Apr. 10th, 2008 07:12 pm
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I'm about ten years too late, but can I just say that I fucking LOVE the band Dispatch?

Holy shit, man.

Them and MGMT are my favorites right now.
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So, this semester is already killing me because I have an ENORMOUS amount of reading for every class, not to mention our independent study with Jules, Amanda, and the lot of them which consists of reading about a book a week. Which is all good and fine, I just wish the rest of my classes weren't pretty much doing the same thing. Hard stuff, too.

Went to the Neko Case concert last night--abso-fucking-lutely brilliant. Like, literally, she sings so well that you could be listening to a CD, except more awesome. She's also really casual and confident--there were some idiots in the audience, but she totally just rolled with it. There was even a dog on stage! She's really cute and funny, too. You could tell she and the band were having a good time just playing music.

She played all the songs I wanted to hear, too! All the best, plus some brand new ones. God I can't wait for her next CD. It's so unfortunate that she's not very well known--but then I suppose that keeps her off the corporate radar.

Cara Coville, Tammy and Julie's friend came with us too since she's a big fan, and afterwards we went driving around looking for open liquor stores (none. Hate you, NY alcohol laws). We ended up just going to Wegmans and I bought my first thing of alcohol, some fruity German thing, while Julie got that flavored Smirinoff stuff. Felt really good to flash my card for the first time. Then spent the rest of the night showing Cara various anime, including Darker than BLACK and Ouran. She enjoyed it all.

Unfortunately now it turns out that Kate has a serious aversion to alcohol--we're talking phobic here--so we're going to have to rethink our in-house policies on alcohol, but I don't really mind. We can either keep it hidden in our room, or I'm sure Amanda et. al. would be happy to hold onto it for us. I'm pretty sure we also agreed with Kate back in Sophomore year that we wouldn't actually keep alcohol in the apartment. Anyway, no one wants to drink alone, right? We usually only drink when we're with the girls anyway.

Made it up to the "Blink" episode on Doctor Who, which, yes, is the fucking best one ever. But I'm kind of disappointed that they're only giving three episodes to the Master. This is the guy who was the Doctor's singlemost nemesis for, like, the entire series, and they only give him 3 episodes? Especially now that I know his backstory, to some degree--it's just wrong, man.

Not much else of note has happened, except I've decided to go ahead with the RP--as if I don't have enough going on this semester--as Hei from Darker than BLACK. You can look me up at [livejournal.com profile] contract_star if you want. And anyone who's interested should check out the RP itself, because Sephiroth just arrived, and seeing him interact with the Master, and of course with Cloud, is quite entertaining.

Right, my schedule:

Poetics: 11-12, MWF

Research Methods: 1-2, MWF

World Civ II: 10:50-12:05, TR

Global Sociology: 2:35-3:50, TR

Simulating Social Processes: 4-6:40, T

Alternative Reality Fiction--ARF for short: 12:10-1, T (this is our independent study).

Should be fun, but hectic.
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Well firstoff, I managed to recover my iPod. The stuff that had disappeared before...well, there's nothing I can do about that, though I did figure out that a lot of it was anime music. The rest I guess I'll just have to make do without. What can you do?

In other news, I have a bunch of reviews. Movies and anime.

I finally got around to watching Ergo Proxy, and now I'm sorry I put it off. I liked it so much I ended up watching the whole show in about three days. I remember we watched the first two episodes of this...I dunno, a year or two ago in ASIC. I liked it enough then that I downloaded the whole show, but didn't find the time to watch it--till now.

Anyway, it's sort of like...Eva, Paranoia Agent and Ghost in the Shell all mixed together. It's dark, psychological, mysterious and awesome. I'm still not entirely sure what the hell all happened in that show. There are several episodes that seem completely out of line with the rest of the show until you get to the end of the episode and realize how significant it was.

