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I hereby swear:

Next year, I am going to Comic-Con. Costs be damned >|
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I found a dead lizard outside of apartment 25-1. No, seriously. A dead lizard. In winter, just skooshed there on the concrete, right outside the door. What the fuck! A dead lizard! It doesn't make sense! It goes against all logic!

Well. In other news, life and college is EATING MY FACE, and there's various drama shit going on, and we've apparently found an apartment. Or rather, a house. Um. Three floors, the most beautiful kitchen ever, four bedrooms, XOMG it is gorgeous and affordable, assuming we live with six people. So far that seems to be the plan. Julie's been buying furniture already! We're going to be responsible adults!...Sort of!

This means I have to get a job here for the summer, so I'm thinking of Brotchen, this awesome little bread-and-coffee shop down on the Commons.

Let's see. Tales of the Abyss continues to pwn. There's been quite a bit of brain break there recently. And I finally got my copy of Persona 3 which is prooobably the most amazing game ever. It consists of you shooting yourself in the head to summon a monster which fights other monsters. It's supremely existential and psychological and brilliant. The gameplay is probably the most elaborate of any game I've seen, and the soundtrack is pretty wonderful.

Also, the RP has gotten a whole lot more intricate, and there's a bunch of new people who have arrived, including the Tenth Doctor and the most recent Master, Persona 3 characters, a serial killer from "Dexter" and the main character from "Psych," among others. Woot.

ASIC has been room-hopping, and now we're in one of the lecture halls in Williams, which is pretty brilliant. Nodame Cantabile and Gurren Lagann have reached new heights of brilliance. Nodame has gotten more layered; and Gurren Lagann is about to do a timeskip (so I've heard).

Oh, right, Boskone. Well, it went from late Friday to the middle of Sunday, and it was awesome, as cons are wont to be. The panels were a lot more enjoyable than the ones at World Fantasy. Everyone was very friendly, there was a weapons display, and the art room had some amazing pieces in it. I didn't buy a single thing. I'm trying to cut back on my spending overall.

Amanda and Darcy, Julie's little sister, came with us, and we rode up with Tammy, Tim, Cara Coville and one of Bruce Coville's assistants. Good times were had by all, and now, thanks to Tim's podcasts, I think I want to learn some programming. /wrists

I also got a lot of writing done. Mot is this close to being finished. I intend to be up quite late tonight, writing.

...My icon makes me want to watch Ergo Proxy again.
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I don't know how bad it is, but they wouldn't tell me anyway, so there's no point in asking. I'll just assume that it ain't good and act accordingly.


My Methods class is officially back in CNS now that the ceilings are repaired (I didn't see any damage). It's kind of a shame, even though Smiddy is grungy and far away. I no longer get to walk past Steve Zissou's head on my way to class (people have been doing those spray paint stencil faces all over campus. There's a Mr. Rogers near Park).

Also, I know I haven't mentioned this before, but Julie, Amanda and I are going with Tammy et. al. to Boskone, which'll go from Friday to Monday...ish. In any case, I'll be off campus for those four days. I'm quite excited because, well, it's a con, and Amanda is pretty much flipping out that she gets to travel with Tamora Pierce. Unfortunately I think this means that we'll end up missing ASIC this Thursday, since we'll have left by then. Guess I'll just have to download, muah-ha.

Oh, Boston.

I was up till 6 AM Saturday night and then about 4 AM last night writing for Motley Crew and XOMFG I think I'm ACTUALLY GOING TO FINISH IT. And, like, soon. Dear god, what am I going to do then?

My plan for now is to shift my focus back to the Pentagram rewrite since it's the one I want to step into the world of professional writing with. But I think I'm also going to start work on North, as well as the next installment of Motley Crew, since it's the only thing right now that I have solid ideas for.

