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I need to read more gay novels.

It sounds weird, yeah. If I was writing a novel where my characters are doctors I'd say, "I need to read more medical journals." If I had astronauts, I'd say, "I need to find Buzz Aldrin's autobiography." It's the same thing. Research.

Cause really, much as I love E and Kail, I don't want them to come off as, you know, fake. There are certain details, some of them the gory kind, that I need to know.

You know, it's almost weird that I don't really know any gay people. I know some lesbians and some bisexuals (<--labeling! *hate!*), but no gay guys. I fricking go to Ithaca College and I don't know anyone who's gay.

It's kind of weird that I'm saying this at all.


Why do I always fall in love with the tragic pairings? Sirius/Remus? Come on. The time will come when Shoebox will stab us all in the heart, and I know that and love it all the same. Like I'm an emotional masochist or something. AkuRoku? Sweet Baby Jesus. Masochist. Ennis/Jack? I even saw that one coming and I still love those cowboys to death. Hisoka/Tsuzuki? No one's died--yet--but holy fuck dark, tortured past, and there's never any respite for them! Hiei/Kurama? ....Okay, not "stab-you-in-the-fugging-heart," but the whole demons-with-the-dark-past thing...yeah.

Freaking Romeo/Romeo complex or something (wait, that doesn't work, that's like mas-*mfff!!* Whatever, you get the idea.). Doomed lovers and all that.

Everyone I love dies. I ship the ships that hit the reefs and sink.

I'm reading this beautiful AkuRoku fic right now, and you can just tell that tragedy is coming, but it's so darn wonderful I can't let it go.


Can we tell I'm depressed?


Jul. 22nd, 2006 01:42 am
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Well, I did it. I finally did it. I beat Kingdom Hearts II.

Woooooooo, ohhh man, wow. I fricking love that game. I fricking love this series. Best series ever. With perhaps the exception of Final Fantasy--then again I haven't played any of that yet. Still needa get around to playing VIII--that's next on the list. Gonna be interesting to see Squall *koff* Leon *koff* in that.

But oh man. I hope there's a third one. The end of this one leaves it open. Oh man! The ending! Gwah!

I love this game. I. Love. This. Game.

BTW, my brother and his band, Here Lies Vera, had their first ever gig today, and apparently it went really well. Woot!
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Aw. I stayed up really late trying to finish KH2. At least I think so. I'm fighting Xemnas, in any case. But anyway, you get to this part where you can't save your game at all and you have five bosses to fight, or something, and I was fighting Xemnas for the final time. But it was four AM and I kept losing and I was tired, so I decided to just leave the PS2 on and finish things tomorrow. No luck, though. Ben turned it off and started playing his own game. Ah well. I figure I need to level up some anyway.

Today is most definitely a writing day. I had some interesting dreams last night and woke up planning out this fight between Boone, Taenailo and some bad guys who came to break up Morgan's spirit path-thingy and kidnappify Taenailo. Plus I haven't been writing enough lately, and though I figure I do my best writing at night I'm getting sick of writing from two or three AM onward. That's too late, and my writing gets shoddy from tiredness. Bad, bad, bad. So I'm going to start writing earlier in the day. Like now.

After a sammich.
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The thing about standing for a long, long time is that you don't realize how much your feet hurt until you actually try to walk somewhere.

It was rough today. For some reason my alarm decided it didn't want to bother with going off today, so my mom ended up waking me up at 8:30, bless her. I had time enough to get dressed, pony my hair and make an Instant Breakfast which I drank in the car. I was dazed for the whole half of the day with tiredness--you know that extra-special kind of tiredness where not only are you tired from lack of sleep, but also lack of food? Yeah. Fortunately I remembered all the shit you need to do with the customer, and I got some coffee at lunch which helped. Though I almost fell asleep in one of those pits in the mall. I'm sure the girls sitting across from me were wondering why I was staring at the floor for so long.

You learn all these little things, though. Like, without even really trying, I know where the Nike sweat suit stuff is, and the Boss shirts and the Tommy Bahamas and the 7s jeans. And also, if you don't have a watch, you can check the time by looking at your most recent receipt--it has the time printed on it. And the thing about Men's Sportswear is that almost everything there is silk so it's like soooffft. I have a particular liking for certain touches. Like beach glass--I can't keep my fingers off it. Same with those nice cotton and silk shirts. *mmmmm*

Tomorrow shouldn't be as busy, though it's still 9-6. Day started out pretty slow in fact, and got busy by the time I clocked out. I also realized that I accidentally overcharged someone for something. *shh* Don't tell!

Ips is still in MN, there for two weeks I think.