The show is a future post-apocalyptic show about a domed city, in which police officer-type Real Mayar and her android (called an Autorave) partner are investigating an infection among Autoraves that seems to give them emotions. It's called the Cogito virus. Along the way she encounters a monster that is neither human nor Autorave, and in the course of her investigation she meets an immigrant named Vincent Law who seems to be connected to the monster. The mystery of the monster, called a Proxy, draws Real, Vincent, and a childlike infected Autorave called Pino outside the domed city into the post-apocalyptic wasteland beyond.

For one thing, the animation is quite brilliant, and the character designs are unique and awesome. The characters themselves are pretty cool--Vincent is adorable and genuinely nice, Real is a selfish bitch who kicks ass and turns out to be awesome too, and Pino is just plain cute--and not in the annoying way that the typical child sidekick is. Also the storyline is pretty unique, and provides an interesting new spin on the post-apocalyptic genre.

The show is brilliant if only for all the allusions. Every episode has some sort of cultural reference in it--everything from art to philosophy to mythology to linguistics. Even the title is an allusion, in more ways than one. "Ergo" means "therefore" in Latin, and a proxy is a representative or emissary of something else. So, Ergo Proxy="therefore emissary." Which doesn't make much sense until the end of the show. But also, if you think of the title in conjunction with the virus infecting the Autoraves, Cogito, then you get "Cogito ergo sum," the famous saying by Descartes meaning "I think, therefore I am."

Heh, it all makes sense eventually.

It's confusing as hell, like I said, which only gets minorly annoying, but then I suppose that depends on your comfort level with that type of thing. It's definitely not the kind of anime you can just jump into in the middle, and it probably needs to be watched twice. But overall it's really, really good, and I'm a bit confused as to why it's not talked about much in the places you'd expect it to be.

The other night I decided to go see Juno, and when that was over I decided to be bad--Sweeney Todd was playing two theaters down, so I managed to slip in just as it was starting. Lol, I figure my eleven bucks for a movie might as well go all the way.

Anyway, Juno turns out to be as wonderful as everyone is saying it is. Juno herself is probably the most believable teenager to ever grace the big screen--ever--and I've fallen completely in love with the actress, Ellen Page. The other people in the movie were just as awesome, especially the couple that Juno is going to give her baby to, Mark and Vanessa. Every character in the movie is completely human and three dimensional, and your opinion of each character changes a little over the course of the movie. It reminded me a lot of Garden State--quirky suburban people caught up in the odd sort of real situations that crop up in real life. Plus a totally weird and awesome soundtrack.

I was also really impressed with the way they handled the issue of teenage pregnancy. It can get so damn melodramatic or boring or preachy or gimmicky or lame. But they did it absolutely perfectly. Juno doesn't freak out when she finds out she's pregnant, nor does she act like she's going to be one of those people who will leave her baby in a dumpster. But at the same time, it's not treated like this is just a plot point--you can tell through body language and through brilliant acting that this is a big deal, but that Juno's just not the kind of girl who will freak out about it. The movie isn't preachy or melodramatic in the least. They handle the issue exactly as the issue should be handled--honestly and realistically.

I love the parents reaction, too. Wonderful. And the movie itself is hilarious with lines like, "You should've gone to China, you know, 'cause I hear they give away babies like free iPods. You know, they pretty much just put them in those t-shirt guns and shoot them out at sporting events." And the one about the fountain and the Kraken, though I can't find that one.

Loved it. Deserves Oscars. Will buy it.

Score: 9.5 out of 10

The Sweeney Todd I snuck into turned out to be for the hearing impaired which kind of put a damper on the whole thing, but it was worth the $0 I spent on it. I did like it a lot--I was a bit worried because people have been screaming and yelling about this movie and not usually in a good way, plus I haven't read the book or seen the play. Though I intend to see the play next chance I get. I guess people are saying that it wasn't at all like the play and that the play was better, which is usually the case when you have plays get adapted for the big screen. But, oh well. I suppose that left me free to judge it as a movie and not to compare it to anything.

Anyway, it was hilarious. Probably the best dark comedy I've seen in, well, forever. Absolutely pitch black humor, as can be expected of Tim Burton, and of the original material (I have seen clips of the plays so I have a sense). The only reason I didn't laugh more is because there were two other people in the theater and I felt like a bit of a freak for laughing every time someone had their throat slit. Not that it's something to laugh at, but they seriously went out of their way to make the blood look totally fake. Hooray for red corn syrup! The song "A Little Priest" almost made me wet myself, especially the line about poets.