The Mot I have right now was originally supposed to be only one book--the first in a trilogy--but you've heard me bitch and moan these past months about how massive the whole thing has become. Pretty much now we're looking at an EPIC serial. This book is probably going to be divided into two, if not three. I'm going to try and show restraint for the "next two books," though I'll probably fail as epiclly as I have this time around in that regard. In reality there isn't as much planned for the next two. The trilogy (remember it's now a series) was supposed to go kind of like this--book one presents a problem, book two elaborates on it, and book three resolves it. Kind of like a really, really, really big story arc.

The elaboration and resolution shouldn't take as much time (or space) simply because it pretty much consists of "everyone goes off and gets shit done, then there's a huge fucking fight scene."

Every epic should end (or almost end) with a huge fucking fight scene, methinks.

Well, we'll see how it goes. Much as I love my boys and girls of Mot, North and her buds have been calling out to me for the past year, and after taking that year to polish the world and certain parts of the plot to sparkling, I think it's high time I started work on it. But editing of Pentagram comes first. I don't intend to even start edits for Mot until this summer. My general policy after finishing something is to give it a thorough once-over and pick at it a little, but that will be it.

In other news, Julie and I are going to look at off-campus apartments today like REAL ADULTS. Oh god. The plan is to stay in Ithaca over the summer and find a place in town to live. I've got my sights set on a job on the Commons. Living off campus is apparently cheaper than living here, and also we get to have kitties.

After twenty-one years of wanting a cat, I can finally have one. No way I'm letting this opportunity pass by.
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So we got a new dog. She's a German shepherd mix, 3 years old, very big and very loving. Her name is Shasta.

It's nice having a dog in the house again. She has her own crate in my parents room and there are dog toys strewn across the floor once again, as well as muddy pawprints on the hardwood. She has a lot to learn, and so do we, of course. She's a lot bigger than Shadow and a lot younger. Less boisterous than he was at her age, but his nose didn't reach the edge of our counters. She's also had some trouble with the whole "peeing outside" thing. But she's sweet and adorable and her ears are really soft so it's all okay. We're actually going to train her this time, unlike we did with Shadow.

She looks a lot like a German shepherd--same coloring and shape--but her head is boxier than a shepherd's and her ears do this curl-over thing that's really quite adorable. I almost wonder if she's got some pitbull in her, but who knows.

Ahh. She's a great dog so far. We've only had her a day.

In other news, California is drowning. It rained all day today, to the point that we needed sandbags because water was coming in the garage. Our yard is a lake, and out back where the broken sump pump is there's a veritable pond. It's supposed to continue like this for the next two days, I hear. The water's up to the edges of our house in some places. It's never gotten like this that I can remember, at least not while I was here. Now if only we had something like this during the fires. Maybe this is Nature's way of making up for it.

I've been relaxing for the most part. Chillaxing. Going to the gym. Making cookies. After a semester like the last one I think I deserve a few days to just hang. Gonna start work as soon as Blockbuster gets back to me (I'm going to call them tomorrow and find out what's going on). Watching Shasta is going to take work too. In the meantime I've been catching up on all my manga and have used up my Border's giftcard.

A new character has been introduced in Monster--Wolfgang Grimmer--and I think I love him. He's pretty damn awesome. It's such a shame that the anime sucks so much. It really could have been awesome. True, Monster doesn't have a lot of action in it, but they pulled it off with Death Note...there aren't enough awesome mystery animes out there. The Monster manga doesn't even compare to the anime; it's without a doubt my favorite manga right now. Even though Naruto is awesome. To tell the truth, Monster is the only manga I read that still really, really catches my interest. I've kind of fallen out of D. Gray Man and Fullmetal Alchemist, Fruits Basket, Bleach, Mushishi and Re:Play take way too long to come out, Black Cat I'm shaky with, and Naruto is brilliant but I've read it all before.

I love Monster. And Grimmer is seriously the shit. Probably my favorite Monster character, even though I still love Tenma (he's so cute now with his long hair and kicked-dog expression). And Johan remains one of the most frightening manga villains ever.

I finally found the Shippuuden OST and HAVE IT. XOMG. The music is SEX. Sex for the ears. Musicgasm.

