right now) then times by animation and divide by cookie and you get the fight scenes (all of them) in Karas.

I also finally managed to see the second half. The first half is good and fine, though the ending was so abrupt it felt like it had ended in the middle (and it did). The second half, "The Revelation" reveals backstory for everyone and answers a lot of the questions raised in the first half. The first half bears watching twice since the storyline is so complex and hard to understand. The second half is explanation, but not in the "as you know, Bob" kind of way, but in the badass "I reveal my past by killing a bunch of people without speaking" kind of way. It's also extraordinarily bloody (they pull no punches) and violent and the entire thing is one fight to another. Otoha and Nue continue to be awesome.

Oh, and I love Amefuriko. The little snail guy.

The only issue I have with the show (OVA?) is that they don't give you the names for almost half the people. When names are mentioned, it's so rare that it's easy to forget who's who, but then it doesn't matter since everyone is so recognizable. I imagine it would be difficult to talk about in conversation is the problem--"That Karas was so cool." "Wait, which one?"

Absolutely brilliant. I'm so glad I bought it.

Also, the most recent Naruto episode? Made me realize just how terrifying and destructive the Kyuubi really is.
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I don't think he really did it. It's too easy.


Dec. 17th, 2007 03:02 pm
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Sooo I just read the most recent Naruto chapter.

Froggies. Contains SPOILERS. )

In other news, finals are eating me alive, I want hot chocolate, and Doctor Who is the best show ever. I'm in love with the Tenth Doctor.

Itty Bitty Doctor Who Spoilers )
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I've been really crappy at updating this lately, but yes, I'm still alive.

Woo, sinus infection! Ah, this always happens at least once a year, but it doesn't make it any more fun. Woke up a few mornings ago just like "oh my god I'm drowning -fhggakhhggghkksnerk-*" I know what this is all about by now so I went to the health center right after class, and despite waiting for an hour and a half it wasn't as awful an experience as I thought it would be. Got some Amoxicillin and now I'm feeling better. Though I didn't sleep much two nights ago. Not. Fun.

We have mice. Like, an infestation. No, I'm kidding, but we do have mice--two of them, in a cage. One is brown and the other is white with a black patch over his eye. The brown one's name is Malcom Reynolds. The white one's name is Hoban Washburn, or Wash for short. This is because they have a little spaceship in their cage upon which we have written "Serenity." Wash is excitable, friendly, and likes sweets. Mal is somewhat antisocial, cautious, and likes to hide his food, which is mostly health food.

I swear, they are Mal and Wash in...mouse form.

Plus they are tiny and fuzzy and cute and thus far have remained undiscovered by said RA peoples.

Though we did have an adventure last week, I think. Mal got away from me and ended up under the couch. We spent awhile trying to catch him and finally just lifted the couch up, but Mal is not one to be held down by The Man (or Woman) and actually squeezed under the door and ran out into the stairwell. Well, as one who has owned mice before, I figured hope was pretty much lost by then, but we chased him. He was on the edge of the balcony part of the staircase and we were chasing him along the edge, but then I got distracted when the door across the hall opened and a kid started walking out. Mal decided death would be better than capture by The Woman and threw himself off the stairs, landing two sections down. I ran all the way down and managed to catch him and scoop him up just as the kid drew level with me. It was like something out of a college comedy movie. And let me tell you right now, catching a mouse barehanded is no easy feat. Mal was returned to his cage where I'm sure he told Wash all about his adventure and has since not attempted escape.

I'm gonna get started on the next chapter of my fic since it's been awhile. I also need to write two things for Fiction II, one of which is due tomorrow. Dear God I'm starting to hate that class. I think I mentioned already that it's taught by a teacher I'm not really fond of, but more than that--she's one of the many writing teachers 'round these parts who is all like "oh, haha, genre, it's not really writing. It's all cheap and pulpy. It must all be literateur and meta if it's going to be legit!" To which Julie and I say a big FUCK YOU. We're both gonna write nothing but genre stuff for that class. So fucking there, bitch.

Grants and Proposals is picking up speed as we hear from more and more promising projects (the ones I'm looking at so far are this local alt ed school which teaches diversity education and wants to get funding for a trip to Guatemala, one involving EcoFashion, and of course the SPCA one which involves a spay/neuter program (desperately needed!)). We get assigned our groups over the weekend and have to have make our choice on which project to tackle by Friday. After that we leap off the boat and then it's sink or swim. Man.