The movie had Tim Burton's classic "foggy dark overcast death doom destruction" feel to it, which I always like, and the characters were pretty brilliant, as was the acting. Johnny can actually sing, though as Molly pointed out, he's certainly not a baritone. I loved Mrs. Lovett's cavalier attitude with things like murder, cannibalism, and child abuse.

And Alan Rickman? Oh my god. You could not have found a more perfect actor. He was the most pervy, creepy guy I've seen on screen in awhile who wasn't in a super-serious role. Absolutely brilliant. "You gandered at my ward, did you not?" Fuck yeah.

The only real problem I had with the movie was that Johnny Depp seems to think that all Londoners sound like Jack Sparrow. Though fortunately he managed to keep the Sparrow voice to a minimum, but still. Come on now. There are more accents in Britain than just the London one, and even London has multiple accents (though don't ask me to try and differentiate).

A totally awesome, hilarious and campy dark comedy, and brilliant as the movie itself, though I couldn't say how it rates next to the play. Still, taken on its own, I thought it was great and loved it.

Nice to not pay for it, too.

Score: 8 out of 10

Last but not least, I finally managed to see Hot Fuzz. I never did see Shaun of the Dead so I can't compare it, but I loved it. The editing was abso-fucking-lutely perfect. Not in that awesome way you see in the really wonderful movies, but the editing was perfect for the movie it was for, which was a parody. The editing consisted entirely of quick cuts and dramatic shots which is pretty much the equivalent of shooting you in the face with "I am an action movie!"

Have I ever mentioned that I love British humor? And this movie was no exception. It was hilarious. The gore was totally over-the-top, as were the fight scenes (though funnily enough the acting wasn't, lol). You can tell the actors had fun with this. Especially with the gay subtext they had going on, hahaha.

The climax is too awesome for words. Nicholas Angel (main character) comes riding through the village with more weapons than it is humanly possible to character...riding a white horse. Yes. Too brilliant.

Not much else to say, really, except to reiterate that I loved it. To bits.

Score: 8 out of 10

Denno Coil--that anime I mentioned the other day--continues to be awesome. Also, I downloaded the first two episodes of Gundam 00 to find out what the fangirls are barking about, and I still can't figure it out. It's exactly the same as all the other Gundam shows. I wanted to laugh when one of the characters is watching one of the Gundams attack and looks at it through binoculars to find the name "Gundam" on it and is like "Gundam? What's that?" I'm pretty sure I yelled "haven't you ever watched anime?" at my computer. Puh-leeze. Anyway, my patience with the show was already thin at the end of the first episode, but when they revealed pretty much the exact same plot as the first series in this one, I was just bored. And I totally lost my patience when the Gundam boys went into "former Sri-Lanka" to stop the Tamil-Sinhalese ethnic war that had been "going on there for hundreds of years." As someone who actually knows a little bit about the struggle, seeing the anime treat the conflict like nothing more than a plot point was bad enough, but when they sent in the Gundams and had them slaughter both sides in one of the skirmishes, I lost my patience with the show (the whole point of the Gundams this time is to "end war." With more war. So you know that before long the characters are gonna be all "this is wrong!", end up thinking for themselves, leave the fray, find true love, yadda yadda).

Also, the fangirls are all melting over the characters, but I frankly don't see the appeal. They're completely lame and generic. You have the "angsty guy with the tortured past" the "maverick gunslinger" the "true-believer" and the "nerves-of-steel, silent killer." CLEE-SHAY. The women are completely superfluous, never mind that I find it hard to believe that one of those guys (the nerves of steel one) is male. There's simply no way. And they're really not that hot either.