Also, I've caught wind of an anime called Dennou Coil. I've seen the first episode and it looks pretty promising so far. It has a similar look to Haibane Renmei...I haven't researched enough to find out if it's the same people. It's similarly confusing too, but I'm hoping things might be explained. It's a cyberpunk sort of show--a world that seems to coexist with cyberspace, where there are pets and other things made out of data and people who wear special glasses that enable them to see those things.

The things I learn on [ profile] fandomsecrets, lol. It's like my favorite internet place ever right now. It's so wanky and amazing and fun. It's also a great source to find out what shows/mangas/movies people in the fandom world are talking about. Certainly some of the fans are completely insane or slash-happy or shipwarriors, but usually if people are buzzing about something it's worth listening to. The community is how I found out about Gurren Lagann, Baccano!, Nodame Cantabile, Dennou Coil, Tales of the Abyss. Heh, it also taught me which things to avoid.

Check it out. It's pretty hilarious most of the time.

Also, apparently I'm one of the moderators over at [ profile] ya_fsf_con. This one you definitely should check out. This is Julie and Tammy's brainchild--the idea is to establish a con that caters to YA fantasy, since there isn't one and since YA is sadly lacking at other literary cons. Also, while fantasy writers get looked down on by "literateur" writers, YA fantasy writers get looked down on by other fantasy writers who consider themselves "legit." What better than to have a place where we feel welcome, happy and safe to talk about the stuff we like? I'm doing what I can to help them make this happen, but so far I've had trouble putting on my mod-hat. I'm in charge of leading the search for grants, since this little adventure is going to take a lot of money. Right now, federal grants aren't looking to good, but I'll keep searching--but I think we're going to have to look at foundational grants, which is good since they tend to award money more often.

There are a lot of people out there with more skill than me, though. I probably won't end up writing the grant or even doing most of the fund-hunting. It looks like there's already a lot of people who know what they're doing more than me. *shrug* I guess I just feel overshadowed, but I can't let that get to me. I am a moderator, after all, plus I'm part of this.

I'm going back to Ithaca on the 15th--not on a red-eye this time, thank God! Lol, I'm also going to end up with Julie on the flight from Detroit into Syracuse. My dad and his travel-finaggling abilities.
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The "T" is silent.

So! How 'bout them Heroes? Eh? Eh? Yeah, pretty awesome, huh?


So, the Con Report is gonna be behind a cut since it'll probably be substantial. Before that, though?

I have a serious famous!person! crush on Guy Gavriel Kay. And his sexy, strange voice.

The Con Report! )

Also, Sharona, Michelle and Amanda are working to set up a new English class for next semester which will consist of us getting together, reading fantasy and sci-fi books, and talking about them. Fuck yeah.

And I'm writing Mot again!
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So tomorrow at 4 I'm leaving with Julie to spend the night with Tammy. Then Thursday we're driving up to Saratoga to go to World Fantasy Con.

This'll be my second con EVER, and seeing as the first one was tiny, but still wonderful, I think this one's gonna be ten times the lulz. We're gonna be sharing a hotel room with four others, one of whom is a friend of Julie's. The con runs from Thursday to Monday. There will be books, art, agents, famous people, pretty things, pointy things, and six fantasy/writerly/art-minded girls sharing a single hotel room for four days. Oh the times we shall have.

Sarah Monette and Laura Anne Gilman, two of my favorite authors right now, are going to be there. And Tammy, of course, as well as pretty much all the big names in fantasy and such, and the famous [ profile] ladyjaida is going too. I'm going to be surrounded by awesome and successful people and will probably come away feeling very tiny and unsuccessful, but also with new ideas and, hopefully, hope. And shiny things.

Also, augh, Thursday is the first day of NaNoWriMo, and I still don't know if I'm going to do it. November is going to be the bitch month from hell in Grants since we're gonna be going through two whole components of our proposal, but I'd like to try and push myself to finish Mot. Actually, I've told myself that I'm going to finish it by the end of the year. Will I do it? Who knows. Gonna try, though. As for NaNo, well, I suppose I could use it to churn out a bunch for Mot, or maybe I could work on North.

News about North! It turns out that her world is going to have more than one story in it.

