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Just so everyone knows, this Friday is the Day of Silence, which means I'm going to be shutting up for the whole day. Usually I just don't talk for that time period, but this time I want to go the whole nine yards. In other words, no verbal or textual communication of any kind, starting Thursday at midnight and ending Friday at midnight. So no LJ and no AIM.d

And for my RPmates, that means no tags too. Sorry!
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Warning, TMI incoming.

AKA Kate Syndrome. Kate who has been known to break her tailbone and then get pneumonia and then a kidney infection. Everything EVER will go wrong, medically.

So about two weeks ago I broke out in hives. Epically. Sounds gross, right? That's because it is gross. Sounds funny, right? No. Not funny. Was late to classes due to the not funny of oh-my-god-the-itching-kill-me-now-pleeeease.

Went to Health Center. Gave me prednisone and claritin and hooray, I was feeling better by the first day. Think it might be soy milk. No more soy milk.

Then, a few days ago, sore throat. I can track this by now. Sore throat, gross nose, coughing, it's how all my colds progress.

Two days ago. Random extreme dizzy spell that happens to me very rarely--vision and hearing go skewy, dizzy, almost fainting. Even threw up this time. What the fuck. Went to Health Center again, but apparently it's nothing to be too worried about, something brought on by a combination of things.

Yesterday, the hearing goes in my left ear. I figure it's just my ears refusing to clear cause it's a cold and that happens. But it was achy and not going away today. So went to Health Center again. Turns out it's an ear infection. A bad one. Like, really bad. Pus bad. Implication is that there's a chance I might not get full hearing in that ear back. And now it hurts like a bitch. Am on amoxicillin for it.

Slept all day, skipped classes and work. Will have to call in to work for the whole weekend. Hope they don't fire me.

Just got a call from Julie saying she totaled her car on the way to Syracuse. She's completely fine, but the car is dead.

This is on top of my brother dropping out of college, Elwood getting sick and needing pills forced down his throat, everyone in the house having a cold, and Kate having another kidney infection.

You'd think this stuff would have all happened on Friday the 13th. Go figure.
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Lol yeah haven't had an update in awhile. Not much has been going on, aside from me going absolutely insane over homework and such. Last week was a nightmare. Actually the week before that was too.

Also, I have acquired a real-life stalker! Well, stalker is too strong a word. This guy commented on my glasses on the Commons and then followed me into one of the stores. He helped me out while I looked for some stuff and actually bought me two bracelets. And then he walked me to work an hour before my shift started, since I didn't want to lead him straight to the house. Saw him again the next day coming out of Autumn Leaves, though he didn't follow me that time. He seems like a nice enough guy, but I'm not one to really interact with strangers all that much. I figure I gotta buy him a coffee, at least, for the bracelets. *shrug*

ALSO, this is a call to everyone on my Flist. I need your help, for srs. I've got this survey for my Research Methods class and I need everyone who's willing to fill it out. You don't have to if you don't want to! It's about anonymity online and how it affects people's behavior.

Click Here to take survey

Thanks in advance!


Oct. 6th, 2008 07:11 pm
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Well, it's that time of year again.

It's the time for my annual sinus infection. Which means pure, unadulterated misery and knocking back tea like it's candy.

Much as I hate the Health Center, I'll probably have to visit them tomorrow to get my hands on some amoxicillin. And maybe some klonapin if I can manage it.

Meanwhile, on my way home today something very odd occurred to me. And maybe I'm stupid for not noticing this before, but oh well.

So, the Constitution gives us the freedom of assembly, right? It's right there in the first amendment.

But we need written permission in order to demonstrate, protest or gather for a political cause.

So we're allowed freedom of assembly, but only so long as the government says we can?

Woah thar. Something's not quite right here...

ETA: An unusual thing I've noticed about myself--when I get sick, I act a bit like I do when I get drunk.

That is, I start singing a lot and talking to myself.

Who knew?


Sep. 22nd, 2008 04:37 pm
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Everyone who knows me well knows I'm a chocoholic. I love the stuff. Me and about 75% of the population of women in this country, really. I've been hearing over the years of some of the issues with chocolate--mostly that the plants are running out and the genetic strain for natural chocolate is fading because they so rarely replant the beans.