Going to a thing at Cornell tomorrow for my Terrorism class--a talk by a woman who is a Palestinian and is working on the peace movement. Should be awesome.

ASIC has been awesome. We've been watching Death Note which leaves nothing to be desired (L, I want to have your babies!) and the second part of Jubei-chan which is as insane as the first part. But this one has a tiny little chibi-guy who

I've heard tell that we'll be watching Ouran later in the semester too. Yes!

So far we've been maintaining a shopping/cooking schedule in the apartment and it's been working! I cook on Wednesdays. I've gotta work on my time management where that's concerned, but so far my recipes have worked (just made carrot-ginger-pear soup and pots de creme which is XOMG awesome). Woo. And Kate continues to be AWESOME by making AWESOME food. She also won our Iron Chef two Fridays or so ago.

Julie has successfully completed both Kingdom Hearts I and II and now understands my love of the Organization members. And the awesome tragedy that is Axel and Roxas's relationship, whether or not you think it's just friendship or what have you (I must confess myself a shipper, but y'all knew that. I think...).

Avatar starts Friday, Heroes the following Monday, and House the Tuesday after. Hells ya.

Oh, and. The latest Naruto chapter? WHUT? WHUT? Revelations liek woah??
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No, don't ask.

So, dude! Naruto chapter 367! I know it's kind of belated, but

Spoilers! )

Grants and Proposals starts FOR REALS on Friday, which is when we start getting pitches from the organizations we're gonna work with. I don't think I quite realized just how much time outside of class is going to be devoted to this whole thing, but it should still be an incredible learning experience, and I'm looking forward to it. Global Conflict continues to stun and severely depress me, though in such a way that's like, "the world is fucked up, I'm gonna go fix it now! Grab the hammer!"

And then there's Fiction II. Which is taught, not by the teacher we thought it would be, but by Linda Godfrey. Oh, Godfrey. This is the woman who gave us about five stories Freshman year about molestation, which is five too many. That was for Creative Writing, where we wrote flash fiction, crappy stories and chant poems. And guess what our first assignment for FICTION II was?? A chant poem. The same. Exact. Assignment. Fuck the what? If it goes on like this, I swear I'm walking out of that damn class. I can already tell it's gonna be a ridiculous year.

Though it should be balanced by the likes of Global Terrorism, Grants, and Social Change. Social Change is again taught by Alicia Swords, my Soc advisor, who is ten-thousand kinds of awesome. Oh, and World Civ is proving to be abso-fucking-lutely awesome. Exactly the kind of class I wanted to take. I love ancient history. Need to learn it for the Desert story.

I'm this close to starting up Mot again. Woo! Of course I always say that and then I never do. *sigh*
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So in the newest episode of Naruto, it looks like the opening and closing have been temporarily replaced with scenes from the upcoming movie. Which, I have to admit, looks pretty cool, at least compared to the other movies.

And yay for Sakura FINALLY being her badass self!!


Jul. 28th, 2007 10:10 pm
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Naruto 364. SPOILERS! )

Not much else to report. I'm still not gonna put up anything big about the latest Harry Potter book, except to say that I'm trying to make a nice icon that says Mischief Managed. God textures are hard to figure out. It was excellent, probably the best book of the series, though I maybe could have done without the epilogue. Yes, there's an epilogue--no, saying that isn't a spoiler.

Saying that everyone is killed by green mice in the epilogue, now that is a spoiler.


Got the latest two Monster mangas and HOO-BOY, they were awesome. Quite intense. You can tell that it's steadily, slowly heading toward the end. Also, I got the last Death Note, and I got the latest D-Gray Man. Oh and HOLY POOP, Mushishi is on DVD and MUSTANG does Ginko's voice. The English dub isn't particularly good or bad, and I'll always prefer it in Japanese, but WOO, DVDs! I'm also slowly approaching the end of Get Backers, which has been quite amazing, and I'm slowly chugging through Sousei no Aquarion, which is very fun, but damn the slow downloads.