In other news, Cloverfield is coming out soon, and a lot more info has cropped up. Y'alls need to check this out liek woah. Five videos of fake news footage about a oil rig belonging to a company called Tagruato, which is connected with Slusho!, being sucked under the water. All the evidence at this point is pointing to an underwater monster. Check it--it's badass:

French news

Spanish news

Italian news

German news

English news

The "on-site footage" used is the same for each, but each newscast gives a few tidbits of info that the others don't. And the footage is awesome enough. If you want to see some of the translations, check [livejournal.com profile] 011808. They have some extra info too.

My writing has come to a standstill, which usually happens during breaks, but what can you do? *sigh*

Nothing else to report, really.


Jan. 6th, 2008 12:45 am
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Reason #436 why Steve Jobs and his Apple products should DIE IN A FIRE:

I was under the impression that selecting "sync only checked music" meant that...you know...it would upload the songs you want and leave the ones already on the iPod alone.

That's what I remember learning.


I haven't been plugging in my iPod because my iTunes library got corrupted a month ago and lost a hundred or so songs--I don't know which, and until I fixed it I was going to leave the iPod alone. Since the iPod syncs as soon as you plug it in. But I figured that syncing only checked meant that I could upload this one...stupid...song...and the rest of the iPod would be intact.


So I currently have...one...song on my iPod.

It took about 30 seconds to delete every single one without a trace.

And now it's going to take about 6 hours to upload the ones on my iTunes library.

Minus those hundred that are missing.

So pretty much, thanks to a really stupid move on my part, and the idiocy of the Apple people, I have been forced to do the exact thing I didn't want to do.

Excuse me while I go throw up.
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So we got a new dog. She's a German shepherd mix, 3 years old, very big and very loving. Her name is Shasta.

It's nice having a dog in the house again. She has her own crate in my parents room and there are dog toys strewn across the floor once again, as well as muddy pawprints on the hardwood. She has a lot to learn, and so do we, of course. She's a lot bigger than Shadow and a lot younger. Less boisterous than he was at her age, but his nose didn't reach the edge of our counters. She's also had some trouble with the whole "peeing outside" thing. But she's sweet and adorable and her ears are really soft so it's all okay. We're actually going to train her this time, unlike we did with Shadow.

She looks a lot like a German shepherd--same coloring and shape--but her head is boxier than a shepherd's and her ears do this curl-over thing that's really quite adorable. I almost wonder if she's got some pitbull in her, but who knows.

Ahh. She's a great dog so far. We've only had her a day.

In other news, California is drowning. It rained all day today, to the point that we needed sandbags because water was coming in the garage. Our yard is a lake, and out back where the broken sump pump is there's a veritable pond. It's supposed to continue like this for the next two days, I hear. The water's up to the edges of our house in some places. It's never gotten like this that I can remember, at least not while I was here. Now if only we had something like this during the fires. Maybe this is Nature's way of making up for it.

I've been relaxing for the most part. Chillaxing. Going to the gym. Making cookies. After a semester like the last one I think I deserve a few days to just hang. Gonna start work as soon as Blockbuster gets back to me (I'm going to call them tomorrow and find out what's going on). Watching Shasta is going to take work too. In the meantime I've been catching up on all my manga and have used up my Border's giftcard.

A new character has been introduced in Monster--Wolfgang Grimmer--and I think I love him. He's pretty damn awesome. It's such a shame that the anime sucks so much. It really could have been awesome. True, Monster doesn't have a lot of action in it, but they pulled it off with Death Note...there aren't enough awesome mystery animes out there. The Monster manga doesn't even compare to the anime; it's without a doubt my favorite manga right now. Even though Naruto is awesome. To tell the truth, Monster is the only manga I read that still really, really catches my interest. I've kind of fallen out of D. Gray Man and Fullmetal Alchemist, Fruits Basket, Bleach, Mushishi and Re:Play take way too long to come out, Black Cat I'm shaky with, and Naruto is brilliant but I've read it all before.

I love Monster. And Grimmer is seriously the shit. Probably my favorite Monster character, even though I still love Tenma (he's so cute now with his long hair and kicked-dog expression). And Johan remains one of the most frightening manga villains ever.

I finally found the Shippuuden OST and HAVE IT. XOMG. The music is SEX. Sex for the ears. Musicgasm.

