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Oct. 24th, 2007 06:43 pm
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First of all I want to thank everyone who gave their sympathy when Shadow died. It means a lot to me. Especially Julie who got me flowers XOMGSQUEE I love that girl! It's easier now, but it's still weird and hurts to think that he's gone.


Anyway. So obviously there's been a lot of news the past week or so. Some good, some bad, some just LOL.

Like, I dunno, Dumbledore being GAY?

Muah-hahahaha! Oh man, can't you just feel the fundies' heads exploding?

I wish she'd put it in the book, though. I don't understand all these people who are saying "oh it's such an advancement for children's literature," because no, it's not, not unless you come right out and say it in the text. It's not enough to state it after the last book has come out--in fact, it's cheap.

But it's still fun news, lol.

Lots of less fun news, though. So, most people by now have heard about this Jena 6 issue. But I think that Jena 6 and all the publicity it's been getting has been a catalyst for something a lot bigger. Stuff like this is starting to crop up all over the country. Even in Ithaca.

Anyone who lives here--well, anyone who goes to college here, anyway--would tell you how crazy that is, because Ithaca is supposed to be this bastion of liberalness and equality and awesomeness in an area that's got an incredible reputation for racism and bigotry. But, nope. Turns out that Ithaca is no better than the little rural towns around it.

Pretty much what's been going on is, recently (within the last year that is) this high school girl was on the bus to school and was being harassed. Now, the girl was black and her harassers were white boys, I think. I guess it got to be enough of a disturbance that the bus driver, in an amazing display of racial equality, decided to put the girl--the victim--off the bus. That pretty much blew things up, and now there's an incredible degree of racial tensions in the Ithaca High School. It's gotten to the point that people are hanging nooses above black teacher's classrooms, and people who have friends across ethnic lines are no longer allowed to sit with those friends at lunch. There's a constant rumor circulating that there's going to be a school shooting.

It's been pretty amazing though, because the high schoolers rose up in response to all this bullshit and led a major protest against the whole thing. The school board has been dragging their feet and generally not helping at all, so lately people have been rallying at school board meetings on the subject to try and wake people up (the most recent one was last night). Ithaca townies and students/professors from the colleges have gotten involved too.

I haven't heard specifics, but I guess this is happening across the nation. I'm kind of worried for Foothill. Over the four years I was there you could just feel things getting progressively worse, with the administration cracking down, with fights happening more often, with divisions cropping up between races and most notably the burning down of one of the portable buildings, and also with the general lack of things for teenagers in Pleasanton to do. I really, really think that something awful is going to happen in Pleasanton in the next few years. Hell, if tensions are heating up across the nation, we could have a serious incident pretty soon.

The good that's coming out of this, though, like with the high schoolers in Ithaca, people are starting to become aware of the egregious inequalities and racism still present in this country. I guess people thought that those things had gone away with Civil Rights. Noooo, darlings. We've got a lot of work to do.

Oh, and meanwhile, California is burning to a crisp. Apparently because some jackass freakshow thought it would be a good idea to light some dead grass on fire. Whoever you are, you little shit, I hope you burn in your own fire for this. People are dying, homes are being destroyed, pets are being lost, and this little fuck obviously doesn't care.

The fires are nowhere near my house, so I'm not worried about my family or anything, but still. How can someone knowingly cause a natural disaster? How do you live with yourself?


And in the rest of the world, well, they're still killing monks in Burma, though of course we'll never know about exactly what's going on since they freaking cut off the Internet in the country. Any figures that come out will come from independent journalists or from the country itself, the latter of which certainly can't be trusted. Oh, and people are blowing themselves up in Pakistan again, and racial tensions are flaring in Turkey to the point that some people are considering invading Iraq. Hoo-boy.

So, general chaos, mayhem, death, doom, destruction. What else is new?

Well, at least the Red Sox have come back to the Series. Game 1 tonight. Haven't had much else to cheer about lately, so I'm excited.

Oh, and I'm rolling again on Mot. To the degree that I think I'll have it done before the end of the year. *crosses fingers*

And I have some new characters to introduce you to, eventually.


Jul. 28th, 2007 10:10 pm
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Naruto 364. SPOILERS! )

Not much else to report. I'm still not gonna put up anything big about the latest Harry Potter book, except to say that I'm trying to make a nice icon that says Mischief Managed. God textures are hard to figure out. It was excellent, probably the best book of the series, though I maybe could have done without the epilogue. Yes, there's an epilogue--no, saying that isn't a spoiler.

Saying that everyone is killed by green mice in the epilogue, now that is a spoiler.