I feel like a lazy butt. I haven't done any writing lately. AT ALL. I suck. I've been videogaming and watching Discovery Channel and futzing around online, and every time I try to start writing I just go *fttzzzzzzzsplut* I still haven't heard back from the 100 themes people. I know where to go in Mot--I've figured out what's really bothering me about it lately--but I just can't get the motivation to do it. The Penta rewrite has once again come to a standstill. North has been jumping around in my head a lot lately but none of it gets on paper, though I do know where to go next. And this new idea, the one with the dreams, has been floating around in my head. I've got some of the characters in mind, some world-building stuff, but, well, it's never good to start thinking about a new project in the middle of another one.

Prolly gonna go see Hairspray tomorrow since I've wanted to see the play and I figure if I can't see the play, might'swell see the movie. I've heard good things about it. I also got my hands on a copy of 300 (before release date, baby!! And The Queen which I've heard is excellent.

And also, I've been watching Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters and Man vs. Wild rather obsessively on Discovery, and I love them to itty bitty pieces. Though I guess there's been a report that the guy in Wild has been spending some of those nights in hotels instead of out in the wilderness and stuff like that. Dunno how true it is, but it makes me quite sad. Still love the show, though. And Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters are both so much fun.

So, I do have two movie reviews, but I'm not in the mood to type them up right now. Later.

Job's been going swimmingly.
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Turns out that inhalers taste...weird. Not nasty, but like one bar below nasty. And they don't freak me out, yay! I was only uncomfortable about using it because some of the side effects are nervousness and stuff--increased in people with anxiety *koff* me *koff*. But yeah, it's good, plus it's nice being able to breathe.

This morning was job training. We covered all the basics and whatnot, but I still didn't get my T-shirt. I need to call my boss tomorrow to get my hours. It's a pretty sweet deal--I get five free rentals a week, including games, I get access to movies before they're actually available for retail, and a 20% discount. I'm seriously thinking of signing up for the online thing, but my heart is really with Netflix. If Blockbusters in general just had a better selection of stuff--like TV shows, documentaries, foreign films and anime, I'd be a lot happier. Admittedly (that's like my favorite word lately and I don't know why...) Netflix has a pretty crappy selection of foreign films and anime, but oh well.

Oh my HOLY god, speaking of anime--I picked up the latest volume of Naruto, which is awesome since it contains the Naruto vs. Gaara fight, and GUESS WHAT?! Naruto has become so popular that they're going to start releasing three volumes per month until December! Which means that come December, there will be twenty-three volumes of Naruto available--they're at 15 now. How bloody fucking sweet is that?!

Oh, and after losing track of it for the past few weeks, I'm starting to get caught up in Death Note. Mikami's voice's Just. I don't know. And I'm slowly chugging through Sousei no Aquarion which is still fun and interesting, just not the kind of thing I'd stay up all night to watch. Plus the downloads are slow.

After job training I came home, took my amoxicillin, then went out shopping. With my mom. Which has NEVER happened before because I'm not one for shopping and Mom hates it, and shopping is such a girly thing and my Mom is completely un-girly. But yeah, I needed to go to Nordstrom's to pick up another pair of khaki pants and a belt, and I convinced her to come in as well. Honestly, Nordstrom's is a crappy place to work but it's a damn fine place to shop. They're really dedicated to customer service, liek woah. My Mom actually had a good time! She ended up buying a whole boatload of clothes since this really nice lady was helping us and finding stuff my Mom actually looked really good in, and I got my khaki pants and some extras, including the most amazing bathrobe in the entire universe which I am wearing now. I feel like I should be sipping Cognac and smoking a cigar or something. Except that it's so fuzzy and wonderful. It's like wearing a bunny.

I also finally started playing Trace Memory, which is my one and only game that's actually for the DS, and it is addictive and awesome. It's like a puzzle game except with a storyline--an actually pretty unique storyline so far. This girl goes to this island after hearing from her father who was presumed dead. She arrives on the island and gets separated from her aunt, and has to search the island herself. Along the way she finds all sorts of clues and whatnot about the island, which seems to have a dark history. Meanwhile her father is leaving breadcrumbs for her to follow and puzzles for her to solve. Which aren't even the cheesy puzzles you'd expect--some of them are actually pretty tough. Ezili is pleased.