This is one I hadn't heard, though.

The majority of chocolate (I don't know the exact percentage) consumed in the First World is produced in West Africa, specifically Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire. Which is odd enough when you consider that cacao is originally from South America. The rest of the chocolate does indeed come from South America and Indonesia. But the West African chocolate is the focus here.


Because the cacao plantations in Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire utilize child slaves to harvest and refine the chocolate.

I won't go into the details of what exactly happens to these kids. You've all hopefully paid attention in your American history classes and know what slavery was like in North America in the 17-1800's. So you have an idea.

Now. I didn't know this until my professor brought it up today in class (we're on Marxism). It bothered me so much that I decided to go home and research it. And yes, the child slavery is a true fact. There have even been lists generated of which companies actually utilize slave-grown chocolate and which don't.

The following are the companies that use slave-labor, know they're doing it, and don't care:

Hershey's--no surprise here. They even have a non-disclosure policy that says they can't reveal where their chocolate comes from.
Lindt--this includes Ghirardelli.
Kraft--includes Toblerone.

A couple of these companies, particularly Ghirardelli and Lindt, also utilize cacao from South America. You can usually tell because it will say so on the bar--from Ecuador, usually. This chocolate has a much lower likelihood of slavery, but of course that doesn't rule out exploitation.

The following companies are known to not use slavery, though for a few the issue of fair trade still looms:

Green and Black's--owned by Cadbury, but the company itself is both fair trade and doesn't use slavery.
Ithaca Art Bars--for you folks in the area.
Rapunzel--a brand I've never heard of.
Newman's Own--they've always been good about organic and such, and the chocolate is slave-free, but it's technically not fair trade.
Endangered Species--also in a good cause. Completely fair trade and slave-free
Cloud Nine--another company I've never heard of.
Dagoba Organic--fulfills all three.
Equal Exchange--does what it says on the tin.

There are a couple of companies where there's not enough information to tell what they're doing. Vosges is one of these companies (they're the producers of things like the Red Fire Bar and stuff). They have a page on their website about fair trade and child labor, but the thing is wishy-washy. They do seem committed to other things, particularly women's issues, so there's a good chance that they're doing alright, but they even state on their website that there's no way for them to confirm that their cacao is fair trade and slave-free--or rather, they just don't go to the lengths needed to confirm it.

So, what does this mean exactly? Well, if you're eating a Snickers, Milky Way, Reese's cup, M&Ms, or Lindor truffle right now, it's pretty damn likely that the cacao used to make the chocolate was picked, processed and refined by an eight-year-old slave in Cote d'Ivoire.

Well, I can tell you right now, this is a blow to me. Not only because it means the majority of the chocolate I eat is produced by slaves, but also because the companies have been doing this for years and have made no effort to stop.


As of today, I'm adding Hershey's, Mars, Cadbury, Nestle, Lindt, Godiva, See's and Kraft to my list of companies to boycott. There's only one exception--where Lindt and Ghirardelli are concerned, I'll still be willing to buy their chocolate if I see on the label that it's from South America.

Other than that, this is a complete boycott, not just of their chocolate bars but of their other chocolate products as well. Brownies, cake mixes and so on.

Which means Green and Black's, Newman's Own and Vosges for me from now on.

The only other companies on my boycott list are Coca-Cola and sub-companies (including Vitamin Water) and Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is obvious, but Coca-Cola has a rather lengthy explanation for it that I won't go into now.

I'm also going to make more of an effort in general to buy things that are fair trade because it's just a good idea.

And as a last note, this isn't meant to pressure anyone. It's just something to think about. Also, if anyone wants links to my sources, leave a comment and I'll link you.
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So while we were dancing in Worlds of Music today, my toe cracked open and started bleeding a little. No big deal. I figured I'd walk halfway across campus down to the Health Center and get a band-aid to make sure it stayed closed, you know? I figure it'll take like a minute.

So I get to the Health Center and ask for a band-aid and maybe some Neosporin, and what do they tell me?