Uh, let me rephrase that.

Pretty much, North's world, which has no name right now, is going to have other stories set in it. In other words, it's going to be like Tammy's Tortall. I've got a pretty awesome idea in mind for something that happens about 100 years after North's story. I'll explain it and introduce the characters in another post, though.

In other news--we're watching Ouran in ASIC alongside Death Note, and I think Ouran is being taken pretty well. It's hard to dislike that show, really.

And you know what pwns hard?


You know what else pwns hard?


And you know what else pwns hard?


Holy poop. All three shows are just doing so awesome right now. The most recent episode of Heroes was probably the best of the season, which dragged its feet in the beginning but now is picking up steam. House is always awesome and more so now that he's got all these newbies running around. And Avatar? Dooon't even get me started. I think this is my favorite season thus far. Well worth the wait.

Discovered a new awesome and relatively obscure anime (I've been doing that a lot lately) called Darker Than Black. Check it out. Incredible animation, complex and intriguing storyline, plus a kickass main character.

Meanwhile the fires are finally out in California (mostly) and there was just an earthquake ten miles from my house (which is more fun than bad).

Anyway. Off I go into the wild blue yonder of con-dom. No, Jules, I'm never letting you live that one down.

Flameo, hotmen!


Aug. 1st, 2006 12:17 am
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Long post follows! So the con report shall be under the cut.

Welcome to Con-dom--Jules said that, and I shall never let her live it down! )

After all that it was off to the airport for the flight back, the flight that got canceled, fuck you US Airways. Fortunately they had one that left later but by the miracle of time zones actually got into San Fran earlier than the one I was supposed to be on.

The wait? Yes, the wait. I arrived at one and had to wait till six. Which would have been a bummer if I hadn't whipped out the wireless card to see if the airport had wireless. And yes, yes it did have a signal where I was sitting, an exremely low signal, but I decided to hop on the internet, see what was flying. Checked my email, woot, whatever. Then I click on the first bookmark on my faves list that I actually check--that being the Shoebox Project. And what, oh what, should I find?

An update.

I was...well let's just say I was giddy for the whole rest of the day. It was a nightmare, though, because the signal was so low that my internet kept crapping out. In fact it crapped out as I was trying to link to the first part of the update--it was split into two. I was almost resigned to having to go the whole flight without knowing what's happening when I tried the internet again and, miracle of miracles, it worked and I got to read Part A! And I thought, well this is simply lovely, I am very happy right now, I hope Part B is as lovely, and I tried to get onto Part B internet crapped out again.

Waited awhile, tried again, clicked the links as fast as I could and voila! Part B!

Which was...which was...





I was incoherent and giggling and it was a good thing not many people were in the gate yet because I know I was grinning like a maniac and giggling sporadically which would have made anyone look at me like I was nuts, but seriously--I mean--only writing can do this, only writing can make me be seriously happy for hours after I read it, or sad, alternately. In Shoebox's case I was happy to the point of tears, quite literally, I was so happy and smiley and all that my eyes started watering.

You have to read it to understand.

That made my day. My week. My life. I left gratuitous comments for Mi'Lady Jaida, and I should probably leave some for Dorkorific though I don't think she's updated her LJ in awhile. Oh man. They--the--writing--guh--they'll be great one day. They'll be greater than great. Jaida especially. I mean, you read her stand-alone stuff, her original stuff, her other fanfics and it's like, this woman is going to be a bestseller in a few years, and not one of those shoddy bestsellers, I mean a real bestseller, the kind whose books you read and you just cry at the end no matter how sad or happy or bittersweet the ending is, the way you cry when you stand before the Mona Lisa, the way I cried at certain parts of RotK that just overwhelmed me, the way you cry when you're faced, unquestionably, with art.


Well yes. It made my flight actually decent. It's hard to be upset at all after a Shoebox Update.