I think I'm nearing the end of Kingdom Hearts. Paid a belated visit to the Lion King world, finally, and lion-Sora is so fucking awesome, or so fucking cute I shoul say. It's like...Kitty!Sora. Oh man. And Axel! Awwwwwwwwww. I'm gonna use his keyblade till the end of the game--for sentimental reasons! And maybe there really was something between him and Roxas. Let's just say there's plenty of evidence.

No writing, *le sigh* and not tonight either, because I'm going to bed right now. I know--12:45 and I'm going to bed, it's unthinkable. Oh well. I'm exhausted. It was seriously hard to move when I got home, like hard to motivate myself to get off the couch to turn on the PS2. And KH2 wouldn't load at all, so I decided I'd much rather have a new version for the same price as a used one from Blockbuster, so my mom was a sweetie and ran out and bought it for me. Hafta find a way to thank her. ^_^


Jul. 14th, 2006 08:50 pm
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My feet hurt. Not because of my shoes, just because I spent about ten hours just...standing. Sitting down never felt so good. At least it wasn't as chaotic as I thought it would be, and I've kinda gotten the hang of everything. I even know what to do with alterations and holds now.

Not that it matters. Since, you know. I'm fucking leaving at the end of Sunday. Merrrrr...

I also bought an iPod player during my break. It's also a radio, which is just fricking sweet, and it has a connect port to a CD player, which I'll never use but oh well. Woot! And I'm pretty sure I hooked it up right. So all is right again, I muzak.

Can I just say that, Anti-Sora is teh awesome (Master Form pwns pretty hard too)? And Atlantica is teh suck? And where are the Organization guys? I haven't seen them in awhile.

In Mot--Piffwing has made her appearance, yaaahooo!! Which is the reason for the title. Christina's probably the only one who will understand that. Except that this time around Piffwing is a crazed, energetic spirit of wind, and not a pink furball who spouts random prophecies. Though the new Piffwing still yells sa-pwang all the time and speaks in rhyme when she wants to. Which confuses Morgan to no end.

And there is action again! I realized a little while ago that there is a general lack of fight scenes in Mot--it's mostly drama, which is fun but doesn't involve magic and deadly metal pointy things.

Liz finally made it to Minnesota. She flies standby because her aunt works for the airline, so she didn't make the first one, then made the late one to Ohio and I guess didn't make the second one, though somehow she's now in MN, safe and sound, apparently.
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So I found out today that I technically don't have a job. I'm just an extra. I'm getting paid--got paid for training, getting paid for work days, so that's good. But technically, I'm not an employee of Nordstrom. I'm just an extra hired for Hell Weekend, the sale that begins tomorrow. After it ends Sunday, I'm gone. So I get paid for six days, and that's it. Definately not enough to go to the con with Julie. I'll have to figure something out. And I'm not gonna have any time this weekend to look for another job--plus I've already applied everywhere else--so I'm kind of screwed. Thanks, Nordstrom. Thanks for completely fucking me over and not even telling me until today. I love how the training person was going on and on about all this bullshit I'm not going to be able to use, and also "oh yeah, we hire within our company blah blah blah" well fuck you, don't tell me that if I'm only working three fucking days.


Plus work just generally sucked today. Went in for an hour and got a tour from the assistant manager, who was very nice and all. Then went into the stock room and re-priced some pants then hung a shitload of shirts. All the while my cramps were getting worse. Driving home was hell. HELL.

Music and Kingdom Hearts II are my solace. Aimee Mann just roxors. And KH2, with the exception of the Atlantica world, is so gosh darn awesome. I've beaten two Organization members. Xaldin is scary. Very...stabbity. I've met a bunch of the others, but haven't fought anyone. Haven't seen Axel in a while, either.

Did I mention there's a Tron world? There's a Tron world. Yes. A Tron world. Which is amazing. Simply amazing. Not the world, I mean, just the fact of its existence. I didn't know Tron was a Disney movie. Is it a Disney movie? I think it was supposed to be more a nod to old video games. Don't forget your roots and all that.

Went to Pirates again last night, sort of to celebrate Liz's leaving for Minnesota for two weeks. It was just as awesome. Noticed a foreshadowing in the movie, too, which I'll put here ) since it contains spoilers. Noticed something else, too. You know in the preview for The Guardian--the Coast Guard movie? The older guy with white hair and blue eyes who's sitting behind the desk reassigning the main character (name?)--dunno the actor's name, but he's the guy who was in the Hatch before Desmond, the guy who got Sayid to torture people. I made a squeedie sound when I saw him. Did anyone else notice that?

I really can't help laughing when the Transformers preview comes up. It looks so intense and then it's like: "...TRANSFORMERS!!" It's so amazing. I've never seen the show so maybe it really is that intense. *snort*

I don't like Will Ferrell much but I really want to see Talladega Nights...Talla...whatever it is. The racing movie. It looks really funny.