They can't hand out band-aids. You have to buy them. Because handing out band-aids is a liability.


I had to get in line for the medication room, then had to wait about five minutes while they processed the transaction. For ten band-aids and some antibacterial cream.

Now. I work in retail, so I know how much it sucks to deal with angry customers. Which is the only thing that stopped me from bitching them all out.

This? This is me furious.

It's one thing to have a customer get angry just because they're impatient. And yeah, I am impatient, but this is different than like, some new cashier taking forever to sell me something. The bleeding had stopped (it was just a tiny bit anyway), but suppose it had still been bleeding? I could have been bleeding into my shoe while they made me wait to buy my goddamn band-aid. For all they knew I could have had hepatitus or AIDS!

And they're worried about liabilities from handing out band-aids?!

Yeah, I know, suing is a big deal, especially on college campuses. But for fuck's sake, all I wanted was a band-aid. Would they have made me wait that long if I was bleeding visibly? Would they bandage me up and then say "oh by the way you have to pay for that." It's like a lifeguard resuscitating you and then demanding 100 dollars on the spot.

I've been forgiving of the Health Center in the past, despite their egregious displays of incompetence, the fact that they lost my prescriptions not once or twice but three times, the fact that they misdiagnosed my friend as having allergies when she had pneumonia, the fact that they've been known to bandage the wrong limb and the fact that they charge ten bucks for you to just lie down when you're about to pass out from anemia. But this is incompetence and unrealistic stupidity on an absolutely unforgivable level.

My family does not fucking pay $50,000 a year so that they can deny me a fucking band-aid when I need one.

And I know it's likely not directly the Health Center's fault--rather it's the policies of Ithaca College. But that just makes me even more pissed off. There is no reason why they can't just hand out a band-aid to someone who is bleeding. I don't care that I wasn't bleeding badly--what if the next person who comes in really is bleeding badly?

It is the most unfathomably stupid policy I have ever encountered on this campus, which frankly, is full of ridiculous policies. I don't think I can bring myself to ever go to that pathetic and incompetent place again.
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Koop has done it again! His last video had something missing from it--but it's back in this most recent video of his, Twilight. It's beautifully rendered, the song fits wonderfully, and it's got the deep sense of emotion that was missing from the previous video. Hooray!

...And now I need to see Kanon. Well, crap.

Called in sick to work today because I woke up feeling insanely tired and woozy. So I slept in, hung around the house for awhile and walked to the Commons. Got a mate from my favorite cult NRM. Then finally managed to check out the little liquor store near the Lost Dog. Good selection! They even have a bottle of tequila complete with worm, which is a big win for me.

My last year of college begins on Wednesday. What the fuck. What happened to all of my time? The future's coming at me so fast. I have no idea what I want to do with my life beyond writing. Although lately I've been semi-sort-of-seriously considering...voice acting. Yeah...weird, I know. But I'm pretty good at sound effects, so...*shrug?*

Starting my senior project on Wednesday as well (supposedly). I'm going to be working on revising Pentagram. Should be epic. Should also get me off my lazy ass on editing the damn thing and maybe, hopefully, starting to send it out. Of course I've said that before, but this time it's for an actual grade. So.

Speaking of college, my brother's begun at Expressions, which is an art college in California. He's in their Sound Design program, which is pretty amazing. Apparently he loves it, but I haven't gotten a chance to talk to him yet.

Work is going well, though hell if I can figure out the website :\

*wards off the oncoming Future with various talismans*
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This is the week from the deepest reaches of hell. Four major papers due, three of them within the next few days, not to mention response-type papers sprinkled in there just for kicks. This one essay has bee absolutely fighting me for the past week. Usually essays are a breeze for me, but every once in awhile one like this will come along. It doesn't matter how motivated I am or how much research I've done or whether the topic is interesting--it just doesn't want to get written, and the end product is essentially a bunch of words vomited onto a sheet of paper. I went to bed at 6 in the morning last night, and I don't expect to get more than 7 hours between now and Friday.

I also don't have a job yet, and I really don't have time this week to even call the one place I've turned in an application to, never mind fill out the forty-fucking-minute applications for Borders and Barnes and Noble. Never mind that, unlike past years, I need a job in order to survive. Welcome to the world, right?