Got the latest two Monster mangas and HOO-BOY, they were awesome. Quite intense. You can tell that it's steadily, slowly heading toward the end. Also, I got the last Death Note, and I got the latest D-Gray Man. Oh and HOLY POOP, Mushishi is on DVD and MUSTANG does Ginko's voice. The English dub isn't particularly good or bad, and I'll always prefer it in Japanese, but WOO, DVDs! I'm also slowly approaching the end of Get Backers, which has been quite amazing, and I'm slowly chugging through Sousei no Aquarion, which is very fun, but damn the slow downloads.

I feel like a lazy butt. I haven't done any writing lately. AT ALL. I suck. I've been videogaming and watching Discovery Channel and futzing around online, and every time I try to start writing I just go *fttzzzzzzzsplut* I still haven't heard back from the 100 themes people. I know where to go in Mot--I've figured out what's really bothering me about it lately--but I just can't get the motivation to do it. The Penta rewrite has once again come to a standstill. North has been jumping around in my head a lot lately but none of it gets on paper, though I do know where to go next. And this new idea, the one with the dreams, has been floating around in my head. I've got some of the characters in mind, some world-building stuff, but, well, it's never good to start thinking about a new project in the middle of another one.

Prolly gonna go see Hairspray tomorrow since I've wanted to see the play and I figure if I can't see the play, might'swell see the movie. I've heard good things about it. I also got my hands on a copy of 300 (before release date, baby!! And The Queen which I've heard is excellent.

And also, I've been watching Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters and Man vs. Wild rather obsessively on Discovery, and I love them to itty bitty pieces. Though I guess there's been a report that the guy in Wild has been spending some of those nights in hotels instead of out in the wilderness and stuff like that. Dunno how true it is, but it makes me quite sad. Still love the show, though. And Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters are both so much fun.

So, I do have two movie reviews, but I'm not in the mood to type them up right now. Later.

Job's been going swimmingly.
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It was excellent.
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ALA;KJDLFJKDL;LSAS you guys. Two days. Two days, that's it! Two days until all questions are answered. Until we find out the truth about Snape. Until we find out if Harry lives or if he dies. Until we find out where and what the last Horcruxes are. Until we bid farewell to Harry, the OT3, Hogwarts, and all the characters we've come to know and love for a final time.

You know, the first time I even saw a Harry Potter book was when my grandparents sent me one for Christmas. I think I was 12 or 13. I looked at the cover and wasn't particularly enthralled and didn't actually start reading it until some time later. Now I'm twenty and the series is ending. This is something I've grown up with, so this is important.


I'll promise you all right now that I will not post any spoilers on this LJ, not even under cuts. No hints, even. I'll post a review of the book, but that's it. I won't even tell you if it had a good ending or not. Nothing. At least not until a few months have gone by and I can assume that most people have read and finished the book, and even then I'll put everything under cuts and put up a spoiler warning. I care a lot about this. Especially since I found out that some asshole put the book online not long ago and that some people out there apparently know what happens. I'm trying to avoid anything and everything I think could have info about Harry Potter.

Two days. Yeah. It turns out that I work until 9 on Friday, which gives me the perfect amount of time to get home, get some shit done and then head to the bookstore. And I do work Saturday but not until 5, I think, or maybe even later than that. If I stay up all night, and I intend to, there's a chance I'll get to finish the book before I have to go to work. Last time it took me a full day, and that included stopping to eat, so yeah.

Holy shit, guys.

Anyway, the job is going pretty nicely so far. I really like this job, now that I'm starting to get the hang of things and I'm not fucking up all the time. Though I'll tell you right now, they have the most rancid liquid soap in the bathroom that I have ever seen. Ugh.

No writing or anime lately, though I did pick up three new volumes of manga from Borders the other day--the latest D. Gray Man, Black Cat, and Monster. The latest two volumes of Monster are out, finally, but I only got the next one. The picture on the back has Tenma holding a sniper rifle, so I'm fairly worried.

And on the writing front, while I haven't really done any writing, I did have a brand new, major idea the other day. The muse is so very fickle. Her attentions are never where I want them to be. This new idea is sounding pretty nifty, though. Pretty much, dreams can come alive, and the story is about a guy whose job it is the quell dangerous or violent dreams and nightmares. It's kind of Mushishi-esque, but I'm trying to stay as far from it as I can. I'll tell you guys more when I figure more out. But I'm pretty sure my MC's name is Walks Alone. Yep. Me and my utterly insane names. My characters must hate me ^_^

I've been keeping tabs on the business with Cloverfield, not quite enough that it could be considered obsessions, lol, unlike some other folks out there on the wide, wide web. People have been picking the trailer apart frame by frame, unknotting the Flash programs on the 1-18-08 site as well as the Slusho! site, analyzing just about everything that can be analyzed, but so far nothing has really come to light. The general consensus right now is that the main clues to figuring things out are in the trailer and in the History section on the Slusho! site, which has a lot of interesting tidbits to chew on. And supposedly we're going to find out a bit more soon, since JJ is gonna be at Comic-Con next week.

