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Well, we just got back from our annual Yosemite trip. We were up there a bit longer this time; my dad and I went up early on Thursday and the two of us hung out down in the valley until Saturday. I've never spent much time in the valley, but it's actually quite nice, aside from all the tourists and FREAKING MOSQUITOES. Bugs aren't usually a problem at Yosemite, but I guess I'm too used to being up on the rim.

Anyway, we checked Yosemite Falls first, the tallest waterfall in North America for the first night. After that we kind of just tooled around the valley till nightfall, when we went to this ridiculous premade tent-cabin area for the night. At least they had showers and food, but the whole set-up was just silly. Second day we went out Hetch Hetchy, which is a park/reservoir/dam, but it was too hot to do much aside from walk across the dam. Came back at night and just hung around again; saw a bear getting chased by a park ranger on the way back to camp

Next day we did a photo walk early in the morning and walked around some of the meadows taking pictures (saw a deer and her fawn!), then headed up to the proper campground to meet mom and Ben and his girlfriend. That was also the first night for the star party, though it wasn't much this year. Half of what remains of our group didn't go due to various issues, so there were literally four of us with scopes up there. The skies were the best I've ever seen them though, so it was nice all the same. Saturn was up and super clear with the rings edge on, and I could find galaxies and open and globular clusters just with my binoculars. It was cold, but awesome as all hell.

Dad left early Saturday cause he had work, but the rest of us spent the rest of the day there. We hiked Sentinel Dome, which is a smallish dome which has a view of the whole park basically. It's a super steep hike though, so we basically napped the rest of the day until going up again that night.

All in all a pretty damn awesome Yosemite visit, and seriously the best two nights of stargazing I've ever seen. I head back to Ithaca tomorrow night on a red eye, and on Friday I go in for job training at Borders. I'll also have new shoes waiting for me. And my mom who is awesome let me buy some DVDs. All in all this has been a freaking awesome vacation.

I'm exhausted now, so I'm gonna veg for the rest of the day. AKA watch Supernatural :)
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I've been so unbelievably BORED lately. Which is probably part of the reason I haven't posted anything in, like, months. Plenty of stuff has happened, but most of it is big, overarching real life stuff, the kind of things that are just sort of there and that you can't focus on 24/7. Boring stuff.

Let's see...I got a new job. I'm a part-time caretaker for an old lady with Alzheimer's and dementia. There's a total of five of us who look after her 24/7, and it's all under the table, working right in the lady's house. We get paid by one of her daughters. It's pretty decent money, but I really need a second job. My parents are currently paying my rent, but I'm 23 and that's really got to stop. I can't keep mooching on them forever.

Money's been tight all around, which is one of the reasons why Julie has decided to move back home to Minnesota. She needs to get out of here, or at least get away from her current job, which has been crushing her so bad that it's actually painful to watch. I'd like to keep living with her, but this is probably what's best for her.

It also means Pat and I need to find a smaller, cheaper apartment, and that we're both going to be paying more overall for rent. Which is also no good, for one thing because Pat will be paying more than half, which isn't fair, and because my parents will be picking up my half. I'm such a leech.

Speaking of parents, I'll be heading home sometime in July for the annual star party at Yosemite. It'll be good to be back for awhile. And I swear one day I'm gonna drag Pat and Julie with me.

I've gotten thoroughly addicted to Glee and Supernatural. Well, not Supernatural so much anymore. Julie found it first and then we all marathoned basically the whole thing in a matter of weeks. I don't have much desire to see the next season, though I'll try it out. Glee just continues to be awesome, with really great comedy and well-rounded characters. It makes for a hilarious parody of high school in general.

Saw Ironman 2, loved it, saw Kickass, loved it, and I think that's all in the way of movies.

Meanwhile I was pretty addicted to World of Warcraft, but last week my account got hacked and stolen. I'm still waiting to hear from Blizzard, but in the meantime I haven't been able to play at all. Ah well. It's nice to have a good long break from it.

On the anime front, the three of us here have been marathoning Yu Yu Hakusho...I don't really know why, but does there need to be a reason? It's awesome either way. I've also been steadfastly watching the Darker than BLACK OAVS (AMAZING), and two new shows called Durarara and Angel Beats, which are both pretty sweet in different ways. Also Hetalia, since Heathers got me hooked.

I'm finally writing again, specifically a new novel. This is the Jin novel that I'm pretty sure I've mentioned a few times. Basically, space dragons and evil robots. It's fun so far, though for some reason I'm not as crazy-into-it as I was with my previous novels. I've just been so...blase about writing in general, but I'm getting back into it. I think the lack of significant RP lately has something to do with that. I love Route 47, and I think it's gonna keep going for a good while, but it's been so slow for almost a month and a half now that it's become this casual thing, instead of taking up a good portion of my day like before. IDK. I'm just really unmotivated lately.

Another reason that I'm glad I'm going back home soon, even if it's just for a week, is that I think I'm needed there. I swear, I love my brother but he's going to kill my parents with the stress he causes. If it's not drug addiction and the police, it's fights with the neighbors. This is a major reason I want to become financially independent, because my parents have enough to worry about with Ben around. He really does seem to be trying to do better, but it's not happening fast enough. The best I can do is try to take my burden off of them.