On top of it all, a kid is dead.

I didn't know him at all, but he was a Writing major, a freshman, and he was found on campus in the same pond that we released a goldfish into three years ago. Maybe it's because this is the first time a student has died on campus since I started coming here and he was found maybe 200 yards from the apartment, or maybe it's because we've been calling it Buster's Pond because of that stupid goldfish, but this just makes everything else seem so ridiculous and unimportant and weird. I just want to go walk in the woods and clear my head but I can't even do that. And to think, they've been searching for him all over for the past two days, with helicopters even, and all that time he was just waiting in that pond.

I feel stupid for caring so much and stupid for just wanting to work on my papers and stupid for acting like it means something that it was Buster's Pond. And I feel stupid for putting all of this here because I don't have time to actually talk to someone.

I'm starting to hate this campus. I don't even feel safe here anymore.

At least I'm getting a kitty on Friday.
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There's an interesting little phenomenon that happens at Ithaca and probably at most other East coast colleges. We have this long long long winter and then, just when you think you're going to just die from all the freaking clouds and snow and cold...spring arrives!

However, spring doesn't present itself here the way it does everywhere else in the world. It's not the little green shoots you see in the dirt, or spotting the first robin, or even the increasing temperature.

It's the return of that strange little thing called a Frisbee.

They hibernate in basements and inside drawers and closets all winter, but once it gets warm enough they wake up and take flight and probably make little Frisbees when we're not looking, since you see more of them every year.

And that's how you know spring has come to a college campus.


Wow, I haven't updated in forever, huh? At least not with anything important. Three weeks of school left, I've registered for classes next semester (it's looking ugly, but after this year I think I can handle anything), and I've got an incredible amount of work coming up. The past weekend was kind of nightmarish. Julie and I went to Tammy's place to generally hang out and say hello to the kitties (they caught one of the ferals, a pretty one named Butch), but I had a hell of a lot of work to do this weekend as well, so it wasn't as relaxing as it could have been. Did manage to see an intriguing episode of Torchwood.

Got back middle of Sunday, wrote an entire paper, then pulled an all nighter Monday night reading a book and doing work. /wrists

Still working on getting the money together for the apartment. We still need to pay off the last month's rent, and Kate's going to cover the security.

I'm going to adopt a kitty! He's eight (six?) months old and he's a gray tabby named Grigio, but I'm going to rename him Elwood. Need to fill out the application and gather $65. Julie's adopting one as well, a girl named Ace who she's going to rename Nephry.

Also need to fill out an application to work at Brotchen, since I'm going to need a job this summer, and working at Brotchen sounds awesome. Though I should also start searching for other work, just in case.

I have concluded that EVERYONE likes Journey. People who say they don't are just in denial.

Oh, and, in another example of how the muse desires my death, I've come up with yet another over-elaborate idea for a story, which I'll talk about in an up-coming friends-locked post. (Paranoid? Whut?)

Showed Julie all of Dennou Coil and she died a little over it. Showed her episode 26 of Darker than Black, and she also died a little over it. Also, Mushishi is as awesome as ever in ASIC, and Baccano! is beginning to make some more sense. Persona 3 has gotten intense, Julie and I have set aside Tales of the Abyss until summer, and the RP continues to be abso-fucking-lutely awesome. Julie's going to app Kirihara (fuck yeah!)

There are two characters in Persona 3--Akihiko and Shinjiro--who remind me of Boone and Scryes, which kind of kills my heart a little.

Life is generally okay :)
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Hey you!

Ever wanted a show with gratuitous violence, copious amounts of pure, unadulterated insanity, and REALLY CUTE GIRLS?

Then Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni is the show for you!

Death curses! Torture devices! Dismembered bodies! Irreparable insanity! Cute girls with cleavers! REALLY BIG CLEAVERS! What more could one ask for???

Did you merely raise your eyebrows at Cat Soup? Yawn at End of Eva? Fall asleep during Paranoia Agent?

Not with Higurashi! After watching this show, YOU WILL NOT SLEEP!!