I have two movie reviews for you, but it's late, I'm tired, and I'm not really in the mood to type them up right now. Sorry. But I'll probably have them up tomorrow, since I have tomorrow off, woot.

The bunny peed on me. Again.
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Hey hey, the heat wave is leaving us! Yay!

So yes. We arrived at the theater at 8 nearabouts since we wanted to be early. There were at least 6 theaters playing Harry Potter and ALL the tickets had been sold out. The IMAX line took up most of the central hallway and there were other lines down the other two hallways for the regular movie. We sat around for about an hour before they moved a group of people into one of the theaters, which meant we got to move to the front of the line. Other people started arriving then, namely Lindy--Liz, Sarah and Sarah's friend Craig were already there. About another hour later, they let us into one of the theaters, and we sat there for I think another hour, playing Apples to Apples (which I'd never played before and which was pretty fun). Then I couldn't sit still, so a handful of us went out to get Coldstone (woo!), and by then two other people showed up. Once we got back a wee bit of drama was underway, as Liz had disappeared to take a call and various stuff was happening.

Then, finally, maybe another thirty minutes after that, everyone resurfaced from whatever they'd been doing and the movie started.

Previews first--lemme say right now, I really want to see that 10,000 BC movie, although I wonder if they're gonna be all PC and change it to "10,000 BCE." Probably enough people don't know what that stands for, so I doubt it. I can't remember much of the other previews except for the ping-pong movie, which has the guy who plays Hiro on Heroes. I shouted "yatta" with pretty much the whole theater.

And then, of course, the movie itself started. There was quite a bit of cheering.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix--SPOILERS )

The only reason I didn't post this yesterday was because right after the movie some really stupid drama went down. I'll spare you the details, but pretty much, Liz and I got in a fight, and I was subsequently in a bad mood all day yesterday.

My mom got home today. She's spent the last week and a half in Maine with my grandparents.

I'm finally sort of getting back into writing! I've been looking a lot at Penta, picking at it a little. But nothing worth really barking about.

I did watch a few episodes of Sousei no Aquarion. Oh my god, we've gotta show this next year in ASIC. This is an anime that really needs to be watched in groups and mysted like hell. There is just too much in it that can be taken so wrong. But aside from that it's a fun show with a great soundtrack and a pretty good storyline, so it won't be so bad that they give it the boot.
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I got my tickets for HP5. Which comes out in THREE DAYS, guys. I'm going to the midnight showing with some friends, naturally. I'm seriously, seriously considering dressing up, I just don't know who I'd go as. Haha.

Gah, I can't wait for this movie. It looks like it's going to be so awesome, so much better than the last ones. The actors have all matured, plus we're getting into the major storyline, plus the trailers have been liek woah so far.

Oh man, and the book isn't too far away either. Going at midnight for that, too. And probably reading all night.

Well, got another movie review for y'all.

Tokyo Godfathers )

Julie and I got a pretty brilliant idea for a writing project. I have a good feeling about it. Roaring Twenties. Prohibition. Rum runners. Magic. And crows, for some reason--the muse is demanding crows. I'm not sure where to go with it, but it should be a lot of fun. Don't think we'll get to it for awhile, though. We both have enough projects already.

I'm going to make a much stronger effort to get back into writing. Not just Motley Crew, but the fic, Penta, the 100 Situations, and maybe North if I think I can manage it.

(Oh and just to clarify, I made a mistake in the titling. 100 Themes Challenge is an art challenge, mostly on DA. 100 Situations is the specific challenge that I'm doing, and it's mostly for fanfic, but for original stuff as well. So I'll be changing the tags to "100 situations" instead of "100 themes".)

Dude. Three days, man. Three days.


Mar. 29th, 2007 11:03 pm
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So yesterday was an odd duck kind of day. Slept through Grammar cause I felt like it, got up at one and went to Women and Writing and then my Soc class. And something weird happened--I started feeling all kind of woozy, and I thought it was just me being tired. But that didn't make sense, since I wasn't. Then we started smelling something in the room like burning rubber and people (me included) started getting headaches, so we left early. Then I went home and slept through dinner, which isn't like me. With the lights on, too! It must have been the fumes.