Ah well. Life goes on, even when Israeli commandos are killing activists, the Koreans are at war again, and the oil at the Deepwater Horizon just will not stop flowing.

The Fam

Aug. 5th, 2008 12:13 pm
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My Mommy's in town for two days!

She's actually sort of passing through on the way to my grandparents' place up in Maine. But we're hanging out--took her to Moosewood last night, and we're going to Sapsucker Woods and some of the waterfalls once the damn dryer actually does its job >:|

Been a few years since she was able to come out, and she's never been able to meet my roomies, so this is pretty awesome~
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I'm a birder.

Yeah, I know! Actually, I have been all my life, but it only really dawned on me this week. My mom's been getting me up bright and early some mornings since I was probably seven or eight to take me on bird walks to look for birds. And now, I guess, I'm officially a birder. There are a couple reasons for this:
a). Every time I hear "Sora", my first thought isn't this guy. It's this guy. It's a wee little bird sort of like a sandpiper. Hangs around in wetlands and is pretty rarely seen since it's really shy.
b). I've started keeping lists, which is automatic entry into the ranks of geeky birders.
c). I make snap judgments about people based on whether they can tell what certain birds are. I automatically dislike you if you point at an egret and say "look at the pelican!" or can't tell that a moorhen is a moorhen and not a freaking duck. Alternately, I have a good deal of respect for you if you look up at the raptor soaring overhead and can automatically tell what it is (or can tell birds by their songs. That's a talent I wouldn't mind having). I'm kind of a bitch when it comes to people's knowledge or lack thereof about birds, I suppose. In short, know your egrets, dammit.
d). I can tell a palm warbler from...well, the other warblers.

So! Florida, as most know, is a hotspot for birding, and my grandparents are moving away in January, so this was pretty much our last chance for some great birding before then. My mom and I went birding at least once every day, usually twice (morning and evening are the best times), and my dad came along each time since he's been camera-happy for the past few years. We saw the usual array of great blue herons, egrets, purple gallinules, ibises, moorhens and alligators (not a bird). But we also saw some rare ones--a snail kite, a least bittern, dozens of limpkins, about as many soras (remember him?), and monk parakeets (holy shit! not native of course, but they're counted now since the escapees have colonies all over the south).

I also spotted a painted bunting. Which means I can die now. This has been my grail bird since I first saw a picture of one in my mom's bird book. I was probably eight.

And, today, the day after we got back from Florida, my mom and I found a calliope hummingbird at our feeder. Also rare and never seen at this elevation.

It's been a good week.

My family is actually weirder than I initially thought. Not in any particularly big way. No divorces even. But still. Weird.

Christmas lists are pointless.

It is indeed possible to get a sunburn. In December. In the Northern Hemisphere.

The snake-head fish is actually not as much of a threat as everyone thought. It's rather like the killer bee that way (if you don't know what I'm talking about, never mind. Or google it).

My grandfather served under General Patton (!)

I actually don't really like turkey. I know, blasphemy. I mean, I don't like it alone--it needs gravy or cranberry sauce or some such. So maybe that's not so weird? I dunno.

The Circle of Magic books are probably my favorite series of Tammy's. Fucking. Brilliant. I love the characters, each and every one, even the not-so-nice ones. (Except Aymery. Bastard).

It is apparently virtually impossible to find Phoenix Wright games, especially the first two. I got hooked a week or so ago at the Grants after party when a girl there lent me her DS for a half an hour or so and decided I wanted one. Got Final Fantasy XII (I think? It's hard to keep track) for the DS instead, which is good and fine since it's really enjoyable. The lack of Phoenix Wright-ness was remedied today (the third one. Anyone know whether it's any good? It was the only one available). As well as my lack of Doctor Who, Karas and Phoenix (Osamu Tezuka. I'll find out soon enough whether he deserves the title of God of Anime).

I will not be finishing Motley Crew before the year's end like I predicted. Though I hope to get it done before I get back to Ithaca...probably won't happen, though.

Absinthe is legal in the United States as of recently.

That's about it, I think. At least, I can't remember anything else right now.

Christmas was nice. I got a bottle of Absinthe, two books (*sigh*) and various and sundry other nice things. The food was great. I made brown bread. A bag of delicious snacks that consisted of chocolate-covered graham cracker bits vanished from the face of the earth (no, really, we searched everywhere). My brother and I didn't get into any fights. When I wasn't birding, I was reading, or lying around, since aside from birds Florida is really quite boring. Got home yesterday.

I still don't know when I'm going back to Ithaca since my Dad's being lazy. I'm trying to get in touch with Blockbuster so I can get a few hours while I can.

Shadow's ashes are in a cedar box. It's weird being able to throw things like orange peels into trashcans without worrying about him getting into it. It's weird not finding dog hair everywhere, and being able to leave a plate of Cornish hen bones on a plate on the floor for an hour without him coming to eat them. Apparently we're getting a new dog sometime soon.

I dunno.

Well. New Year's is almost here. Hope everyone had a good holiday already.


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