Try Higurashi today! It's a mind fuck--with LOLIS!!



In other news, I went to hear the poet Yusef Komunyakaa read last Tuesday, and it was quite enjoyable.

OMG I am going to WET MYSELF the next time I hear cicadas.
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I found a dead lizard outside of apartment 25-1. No, seriously. A dead lizard. In winter, just skooshed there on the concrete, right outside the door. What the fuck! A dead lizard! It doesn't make sense! It goes against all logic!

Well. In other news, life and college is EATING MY FACE, and there's various drama shit going on, and we've apparently found an apartment. Or rather, a house. Um. Three floors, the most beautiful kitchen ever, four bedrooms, XOMG it is gorgeous and affordable, assuming we live with six people. So far that seems to be the plan. Julie's been buying furniture already! We're going to be responsible adults!...Sort of!

This means I have to get a job here for the summer, so I'm thinking of Brotchen, this awesome little bread-and-coffee shop down on the Commons.

Let's see. Tales of the Abyss continues to pwn. There's been quite a bit of brain break there recently. And I finally got my copy of Persona 3 which is prooobably the most amazing game ever. It consists of you shooting yourself in the head to summon a monster which fights other monsters. It's supremely existential and psychological and brilliant. The gameplay is probably the most elaborate of any game I've seen, and the soundtrack is pretty wonderful.

Also, the RP has gotten a whole lot more intricate, and there's a bunch of new people who have arrived, including the Tenth Doctor and the most recent Master, Persona 3 characters, a serial killer from "Dexter" and the main character from "Psych," among others. Woot.

ASIC has been room-hopping, and now we're in one of the lecture halls in Williams, which is pretty brilliant. Nodame Cantabile and Gurren Lagann have reached new heights of brilliance. Nodame has gotten more layered; and Gurren Lagann is about to do a timeskip (so I've heard).

Oh, right, Boskone. Well, it went from late Friday to the middle of Sunday, and it was awesome, as cons are wont to be. The panels were a lot more enjoyable than the ones at World Fantasy. Everyone was very friendly, there was a weapons display, and the art room had some amazing pieces in it. I didn't buy a single thing. I'm trying to cut back on my spending overall.

Amanda and Darcy, Julie's little sister, came with us, and we rode up with Tammy, Tim, Cara Coville and one of Bruce Coville's assistants. Good times were had by all, and now, thanks to Tim's podcasts, I think I want to learn some programming. /wrists

I also got a lot of writing done. Mot is this close to being finished. I intend to be up quite late tonight, writing.

...My icon makes me want to watch Ergo Proxy again.
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I don't know how bad it is, but they wouldn't tell me anyway, so there's no point in asking. I'll just assume that it ain't good and act accordingly.


My Methods class is officially back in CNS now that the ceilings are repaired (I didn't see any damage). It's kind of a shame, even though Smiddy is grungy and far away. I no longer get to walk past Steve Zissou's head on my way to class (people have been doing those spray paint stencil faces all over campus. There's a Mr. Rogers near Park).

Also, I know I haven't mentioned this before, but Julie, Amanda and I are going with Tammy et. al. to Boskone, which'll go from Friday to Monday...ish. In any case, I'll be off campus for those four days. I'm quite excited because, well, it's a con, and Amanda is pretty much flipping out that she gets to travel with Tamora Pierce. Unfortunately I think this means that we'll end up missing ASIC this Thursday, since we'll have left by then. Guess I'll just have to download, muah-ha.

Oh, Boston.

I was up till 6 AM Saturday night and then about 4 AM last night writing for Motley Crew and XOMFG I think I'm ACTUALLY GOING TO FINISH IT. And, like, soon. Dear god, what am I going to do then?

My plan for now is to shift my focus back to the Pentagram rewrite since it's the one I want to step into the world of professional writing with. But I think I'm also going to start work on North, as well as the next installment of Motley Crew, since it's the only thing right now that I have solid ideas for.