Watched most of the second Naruto movie inflight as well, which is much more awesome than the first if only because it's got Sabaku no Gaara and Shika-Shika and Kankarou (sp?) and big moving machinery-type things and Sakura actually kicking ass for once, thank you. And Naruto being his Naruto-ey self, telling the bad guys what's what about the world in his Naruto-ey way. Some people get bored or annoyed at the way he almost always manages to change people, get them to see things, not that he really intends to be such a hero, he just speaks his mind. I find it endearing. It made it all the more a punch to the gut when...well.
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Haven't mentioned this before, but we're in the middle of a heat wave. It's been in the triple digits for about a week now--maybe more. Highest was 115, I think? It's insane. I only hope the weather in Pittsburg is better. Of course I'll probably have to contend with humiditiy...maybe.

Leaving tomorrow, bright and early! Confluence starts Friday. I get in about 4 PM tomorrow, and Julie doesn't get in till almost midnight I think, so...oh well. I'll hang out in the lobby, wander around until then I suppose. I'm used to waiting.

It's gonna be fun! Still looking over all the program stuff, and there's so much we want to go to. And all these writerly-types! XOMG!

And Julie tells me there will be...pointies.

I want a pointy.

Bright and early tomorrow, though, my flight's at 6:20 in the mornin'. I'll be awake then anyway, so it doesn't really matter--problem is, I won't be with it enough to drive, plus I don't know how to get to SFO, so one of the 'rents is gonna have to drive me.

Still, it should all work out.

Still haven't heard from all. I don't even know where in the country she is. Man. I wanted to at least see her before I went away. Not that I'm gonna be gone long, but still...

Oh well.

Sporadically packing now. All my clothes are in the wash, unfortunately. And of course most of the shizz can't get packed until later (toothbrush, PJs, laptop, certain books, notebooks, etc). I'm gonna try not to extend my tradition of over-packing. If I really wanted to I suppose I could fit everything in my backpack, even. I still need to check the Pittsburg weather, though...

Oh man! This is gonna be fun!


Oh, on a total sidenote: I was watching a few eps of Lost the other day, and I was thinking to myself--you know, no answer to the Big Question is going to be entirely satisfying. The Big Question being, "Why are they on the Island, what exactly is going on?" Aside from the whole Desmond-crashing-the-plane thing. And I was thinking, "They can't ever really answer that question to the viewer's satisfaction." I mean, part of the greatness of that show is that it keeps you wondering, keeps you asking questions. So give any kind of complete answer to the Big Question would kind of...detract from the show some. Of course, the same is going to happen if viewers end up getting angry at all the questions and mysteries. So I dunno.


Jul. 18th, 2006 07:01 pm
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I'm going to Confluence!! Wahoo!!! Finally got my plane tix and have the hotel-ness mostly worked out with Julie. Leaving the 27th, back the 31st. Yay!

Duuude, I wrote so much last night. 20 pages or something. Seriously, almost non-stop writing from about seven PM to four in the AM. Hells yeah! But as time wore on I think my writing started following my tired brain, so today is all revision time. Got a lot to read over. Also thinking of chopping out a bit. I'm up to 290 pages and they haven't even left Tamara yet. J and Scryes still have to come around too. That'll all add up to probably another thirty pages, give or take. Then probably fifty pages at sea, thirty on the Islands, and quite possibly another hundred for the whole time in Larotha with the Dragons. That adds up to what? *calculates*...500, I think. Hm. Not as bad as I thought. That's assuming I don't think of any other things to happen between now and then. This most recent scene wasn't in my original plan, but it was necessary to introduce a certain new badguy.

Of course, pages don't matter as much as wordcount. Let's check that right now...

152,888! Jeeebus! Wasn't the entire LotR trilogy only 200K? Oh man. And since I'm a masochist, let's check Penta...

236,646. Oh my! Mot is going to top that by some fifty thousand words or so, I'm sure. Penta is 464 pages, Mot will come a lot closer to 500 or more (probably more, rate I'm going). And this is all on Word, too.

Well...this is what editing is for, I suppose. Might as well plug along, write what I want and then go back and kill my baby later. *tear* When I think about how much I'm going to have to chop out...

Oh well. This is the best part of writing anyway--I might as well enjoy it.


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