Haven't heard back from the community since making my claims. But if I'm motivated, I'll get started on a prompt tonight. Even though I'm probably gonna zonk in a half an hour or so. Disease does that to you.
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Finals are officially over. Women and Writing portfolio is turned in, the powerpoint has been presented, the grammar test is done, and everything else is complete. All that's left is packing, and most of that is done as well. The storage people came on Wednesday--I had three boxes for storage, and ended up shipping four boxes home. I won't say how much it cost, but it was a lot D:

Ithaca is so pretty! All the flowers are blooming!

Sophia is gone, and we didn't make it all the way through Kodocha. We left off in a really bad place, actually, lol. But she took it home for the summer and will hopefully watch it then.

I'm in the process of applying for a job at Borders, and I've got a list of other places to apply at as soon as I get back. I need a job, one that will last all summer, not go for three days.

Though, ugh, working at a bookstore the summer the last Harry Potter book comes long as the children don't eat me alive...

Julie and I got through all of Mushishi and it is officially one of my favorite shows of all time. It's utterly brilliant. So peaceful and awesome and pretty and I love Ginko, the main character. One-eyed fish.

I made a bunch of icons, too. Nothing really special, but it gives a sense of how pretty this show is. Clickies for Piccies! )

Gank if you want, but plz credit.

The most recent Naruto episode was awesome, too. Yay, doppleganger fights!

Speaking of Naruto, the third movie is out for downloading, though I haven't watched it yet.

And speaking of Naruto movies, anyone hear about this new Naruto Shippuuden movie coming out soon? The one where Naruto fucking dies???

For trailer where Naruto fucking dies, what the fuck?! click here.

Seriously. W.T.F.

And no, saying that Naruto DIES is not a spoiler, because it's in the fucking trailer.

I leave tomorrow morning for Chicago with Molly and Kate. We're gonna hang out there for a week and then I'm leaving next Wednesday (or Thursday?) and flying home. The day after, I'm going up to Mono Lake with the 'rents. Woot!

How am I gonna tell them I'm bi? O_O

I'm back to writing! I wrote an utterly excruciating scene between E and Kail not long ago, where all is revealed--I might have mentioned it earlier. Then finals week happened and I couldn't write, but then last night I finished my portfolio and just spent an hour writing. Yay! And once again, all these ideas are blossoming in my head for the Ramsey universe and for North's universe. Mushishi has a way of making ideas blossom, no joke. Watch it!

*sigh* Well, farewell, Ithaca. I shall see you next fall. And I'll be living in an apartment then. Woot!!

There's a breeze through my window and the lake is all smoky-looking. I love it here.
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XOMFG, I turned in my paper on the Iranian Revolution yesterday! FINALLY!! Done with that, fuck yes. Now I just have my Jonestown paper/powerpoint to worry about. I have the weekend to work on that, though I'm also gonna take the weekend to write. Tomorrow is a play version of Count of Monte Cristo, which is supposed to be awesome. There's also some kind of benefit concert that I kind of want to go to, at least I think it's tomorrow--an ending poverty kind of thing. After a semester in a class like Social Movements, it's made me want to start getting more thoroughly involved in the things I believe in.

Julie's also gone for the weekend, in Syracuse visiting Tammy. Tammy will be up here on Monday to give the talk. Yay!

We finished Paranoia Agent last night in ASIC, and I think I finally have some kind of understanding of that show. Definitely a psychological show. Though I'm not sure about its apparent critique of escapism. It's one thing to want to die or have some other tragedy happen in order to escape from reality, but in essence all entertainment is a form of escapism. Books, movies, even the show itself. But I guess that wasn't what it was going for--pretty much, face reality and don't run away from it. At least not in the ways that matter.

We're also in the middle of Jubei-chan, which is turning out to be interesting and entertaining, if not something I'd go out of my way to own.

Julie and I have also discovered a new show called Mushishi. It's awesome. Completely different from any anime I've ever seen. It's sort of like Miyazaki's stuff--it's got a definite Mononoke/Spirited Away vibe. The animation is some of the best I've ever seen. Not only are the landscapes and backgrounds utterly beautiful, but the movement itself is just so fluid. It's a very slow-paced, mellow show, too--relaxing, but also intriguing. It's kind of like sitting out at night where it's quiet and warm and watching the weird things that come out at night. Or something. Because while it's slow and mystical, it also has that sense of darkness, of the unknown.