The Mot I have right now was originally supposed to be only one book--the first in a trilogy--but you've heard me bitch and moan these past months about how massive the whole thing has become. Pretty much now we're looking at an EPIC serial. This book is probably going to be divided into two, if not three. I'm going to try and show restraint for the "next two books," though I'll probably fail as epiclly as I have this time around in that regard. In reality there isn't as much planned for the next two. The trilogy (remember it's now a series) was supposed to go kind of like this--book one presents a problem, book two elaborates on it, and book three resolves it. Kind of like a really, really, really big story arc.

The elaboration and resolution shouldn't take as much time (or space) simply because it pretty much consists of "everyone goes off and gets shit done, then there's a huge fucking fight scene."

Every epic should end (or almost end) with a huge fucking fight scene, methinks.

Well, we'll see how it goes. Much as I love my boys and girls of Mot, North and her buds have been calling out to me for the past year, and after taking that year to polish the world and certain parts of the plot to sparkling, I think it's high time I started work on it. But editing of Pentagram comes first. I don't intend to even start edits for Mot until this summer. My general policy after finishing something is to give it a thorough once-over and pick at it a little, but that will be it.

In other news, Julie and I are going to look at off-campus apartments today like REAL ADULTS. Oh god. The plan is to stay in Ithaca over the summer and find a place in town to live. I've got my sights set on a job on the Commons. Living off campus is apparently cheaper than living here, and also we get to have kitties.

After twenty-one years of wanting a cat, I can finally have one. No way I'm letting this opportunity pass by.
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...but I did end up seeing "Time Crash" which is the best fucking episode of Doctor Who ever, even if it is 8 minutes long.


Just got back from the Trio's where we spent the past few hours playing Telephone Pictonary. I think I actually lost weight from laughing so much.
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Tales of the Abyss has pretty much slayed Julie and I. It started out as this campy and kind of whatev game. Then it started getting all political and the storyline got a shitload more complex. And now it's become this emotionally-charged, super-complicated game full of questionable ethics and moral dilemmas and oh-my-God-awesomeness. I never expected it to get so intense. And I like the main character a lot more now.

The RP has likewise gotten crazy-intense and awesome.

Also, finally managed to read Tammy's "Terrier," since we had it for ARF (my independent study, in which we read sci-fi/fantasy all. the. time). It's definitely my favorite of Tammy's books (though I think I still like the Emelan world better). Beka is awesome. The language is awesome (I still find myself thinking in the slang). It was somewhat trying since I ended up staying up till 4:30 to finish it. But it was so worth it. Brilliant on all accounts.

CNS has apparently been repaired, maybe? ASIC is back there, though there's been no word about my classes.

Also, Mot is going swimmingly.

More TotA now, kthxbye.
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So I've been having my first ever classes in Smiddy Hall lately, Smiddy being the most damn-fuck furthest building from Gardens as you could like, except for Cerrache. And who knew Smiddy was the business school? I'd never been in there before. Why am I in there now? Well, because the ceilings above at least two classrooms in CNS--one of them being my classroom--collapsed. No one knows why. Even ASIC got kicked out of the building, though now we have the freaking conference hall in Williams. So it's a win-win, I suppose.

Tales of the Abyss proves to be awesome. At first it was just kind of fun times and equally fun to make fun of, particularly because Luke is such an ass, but now it's full of political stuff and awesome cut-scenes and mindfuck, all of which add up to equal much win and awesome.

Unfortunately I'm also bogged down with Phoenix Wright (finally have all 3 of them), FFXII or whatever the hell it is (Revenant Wings), and I just bought Zelda: Phantom Hourglass because I'm insane. Plus I've never really played a Zelda game, at least not all the way through (I seem to recall fucking around with, um, one of the earlier ones and Twilight Princess, but that's it. We never had any Nintendo stations). Not that I mind it, though it cuts in on the homework time and it's already looking like I'm screwed this semester. *sigh*

The RP continues to be brilliant. It's definitely making me hate crossovers less.

Went to Tammy's house this weekend, got no homework done but had a brilliant time. Saw "Mirrormask", which is a combination of Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Monkeybone, and Tommy. Beautiful, but I had no idea what was going on. The main actress was really good though.