Also, I've caught wind of an anime called Dennou Coil. I've seen the first episode and it looks pretty promising so far. It has a similar look to Haibane Renmei...I haven't researched enough to find out if it's the same people. It's similarly confusing too, but I'm hoping things might be explained. It's a cyberpunk sort of show--a world that seems to coexist with cyberspace, where there are pets and other things made out of data and people who wear special glasses that enable them to see those things.

The things I learn on [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets, lol. It's like my favorite internet place ever right now. It's so wanky and amazing and fun. It's also a great source to find out what shows/mangas/movies people in the fandom world are talking about. Certainly some of the fans are completely insane or slash-happy or shipwarriors, but usually if people are buzzing about something it's worth listening to. The community is how I found out about Gurren Lagann, Baccano!, Nodame Cantabile, Dennou Coil, Tales of the Abyss. Heh, it also taught me which things to avoid.

Check it out. It's pretty hilarious most of the time.

Also, apparently I'm one of the moderators over at [livejournal.com profile] ya_fsf_con. This one you definitely should check out. This is Julie and Tammy's brainchild--the idea is to establish a con that caters to YA fantasy, since there isn't one and since YA is sadly lacking at other literary cons. Also, while fantasy writers get looked down on by "literateur" writers, YA fantasy writers get looked down on by other fantasy writers who consider themselves "legit." What better than to have a place where we feel welcome, happy and safe to talk about the stuff we like? I'm doing what I can to help them make this happen, but so far I've had trouble putting on my mod-hat. I'm in charge of leading the search for grants, since this little adventure is going to take a lot of money. Right now, federal grants aren't looking to good, but I'll keep searching--but I think we're going to have to look at foundational grants, which is good since they tend to award money more often.

There are a lot of people out there with more skill than me, though. I probably won't end up writing the grant or even doing most of the fund-hunting. It looks like there's already a lot of people who know what they're doing more than me. *shrug* I guess I just feel overshadowed, but I can't let that get to me. I am a moderator, after all, plus I'm part of this.

I'm going back to Ithaca on the 15th--not on a red-eye this time, thank God! Lol, I'm also going to end up with Julie on the flight from Detroit into Syracuse. My dad and his travel-finaggling abilities.
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Listen, people of the world. You've really gotta start trying to get along with each other. It's getting kind of ridiculous.


Oh man, oh MAN, this time tomorrow, I will be sitting in a theater full of crazy, dressed up fans watching as the previews start just before the Harry Potter movie. And not many days after that, I'll be waiting in line at Barnes and Noble to get my copy of the LAST book. Holy. Shit.

For as excited as I am about this movie, it's probably gonna end up sucking, lol. But then again, I find that if you're really anticipating a movie, you end up liking it, even if it does suck ^_^

I'm at work tomorrow as well before the movie, but it's not a problem--12-3, so I'll have more than enough time to get shit done before the movie. As far as I know, I'm gonna show up at 9:30-10. That's about two hours in advance, and that should be alright, right? I mean, about six theaters are going to play it, so really. Even with the utterly insane amount of people who will be there, it should be okay. Mostly it's a parking space I'm worried about.

Hey, it's Pat's birthday right now! Happy Birthday, Pat!!

Dude, I finally managed to watch Dark Side of the Rainbow. What is that, you ask? Dark Side of the Rainbow is the infamous legend where you sync up Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz. And oh my God it works! Don't think this is just an urban legend--it really does work, so much so that it's kind of creepy. Admittedly, some of it is up for interpretation, and there's a chance I read too much into things, but even that aside, there's a lot of crazy transitions and syncs and stuff. If you guys have the opportunity, you should check it out. Pretty insane. It's relatively easy--if you're gonna play the CD, then start the CD right as the black and white MGM lion roars for the third time. However, if you're playing it on iPod and have the CD ripped as one whole thing--in other words, no gaps between songs--then start it when the MGM lion fades to black.