The premise is, the Mushi (which literally means "insect" or "bug") are these sort of...semi-sentient lifeforms which are kind of made up of the essence of life itself. They find their way into people's lives and affect them, usually in a negative way, though it's no different really than a mosquito biting you--the mosquito does it to survive (doesn't mean you don't kill the little asshole, but you get my point). Anyway, Ginko is the main character, and he's a "Mushi-shi", which is the equivalent of a Mushi-tamer. He can see them and control them. So he spends his time investigating incidences of Mushi and helping the people affected. So far there's no real continuity than Ginko himself, and each episode can stand alone. And normally that would bore or annoy me, but for some reason this show just draws you in. Something about the mystical quality of it.

So yes, I'd definitely recommend it.

And I am infinitely pleased with last night's Naruto Shippuuden as well. I'm so glad that Sakura is no longer useless. I like her so much more now. (BTW, did anyone notice that you can see clips of the Sakura-Sasori fight in the opening credits? You see it as shadows on that white screen behind Gaara in that one shot where he reaches out his hand. Look for the shadow-guy with the tail.) The doppleganger fight is next week too--should be awesome!

Oh, and, this week's episodes of House and Crossing Jordan were really, really good. The patient actually died on House! How often does that happen? It was really intense. And on Crossing Jordan both Jordan and Bug came to terms with their recent traumas (I want to hug Bug!! Wah!). Lost was about on par with the recent episodes--better, but not great. They revealed some interesting things.

Now for writing! I'm hoping to get something done on Mot, maybe some done on North, and come up with ideas for the next fanfic chapter. I don't want two months to pass like last time. Writing, writing, writing! Go!
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Quite the double-post, innit? I hadn't realized I hadn't updated at all in two weeks.

Anyway, continuing in the amazing story of my life...

So yeah, the last half of break we spent doing the book thing and hanging with my people. I think it was Friday night we went to Caleb and Asher's (the cousins) school to hear a jazz and poetry thing--Caleb plays guitar, Asher plays drums. The only way I can really describe it is that it was very, very New York. It was interesting the way the poems and the music melted together, though I don't know if I actually liked it or not. Though some of the poems were pretty awesome. One was a poem about being in the primordial soup and amoeba love, haha. Brilliant.

Speaking of primordial soup, holy FUCK, Spore is coming out this fall apparently. What is Spore? Spore is only the most awesome computer game probably to ever grace geekdom. Pretty much, in the game you start out as a one-celled organism, and then you evolve. You choose what lines you want to evolve along, giving yourself X number appendages and so on. And according to their new video
you can do a lot more than that. *squee!* I've been anticipating this game ever since I heard about it about two years ago.

The only problem being that I'll need a new laptop to handle this game. Septimus is getting up there, but he still works and he's still mostly reliable, like an old dog. I don't want to get rid of him yet. I'm one of those people who keeps using my things until they fall apart ^.^

Had a bit of a surreal moment when we drove by the World Trade Center. I'm still sort of torn about visiting places like that. It was the same when we went to Dachau in Germany--just the idea of a place of such suffering becoming a tourist attraction. But I did tell myself this time that I wanted to go there, because 9/11 I think played a major role in my anxiety disorder, and I need to start facing that. We never actually made it to the WTC, but we did drive past it, and it was just like, "wow...there used to be towers there. There used to be people there." Ah, man. I dunno.

But, enough with the depressing. I can't be entirely depressed right now because there's an icicle hanging outside my window that looks like an alien's hand, no joke.

Last day spent in NYC we went to the Brooklyn Museum of Art, kind of like a smaller version of the Met, though it was still all kinds of brilliant. We only had time for two floors (there were five), so we checked out the floor with American art (woot) and the floor with the Egyptian stuff (holy crap, Batman!). No mummies, but it was all very awesome.

And now we're back in good old Ithaca and it's cold and wet and there are classes to attend and Julie and I are still sick. *sigh*

And now the requisite reports on the various and sundry things that came out in the past week. Though first, another book I read.

Have I mentioned the Retriever's Series here? The series is about Wren, a Retriever living in NYC. A Retriever is like a Get Backer (lol) in that she "retrieves" things for people, which usually means steals them. Except that in this world there is magic, and it takes a very interesting form. In any case, Wren has gotten up to some shit in the last two books, but the most recent one out, the third, is definitely my favorite. At this point, it looks like war's about to break out between the Mage Council (the organized group of magic users), the lonejacks (the live-free-or-die types of magic users) and the fatae (the non-human people living in the city). It's gotten very awesome, and it's an excellent example of modern urban fantasy. If you like Dresden, you'll probably like Wren, though this series falls a bit more on the female side of things, though not to a chick-lit degree. Wren is an awesome character, and the book has its own voice that is a blatantly New York voice. Love it.