I also laughed at the Story of the Nativity preview. I mean...I can't help it. It's funny. How many movies are out there about that? Just hang out for Easter, people. Ba-ha-ha-ha...

XOMG, remake of the Wicker Man, AUGH! I loved the original. Such a crazy ending. Hopefully they'll do it justice this time around. Although you really can't beat Christopher Lee as the Lord of the pagans. I guess Nicholas Cage is in it, I think as the inspector. Oh man, that'll still be brilliant.

Gotta buy that movie.


Jul. 11th, 2006 07:11 pm
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You know who Organization XIII reminds me of? The FMA homunculii. Not quite as sadistic (*koff* so far...), but the homunculii just wanted to be human, too. Awww....Man, you know a game is good when good and bad aren't clear cut. Who's side am I supposed to be on?

So yes, KH2 still owns my soul. The plot hath thickened! This is probably the best game I've ever played, Disney-ness notwithstanding. <3 for Axel and Demyx. Demyx who pwned me several times before I beat him, dammit. Waterboy.

Jobbage, neh? I have to work all three days of the sale, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 8-5, 9-6, 9-6, respectively. Which is all kinds of suck. But oh well, it's money. And hopefully they'll keep me after the sale ends, though I'm not sure. Suppose it depends on how often I fuck up this time. Also have to come in at 5 on Thursday, I guess to go over some stuff.

I got writing done!! It's a Tagrang scene and he has met *drumroll* Kara, another secondary character who is turning out to be pretty interesting. And connections have been made! It's all very awesome. Tagrang's going to learn some things he doesn't want to learn, which will affect his relationship with his best-enemies E and Kail later on.

And J won't be long in coming now. Cannnnnn't wait!!
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I spilled pink lemonade ALL over my desk. My iPod player got hit the worst; fortunately my laptop didn't get much on it, though it did start spazzing for a few seconds. But I turned it off and it seems to be running fine. My notebook and all the doodads on my desk got hit bad too, so I have some stuff sitting out in the sun to dry off. As for the iPod player? Well, it seems to work now that I've gotten all the pink lemonade out of it, but when I put my iPod back in to play it--it played alright, but the iPod screen started flickering. Fuck. These things cost a lot--and this one was a gift. Damn.

My job has yet to call me. They're supposed to call me today with my schedule, but nothing so far.

Listening to the POTC2 soundtrack. Tis very very awesome.

KH2 owned my soul once again last night. I completed three worlds, I think. And I've met quite a few Organization members. Everyone seems to be against them, don't they? Though if Roxas was one they can't be all bad, right? Hmm...

I like Demyx.

I tried to write some last night and managed a little bit, but then I got caught up trying to figure out why the dates looked wrong. I've been listing the date at the top of every sectional that includes a day change. It's mostly for my benefit, so I don't have to go back and think, "Okay, how many days ago did X happen?" Unfortunately the dates were off and my mind was mush to I had a hard time figuring everything out. I'd better double-check today. I definitely want to write tonight. Between jobbage and video games I haven't had time lately.

I got another Aimee Mann album along with the POTC2 OST yesterday. The Forgotten Arm. Because I'm addicted. So good so far.

Ugh. After the Pink Lemonade Tragedy I think I need a milkshake or something.


Jul. 9th, 2006 02:30 pm
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France lost! Augh! Good game, though, up until the French player headbutted the Italian guy, RANDOMLY, getting himself red-carded out of the game in the SECOND overtime, dammit. Pissed me off. The game went into penalty kicks, which also kind of sucked, but it was a sweet game in that they were tied for so long and everyone played well. Missed the first half though.

Oh man! Work! I actually had to do real work yesterday. First half of the day was more training for the registers, then after lunch we were supposed to shadow (me and the other new girl) but we ended up behind the registers. It got pretty busy on and off too. I made a lot of mistakes, and one pretty big one, but I was sorta getting the hang of it by the end of the shift. Still don't really know how to do transfers, DTCs or alterations type stuff, but I can do returns and regular transactions. Can open gift cards, too. The guy's gonna call us tomorrow with our schedules.

I don't think I mentioned this. Thursday night, I think, Liz called me up and was like, "Come get me!" Apparently she was in the middle of a game called Border Patrol, which is have a group of people who try to run from one house to another one that's like a mile away or so. Then there's people driving around in cars, so if they spot you you're out of the game, so you have to be all stealthy about it. Supposed to mimic crossing the border, or something.