And along with that, I've got a movie review for you. And by the way, Julie, I thought of you while watching this movie because two of the characters reminded me of you and your adventures with the literateur-types in your Fiction class. XP

The Squid and the Whale )

No really, Julie, you should watch this one just so you can throw things at the father when he's being all pretentious and "literature is the only form of writing there IS, liek woah." He's like the embodiment of the kids in your class, lol. But don't worry, it's not like the whole movie will piss you off ^_^ It's really quite good.

Ugh, on the writing front...well, there is no writing front. I've told myself that nighttime is official writing time, but the muse is still pretty much on vacation. Little brat. It's not even for not wanting to write. Actually I have all these weird ideas bouncing around in my head. I had the craziest dream the other night that had this thing in it I really want to try and put into a story somewhere (I get a lot of ideas from dreams). There's also ideas bouncing around for that 20's book Julie and I are considering, and for Fox and Mike for the 100 Situations thing, and some things bouncing around for Mot--but I just can't seem to get anything down on paper. Or rather in pixels.

Oh, but I did look at Penta the other day. Actually I read a bit of it over. It's been awhile since I looked at some of those scenes, and I gotta say, I'd forgotten how fucking emotional some of those scenes are. I think that's one of the problems with me and Mot right now--all these things are happening or will be happening, but I don't really feel anything. It was quite a delight to go back to Penta and actually get worried and worked up about the characters' well-being. Now does that mean I have to leave Mot alone for a year and then come back to it? I certainly hope not. But I think maybe that giving it a read-through will help.

And for fuck's sake, I've really got to finish that stupid fic chapter.
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Motion City Soundtrack was just at our campus. I got to watch them set everything out. I guess it's like an end-of-year celebration. Huh.

Lots of fun though! Sophia, Julie and I went out and bounced in the moonwalk things they had set up (it kept losing air, though).

It's so nice today.

Classes are over.

Three finals and then I'm done.



May. 2nd, 2007 07:15 pm
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So, I have never seen the show Sousei no Aquarion, and in fact, all I know about it is that it's a Mecha show. But it has got one fucking FANTASTIC soundtrack. Like, Cowboy Bebop, Naruto Shippuuden, Ghost in the Shell: Second Gig fantastic. Probably because Yoko Kanno did the music, and she is quite literally made of awesome and pie and kittens and birdsong.

I never would have heard about it if I hadn't heard the song "Omna Magni" in SilverPoot's "If Only to Fly" video (which is awesome and you should watch it).

I want to have Yoko Kanno's children, which would be difficult considering we're both women.
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I wrote the very very very first line of North. And I don't know if there's going to be a second line, but a first line is something.

I'm going to force myself to write within parameters this time. I've put it in double-spaced format, so that my ending page count will look more like it will at publishing, and so I don't have to stress over literal word count. I'm aiming for the 400-450 page region, thereabouts. Dunno if I can pull it off, but I've got to learn to be more concise.

Went to the Kendo club yesterday at the Fitness Center with Julie, and it's awesome. I felt kind of weird since I don't know ANYTHING about kendo, but it was a lot of fun, and I think I can remember some of the forms for the next time. Maybe. Though I have a tendency to get really into something like this right off the bat, and then abandon it later. Commitment issues maybe? :P

House and SVU tonight were all kinds of wonderful.

And it's snowing. Lots. To the point that there are snow warnings and some classes might be canceled tomorrow. Whee! It's exciting!

I fucking love System of a Down. Just so's y'all know.

Seeing a movie with Pat on Friday again, yay! And possibly the start of the Naruto Shippuden on Thursday, XOMG HOLY SHIT YES.

Ah, it's pretty and cold and all muffly outside.
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Sweet Baby Jesus God.

My fic has...like...been referenced. As being a good, IC AkuRoku fic. Over on khfanficrants.


I mean...how weird is that? I thought it was just fellow Voles reading it. And, you know, friends and stuff.

People are saying they like it cause it's not fluffy. But I don't get it. Axel and Roxas--it's not supposed to be fluffy! Whether you see it as a pairing or as "just friends," it's tragic! Romeo and Juliet type stuff (Romeo and Romeo?). I mean, I won't put out spoilers, but--believe me--it's tragic! Why do people write it as fluffy, that's what I want to know. Maybe I just haven't been looking hard enough. Most fluff is set in AU, and I'm not a fan of AU.