So what have we? No House on Tuesday due to March Madness, but Crossing Jordan and Lost were both on Wednesday, of course, and they were both ALL KINDS of awesome. I'm really impressed with this season of Jordan so far, since it's really branching out and doing some interesting things. And Lost is no longer sucking! It's getting back into the mysterious and strange that made the first season and the first part of the second season so brilliant.

However, there are things I must report and speculate on. For instance, in Crossing Jordan...*spoilers alert* )

As if that wasn't intense enough, we follow it up immediately with...

Lost )

And of course, of course, there were the Narutos that came out, being the latest manga chapter and the latest Shippuden episode.

Chapter spoilers )

As for the episode, well, it's following the manga, and it continues to be brilliant, although it was lacking on the crazy music front.

Back in my world, in terms of writing, I didn't get half as much done of the rewrite over break as I wanted. Between being sick and hitting a snag that Pat pointed out, it just kind of came to a standstill. But I'm going to get back in it now, and keep thinking about that snag. Mostly the thing is, do I want to overhaul the beginning in order to get things moving faster, or draw it out so things are more dramatic? I'm long-winded, in case you couldn't tell, but that's something I'm trying to fix. So I dunno. There are a few things I'm going to extend because they kind of have to be.

Also, a lot's been coming together for some of my other projects. Mot has been niggling me again. The thing with Ramsey--my white haired, cloak-wielding heroine--is taking shape in my head. Have I mentioned Skye? Skye is the main character of Ramsey's story--I don't know her last name, but she's a snarky tattoo artist in Berkely who was diagnosed with schizophrenia some years ago. This was because she could see the things that Ramsey fights--critters I have dubbed darksouls for now, who are kind of shadow creatures that haunt people at their best and kill them at their worst. Anyway, Skye could see those things, and ghosts and stuff, but it made her a strange kid and she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. She believes now that all the things she saw when she was younger were hallucinations, but when she meets Ramsey she realizes she's been sane all along. Should be fun.

Things are also really coming together for North, though I'm still not sure how far I am from actually starting it. I've got a better sense of what's going on in the Whodden--where the Folk, the spirits and non-humans live--and what's going on in North's own life. I just need to figure out certain things about the beginning of the story.

And now I have to get some things done before Women and Writing. Another long post! Lol, and these two were supposed to be all one. Nya-ha.
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Naruto Chapter 343 )

Oh and I saw the third episode of the Shippuden, and now I remember why I love Sakura and Kakashi and of course Naruto himself.

And to reiterate:

Gaara. Is. The. Shit.

And every time I hear that freaking Darth-Vader-Akatsuki music come on I DIE. In a good way. It's sort of orgasmic.


Icons (2)

Feb. 16th, 2007 10:48 pm
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Figured I might as well post these. )

And some bases I'm working with that I need ideas for. Anyone? )

Gank whatever you want, though I wouldn't mind credit. Wonder if I should post these at an LJ comm or something.

I am way too into this ^.^


Feb. 16th, 2007 10:51 am
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Still trying my hand at making icons. I'm getting there. Feel free to gank.

Took a shitload of snaps today. This'll probably occupy the rest of my day. If I make any good ones I'll be sure to post 'em.


Feb. 16th, 2007 09:10 am
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Holy poop.

The first two episodes of the Naruto Shippuden came out last night. Julie, Pat and I went to another ASICer's room to download and watch it. We saw an episode of MST3K while we waited, and the ep actually didn't take that long to DL. Finished right as MST was over.

And to reiterate...

Holy. Poop.

There are no words to describe how incred-fucking-bly awesome it was. First of all the first like eight minutes are the MOST AMAZING ANIME SEQUENCE I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. The animation is utterly to die for. The new character designs are amazing. It follows canon while managing to squeeze in some bits and pieces here and there, but in a good way. The soundtrack QUITE LITERALLY gives Cowboy Bebop a run for it's money (you should all know by now that CB is the candle I hold all anime to). There were parts where I actually squealed. At 2AM.