Motley Crew is, at long last, rolling toward its final end. It's all downhill skiing from here, I should think, unless I run into unexpected roadblocks. At the very least, it's going to be fun. Epic battles and all.
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So, this semester is already killing me because I have an ENORMOUS amount of reading for every class, not to mention our independent study with Jules, Amanda, and the lot of them which consists of reading about a book a week. Which is all good and fine, I just wish the rest of my classes weren't pretty much doing the same thing. Hard stuff, too.

Went to the Neko Case concert last night--abso-fucking-lutely brilliant. Like, literally, she sings so well that you could be listening to a CD, except more awesome. She's also really casual and confident--there were some idiots in the audience, but she totally just rolled with it. There was even a dog on stage! She's really cute and funny, too. You could tell she and the band were having a good time just playing music.

She played all the songs I wanted to hear, too! All the best, plus some brand new ones. God I can't wait for her next CD. It's so unfortunate that she's not very well known--but then I suppose that keeps her off the corporate radar.

Cara Coville, Tammy and Julie's friend came with us too since she's a big fan, and afterwards we went driving around looking for open liquor stores (none. Hate you, NY alcohol laws). We ended up just going to Wegmans and I bought my first thing of alcohol, some fruity German thing, while Julie got that flavored Smirinoff stuff. Felt really good to flash my card for the first time. Then spent the rest of the night showing Cara various anime, including Darker than BLACK and Ouran. She enjoyed it all.

Unfortunately now it turns out that Kate has a serious aversion to alcohol--we're talking phobic here--so we're going to have to rethink our in-house policies on alcohol, but I don't really mind. We can either keep it hidden in our room, or I'm sure Amanda et. al. would be happy to hold onto it for us. I'm pretty sure we also agreed with Kate back in Sophomore year that we wouldn't actually keep alcohol in the apartment. Anyway, no one wants to drink alone, right? We usually only drink when we're with the girls anyway.

Made it up to the "Blink" episode on Doctor Who, which, yes, is the fucking best one ever. But I'm kind of disappointed that they're only giving three episodes to the Master. This is the guy who was the Doctor's singlemost nemesis for, like, the entire series, and they only give him 3 episodes? Especially now that I know his backstory, to some degree--it's just wrong, man.

Not much else of note has happened, except I've decided to go ahead with the RP--as if I don't have enough going on this semester--as Hei from Darker than BLACK. You can look me up at [ profile] contract_star if you want. And anyone who's interested should check out the RP itself, because Sephiroth just arrived, and seeing him interact with the Master, and of course with Cloud, is quite entertaining.

Right, my schedule:

Poetics: 11-12, MWF

Research Methods: 1-2, MWF

World Civ II: 10:50-12:05, TR

Global Sociology: 2:35-3:50, TR

Simulating Social Processes: 4-6:40, T

Alternative Reality Fiction--ARF for short: 12:10-1, T (this is our independent study).

Should be fun, but hectic.
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It's about 4:30 and I have a plane to catch in about 4 hours, which means I need to wake up in about one so we can leave in two. Whhhyyy did I stay up this late?

Yes, I'm heading back to Ithaca about a week early, mostly because I want the time away from my family to write. Something I've done ALMOST NONE OF for this entire break, and for someone who was talking about finishing Motley Crew by the end of the year, that's simply unacceptable. Of course this always happens--as soon as I have some free time, I get writer's block, or get sick, or have real-life shit to deal with.

I did do some writing tonight, mostly world-building stuff. I decided that all the stuff for North has been kicking around in my head for long enough, and deserved to finally be on paper where I can sort through it all.

Did I mention that another new idea has sprouted? No? Let's just say it's based in a country that's like a cross between 1800's Japan and present-day Haiti (in terms of culture, mostly), involves gods, and involves a guy who works as the muscle at a brothel (he throws the johns out when they get drunk and start making a fuss). As well as a female samurai-type and poor old Naioh, my blind character who has officially made about ten moves from project to project. :3

I'm going to write it entirely in fangirl Japanese.

No, I'm kidding. I think Crow (main character, brothel guy) wouldn't know what to do if anyone screamed "KAWAII-DESU~!!!1!11!one!" at him.