So, D. Gray-Man the anime is really just starting to suck. Just when it starts to get interesting, it goes back to fillers--and really stupid, ridiculous fillers too. I don't understand why, since unlike other anime which needed filler arcs while the manga caught up, the manga is way ahead of the show at this point. There's no reason for it to be so craptastic. *le sigh* So it goes, I guess. Julie and I have given up on Busou Renkin, but we'll probably stick with D. Gray-Man until it passes the point of no return. Like BR did.

God, it has been beautiful the past few days! Cold too because of the wind, but so damn pretty! I went down to the Commons this afternoon to pick up the Sedaris tickets, and it was just so lovely. I had time while waiting for the bus so I went and bought two skirts. They're so nice and froofy and I can run around in them. Woot!

Tomorrow's the ASIC marathon with the second half of FMA. Saturday afternoon might be a Wegman's/Common's trip, but I dunno. Sunday is the Jonestown movie (gotta figure out where Fall Creek Theater is...) and Sedaris after that. I'm gonna have to do some coordinating if I want to make it to both of those.

I'm actually writing North! How did I make it through the roadblock that was the beginning? Easy! I just springboarded over it! I started at the scene where North meets Dark and I'm just gonna continue from there. They're right when they say that if you can't figure out the beginning, just go from somewhere else. Woot! I'm taking a break on the rewrite--a mini one--until I get some more criticisms, and Mot is just giving me trouble in general. Much as I tell myself over and over, I just can't get past the fact that it's so damn long and still not close to being done. Though I'm starting to get more interested in Taenailo's specific predicament, now that I know what exactly it is.

I've also been thinking a lot about Fox and Ramsey, so I might end up getting into those soon. Fox, I've decided, is gonna end up being something like a series. Ramsey will probably be a stand-alone. Then again, I say something will be a stand-alone and then suddenly it explodes and becomes a monster of a trilogy or worse. Lol, Mot was only supposed to be three books, but now it's gonna be at least four. Ah well.

Sucks that I'm getting into writing as two major research papers are about to crash down on me.

Lisa's wedding date has been set! It's May 25th. The invitations should be arriving soon about where and when exactly. Hee! It's too bad that we'll all be home then; would be easier if we were all still on this coast, but oh well, don't care! I love weddings, and I wanna see Lisa again.

And has everyone seen the new Harry Potter book cover? I don't have a link for it, but XOMG.
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Hooray! Wolf finally has trailers up! They're nowhere near to being done with the movie, but the fact that they're in the animating stage is really something. Only taken them what, three years? That would be excruciatingly long in Hollywood terms, but considering the movie is completely volunteer, that's pretty good. No news on when the movie itself is gonna come out, though. I wish I'd been at Anthrocon to see them, though!

I heard yesterday that J.K. Rowling has announced that two major characters will die in the last book. Not that I expected anything different. I'm almost positive Snape will be one of them. Regardless of whether he's truly a bad guy or is still just spying for the good guys, he has to die. And if we go with Molly's theory that Harry is a Horcrux himself, it's a safe bet Harry has to die. She did hint that she might very well kill him off. Which would be interesting. My mom's not too happy--she thinks it's wrong to kill main characters when you're writing a book for kids. Though the series has pretty much transcended age brackets by now.

So the other day I was on my laptop, like usual, and I notice that when I run my nails over the surface stuff comes off. But for some strange reason, the surface looks like it's never seen a speck of dust. So I take one of those orange cleaner wipe things to it, and oh my god the dust that came off was rather disgusting. Which is so weird, because I dust my computer off constantly, plus it didn't even look dirty. But once I'd got it all cleaned off Septimus was noticeably prettier.

I need to start backing up my files more often. Septimus has been giving me a hard time lately, plus he's getting up there in terms of age. Losing all my files is like one of my biggest fears. I'm gonna need a lot of CD's, though...Or I suppose I can just put everything but my writing files onto the external hard drive. Which is still sitting in my room, despite my not having used it for ages.

I'm gonna cook dinner tonight for ten bucks. My parents really are gonna pay us for odd jobs, and I chose Wednesday as my day to cook.

I am GOING to Confluence. I'll talk my parents into it somehow.

And by the way, that thing I wrote yesterday, what I'll call the Stuff and Things Doggerel Poem? It really did help. I ended up staying up for an extra hour writing the first half of the E and Kail scene where their relationship starts to break down. *evil snicker*

I wanna go on a bike ride. It's such a nice day.


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