Anyway, Liz wanted different shoes, so I drove her back to her house and then we sort of cheated and followed some of the other players (who Liz didn't know at all--she was hanging with Steve). Eventually we made it to the house, and Liz asked if I wanted to play the next game, so I said sure, alright. Thing was, I had my sandals on, so I eventually just took them off and was running around, in the dark, at night, barefoot. On streets and through bushes and stuff. Baaad, idea, though it definitely toughened up my feet some. We got caught eventually, but it was pretty fun. After that Liz went with Steven and the others and I went home. I found out later I had like a little metal shard embedded in my foot. Haha, didn't even know it was there. Tweezers didn't get all of it out, either, so now my foot hurts. Yay, tetnus!

Dwah!!! Kingdom Hearts! I finally beat the first one! Geeezus, those final bosses were hard. And the ending was sad, too. But after I beat it I decided I couldn't wait so I ran out to Blockbusters (at 8 pm last night) and got the second one and played that for HOURS. The second one kicks ass! Better graphics, better gameplay, better music, and I like the storyline a lot better, so far. And Roxas and the Organization dealio are awesome! Axel especially--I love pyromaniacs with crazy hair. I miss Roxas and Axel already. The whole thing was so sad and emotional, which is why I like the storyline so much. Though it seems more like a movie than a game--there's a lot of cinematics, which I'm not really complaining about, though it kind of cuts down on gametime. Though if I remember there were a lot of cinematics in the beginning of the first one too. Still...*sigh* Poor Roxas! Poor Axel!

Haha, I can already see why those two are the subject of much, much slashing out in the fan world, though I haven't played the game enough to derive my own opinion of that.

Kingdom Hearts might very well own my soul now. Both games are so fun. I played until about two-thirty last night. Totally forgot I had a computer. is so tiring. I slept for an hour on my lunchbreak. Naps are lovely things. Don't know when I'll be working next, though I'm sure both me and the other new girl--her name is Megan, I believe--will be working all three days of the sale next weekend. Gah, that's gonna suck.
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I love Aimee Mann. I love Aimee Mann. Two CD's of hers and not a single bad or annoying song. I'm a bit picky when it comes to music, I usually find at least one song on every CD that I just don't like as much as the others, but not so with Aimee. After I bought Lost In Space I decided to check out some of her other stuff and downloaded Bachelor No. 2 (Or, the Last Remains of the Dodo) and it's as brilliant as the other one.

Also, her song Deathly is totally Hex Tatem's song. It's so utterly Hex. Thats where the title comes from, actually. That line is also in Magnolia.

Waugh! Kingdom Hearts! I'm like a level from the end and the story's gotten intense. For a Disney game, y'know. I feel bad for Riku. And Sora.

Ugh. You ever write something and then stop and not even have to look at it to know it's crap? The first part of the E and Kail scene went really well, because it's the very first time you get insight into Kail's post-traumatic stress and some of the sources of it. But the second part, when he wakes up and E is there just doesn't work at all. It's just crap. I'm gonna have to rewrite it tonight. Man, I stayed up till six AM writing that, too.

Ahhhhh, Aimee Mann owns my soul now.
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I got a card from Raya today that said "twee!" on the front. It was supposed to be a birthday card (a very late b-day card) but she mostly sent it to me because it said "twee!" Which I say on occasion. I love Raya.

Kingdom Hearts is officially miiiiine. For an extra nine bucks, it's miiine. Woot! And I'm almost done with it. So much love for that game--it's so fun and hella cute.

I'm still not sure about what to do with the next scene of Mot, so until the muse and I can come to an agreement I'm working on timelines and character bios. I fixed up E and Kail's from the ones before, when they were part of the old Mot (the one with Naioh and flying people). Also did Boone's and Hex's, and found out some things about them I hadn't realized before. Bios can come in so handy. I'm gonna finish up the Mot bios and probably do a few for Fox, North, and Gecko. Gecko in particular needs herself a bio.

New Layout

Jun. 26th, 2006 05:10 pm
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Got bored with the old layout. I like this layout a lot better, though the other one you could customize a bit more. I'm digging the monochromatic scheme going on, too.

I've made the living room my new base of operations. For some reason sitting at my desk in my room isn't as comfortable as it once was. I'm not sure what exactly it is, like I'm too big for the desk, perhaps. I did get the thing when I was seven. My mom doesn't want to get rid of it--my Grandma gave it to me. As for the family room, it's comfortable but I can't write there because everyone's always going through there, watching TV and stuff. Here in the living room no one goes. It's like a no-man's land.

Better stereo out here, too.

Apparently Blockbuster has this policy where if you keep a game or rental for X days, they'll let you keep it for an extra X bucks. KH is really overdue already, so I figure I'll keep it. I like it enough. Thinking of picking up the second one too. Just need to finish this one first. I think I'm pretty close--I'm in Neverland.

Going out to dinner to celebrate the finding of jobbage! Sushi? Indian? Italian? Choices, choices!


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