Though I must admit that he certainly is kawaii-desu~ *is shot*

Still considering that RP. It's an absolute blast to watch, particularly when seeing The Master being called a poof by another character who has no clue who he's talking to. Lol, I might not have met him yet, but I at least get the sense that The Master would eat you for talking that way to him.

Now I really do have to go get in that hour of sleep before leaving. Agh. At least I'll be seeing Julie half way. We wrangled it so that the both of us will be on the same plane out of Detroit.

See you all back in Ithaca.
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Just saw the schedule for ASIC next year:

"Nodame Cantabile" and "Gurren-Lagann" to start with. Both of which I've of course heard about and am excited to see (since I'm not allowed to watch Gurren-Lagann between now and then, lol). Then we're closing off with "Mushishi" and "Baccano!" I've seen Mushishi, and while it's brilliant I'm a bit worried about its reception at ASIC, if only because it's so slow and nice. Like sitting on a raft and drifting down a river. "Baccano!" I've heard good things about.

And it looks like our marathon will be "Trigun." Hell yes.

GAH! I'm done with almost all my finals! I have one last part to do for fiction and then my World Civ paper, and that's it. I spent two hours last night packing. The only other thing I have to do is clean up around the apartment, since it's kind of grungy.

Julie left yesterday with Tammy since she didn't complete her finals (long story forthcoming) and Molly left a few hours ago, so it's just me and Kate. Kate's leaving around noon tomorrow, and I'm leaving whenever I get the last bunch of shit turned in and Tim comes up to get me.

Flight tomorrow at 2 (?) to Florida. Parents are getting in around the same time so they won't be able to pick me up, and I'll be going back to Grammie and Grampie's house with one of their friends.

Spending Christmas there and then going back to Pleasanton for a short time. Then coming back to Ithaca early so I can get some writerly-stuff done before classes start the day after MLK day.

I probably won't be posting again until Florida. So, have a good break everyone, travel safely, and I hope finals didn't kill you!

P.S. My Grants professor and her son know the dance to "Soulja Boy--Crank That." Yep.
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Oh my god has this been the week from HELL, and not just because of finals. I'll go into those reasons later.

Today was Judgment Day in my Grants class. Today we turned in our (43 page) grant proposal and gave a presentation not just to the class but to our community partners as well.

So I realize I never really explained what this class was all about. Pretty much, the class consisted of us breaking into teams and selecting a community partner--literally a partner from the Ithaca community itself--to try and draft a proposal for them. The entire semester has been us working on that one goal, which is the final grant proposal, to be utilized by the community partner as they search for funders.

My group consisted of four people, myself included--Princess, Andrew and Dan. We were working with an alternative school in Ithaca called the Lehman Alternative Community School (LACS), which wanted to send a group of students to Guatemala do to some cultural immersion work there, after which they'd return and set up a peer-to-peer workshop for their school, for the other high school, and for alternative schools across the country.

The amount of hours put in? Countless. The amount of writing? A final total of 43 pages, though overall it was probably twice that. The stress? Incalculable.

This was the most intense and most beneficial work/school program of my life. I can't even begin to talk about what I've learned. Not just about writing a grant proposal, either, but about working collaboratively with a team and about working professionally with a community partner.

Last night we were working from 7:30 to 1 in the morning to bring everything together, complete the proposal itself, and put together the powerpoint presentation. Andrew actually then slept for an hour before finishing the whole thing, then Dan went and spent a hundred freaking dollars at Kinko's to get this beautiful thing all printed up.

And today we turned it all in and did our presentation. Stumbled over a few things, but I think it went over really well, all things considered.

It's been a damn long road, but now it's over. It was rough and difficult and incredibly stressful, but it was also a wonderful experience, and I'm so glad I took the class.

And now for the after party. I intend to get drunk.


Dec. 17th, 2007 03:02 pm
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Sooo I just read the most recent Naruto chapter.

Froggies. Contains SPOILERS. )

In other news, finals are eating me alive, I want hot chocolate, and Doctor Who is the best show ever. I'm in love with the Tenth Doctor.

Itty Bitty Doctor Who Spoilers )


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