Look, I'm learning the lingo. ^.^

I'm a bit...confused though. People are also saying it's good AkuRoku. But I mean...it's not slash. I'm certainly going to hint at it, and I mean, I haven't entirely decided if I'm going to go all out and say "YES, they are GAY!" but for now it's...not...slash. Unless I've been wrong and "AkuRoku" isn't interexchangeable with "Axel/Roxas." People come up with cute names for pairings all the time, though. Soriku. Wolfstar. So maybe "AkuRoku" can just mean "Axel and Roxas centric."


I'm still weirded out by the fact that people are reading it at all.

But now I'm all worried. Now I'm under pressure to deliver. This must be what deadlines feel like, haha! Good experience, in that case. But like, if I have long gaps between updates, people stop reading. If I make stupid mistakes, people stop reading. If I get OOC, people stop reading. Fangirls can be pretty unforgiving. ^.^

Can we tell I have confidence issues? Hahaha...

Not so much with my original stuff. I mean, you can tell me that Mot is "a giant, craptastic load of shit that does, in fact, even smell like crap despite the fact that it's on paper/computer, because the suckage of this crap is simply that bad" and I might agree and fix it and stuff but I'll never stop loving it. It's my baby, after all, same with Penta and Fox and Spirits. Though I could say the fic is my baby, too. I guess the difference is characters. Boone, E, Kail, Taenailo; Fox, Mikayla; Kaiyss, Jaereiper, North, Dark; Gecko; Kaz, Scarrow, Rin, Triss--all of them are mine. Axel and Roxas are Nomura's.

But oh well. Gotta keep trekking, neh? Chapter four is well underway, and it might piss off some Saix fans, but that's okay because I don't like Saix. In this chapter, Axel and Roxas actually stop disliking each other, too! So, woot for that.

In a completely unrelated note--you ever have a song that you've heard over and over through the years, but despite everything, you have no idea what the title is or even what any of the lyrics are or who it's by? I have a few songs like that (I couldn't figure out Piano Man for the longest time...what? Don't look at me like that! Billy Joel has his moments!) *koff* Anyway, I went on an Internet quest yesterday looking for this one song, and I tried what I thought was a line from the song, but that didn't work, so I sauntered over to Towerrecords, which, like most sites these days, lets you listen to clips. And I thought "Okay. Considering the nature of this song, it's most likely on one of the Pure Moods albums, so I'll check there." And after much searching and lots of mood-ful sound clips, I finally found it on the third compilation.

It's called The Mummer's Dance by Loreena McKennit, and you've all probably heard it before, whether you know it or not. It's Irish and pretty and makes you think of grassy Irish hills and Irish string instruments and Irish wind and an Irish moon and Irish...Irishness.

So, small victory for a lover of totally random songs. (But really, it's a pretty song. Listen to it.)

Have I mentioned how much I love the Internet? The scripts for Chain of Memories as well as KH2 are both on gamefaqs. How lovely is that? How else am I supposed to characterize everyone that died in Castle Oblivion? Ah, research.

Probably one of my more rambling posts. Sorry.

Oh, OH! Snakes on a Plane. TONIGHT. *flails*


Jul. 23rd, 2006 07:06 pm
talkingsoup: (squee!)
I have found Boone's song!

I Wish I Was the Moon, Neko Case. Only my favorite song ever, and it fits him perfectly.

God bless me I'm a free man
With no place free to go...

I'm so tired
I wish I was the moon tonight.

Only a few of my characters have songs:

Kail--Breaking the Habit, Linkin Park.

Hex--Deathly, Aimee Mann

Taenailo--Dirty Knife, Neko Case

E's song might be Haunted or Control by Poe, but I'm not sure. And Kaiyss and Fox are a lot alike, so their songs would be bouncy--I'm sure Jerk It Out by the Caesars fits one of them, I'm just not sure which. Probably Kaiyss...

This is so much fun. I'm easily amused.



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