It's like the creators sat down and were like, "Okay, how much Awesome can we pack into only one hour?" The first eight minutes could stand alone, despite the fact that there's no context. You kind of forget about context somewhere amidst the squee-ing.

In short, this first installment of the new Naruto reaffirms why Naruto is my favorite anime of all time.
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Yay for breaks. Boo for being panicky for two days of the break.

It hasn't even technically been a panic attack (thank god), but two days of the haze--what I call that weird feeling of pre-panic attack-yness--is no fun either. Not that it particularly matters, because I know well enough how to deal with it, and there's always the Klonapin for when things get bad. Pretty much the only problem is that--well, aside from it just not feeling good--is that it kind of fucks up your ability to focus and your sleep patterns. So I haven't really been able to write all break.

It's better tonight (because the Red Eyed Monster is over the hill and falling), and in any case, I know why it's happening, happens every month. I'm glad there was only one panic attack (Friday night) and that it wasn't a Grand Sweeping one (the kind that attack a weak point and fuck you up for months on end) or even necessarily bad. I only took the Klonapin because I wanted to sleep.

But enough about that. It doesn't matter. It's just the way things are.

On Thursday we went hiking. There was some debate over it, as we didn't know where we were going at first, and Julie really wanted to sleep in (which she deserved, considering the hell of last week). But in any case, we ended up leaving at about 10:30ish for the Six Mile Creek trail.

We got off the main trail pretty quick. I kept spotting things that looked like trails, and I'm such a freaking explorer. I think I worried the others since I kept going up to cliffs to see what was there. So we wove and wended through the trees, sometimes on a trail, sometimes on only a hint of a trail, sometimes on nothing at all, until eventually yes we got back to the "main" trail and followed it all the way to the reservoir.

Which was awesome. A waterfall, sheer rock cliffs, afternoon "I'm thinking about raining" light. It was lovely. Many pictures were taken. We wandered along the waters edge, eating lunch, checking things out for awhile. We saw a beaver damn and a great blue heron that took off when we got too close. About then we realized we weren't really on a trail anymore and went back to the waterfall. There we saw a chipmunk in the water, trying to swim across the reservoir. I didn't know chipmunks could swim. I mean--chipmunks, man. They're furry, adorable little rodents. This one swam all the way across the reservoir, while we cheered it on. It even made it, too, and climbed upt he rock wall and disappeared.

Then we took a detour through the woods, along the creek past the waterfall, and ended up by the creek itself where I found the rocks were green and slippery and there was a random firepit that Kate had been hoping was pagan altar (sorry, Kate, our altars are much prettier).

Julie found a trail that went up the side of a kind of cliff, that turned out halfway up to be only pretending to be a trail (a common theme that day) so we went back down, went back to the waterfall and started on back. We headed back down the "main" trail to the "Main" trail which was packed, the kind people actually walk on, yanno. We followed it to Hudson street and then went down to the Commons for coffee.

After that we caught the bus back up to school, ordered Chinese and set about going through with movie night. First up was Hotel Rwanda which I've seen, and which made me cry again and generally sort of hate myself. After that (since we needed cheering up--Max was the only one in the room who had seen it before, and really...genocide and all that...) we watched What Dreams May Come.

Since I haven't done a proper movie review in some time... )

The next two days were cold and wet and they didn't turn on the heaters in the dorms and Molly was gone, so they ended up being "do-nothing" days. We went to Wegmans on Friday and spent an inordinate amount on chocolate, and Julie and I watched inordinate amounts of Naruto and nearly died from very incredible chocolate (chocolate with goji berries...chocolate with ceylon spice and chipotle...oh my holy god) while Kate spent time with Max.

Julie and I went from episode thirty-something to episode eighty over the course of the last two days. In other words, a very good amount of the Chuunin exam.

Julie, don't read this! )

Yes, well. Back to homework, I suppose.
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Naruto Manga 328 )
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So I finally read to the end of the manga, at least what's been released up till now--chapter 323. I'm sure others are out there, I just haven't found 'em yet. Anyway, yeah.

Cut for MAJOR spoilers )

In other news, the very last FMA DVD arrived, as well as The Wicker Man which I have an irrational love for. And thaaaaaaaaaank god it's finally Friday.


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