Sep. 12th, 2006 06:15 pm
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There are, to date, six socks left on Julie's wall, stubbornly clinging to the high life, oh, bless their brave little furry hearts. Such courage is rarely seen in this day and age, especially from inanimate objects.

On House tonight I wanted to stomp on Wilson's foot.

We've been on a Sedaris kick, last few days, because really--the "Jesus Shaves" chapter of Me Talk Pretty One Day is sheer brilliance. With gems like:

"He nice, the Jesus."


"He weared of himself the long hair and after he die, the first day he come back here for to say hello to the peoples."

which makes me wonder how I sound to my German teacher.

While I am not particularly in a writer's block right now, I am in a naming block, that started when I was trying to figure out that Japanese guy's name (it ended up as Chance, by the way, and before you burst your nose laughing, there's a reason for it--his parents are crazy ;-)). I'm trying to figure out two names--two whole names!--for this new idea I have, and nothing I think of and nothing from the thirteen page list I have fits.

I'm big on names. If it's a major character or someone I like, he/she's gotta have a cool name before I can work on anything else. I'm idiosyncratic that way.

I am almost finished with chapter six of the fic, though. It's a lot of talk--again--since most of it deals with the Org. being all "dude, we've got this Castle Oblivion thing, and guess who's going."

It's my mom's birthday today, and I feel awful, but I really haven't had time to go into town to get a gift. I'm gonna call her later though.

Queer Studies again tomorrow, woot. I like that class. Even though Wednesday is my Hell Day. Four classes. At least one of them is Poetry, which doesn't really take much effort, at least not thus far.

Quiz in German on Friday, though, fooks.

Is it just me or is this week already too long?

Azumanga Daioh hearty goodness with me and Julie now. Oooooossaka.
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Busy-busy week. German is killing me. Had a 2-3 page paper for Persuasive Argument, when I've never written an argument before. I'm really glad that Fiction and Poetry are so laid back. I brought in a few poems for Poetry yesterday, but didn't get to read them since other people had to read before me. As for Fiction, the first assignment isn't until next week, I think. As in, after next week. Um. Had my first Queer Studies class and it was very awesome. Most of the start was taken up by discussing the syllabus and stuff, but then we watched this movie about gays and lesbians in the 20's-60's, "Before Stonewall" as they called it. Stonewall was I guess a bar that got raided by the police which led to rioting which led to the start of the gay rights movement.

It actually warmed up here, which is all good and fine, except that right now I just really want a thunderstorm.

Julie and I finished the first season of Honey and Clover. And in ASIC we're watching Gankutsuo or something and Yakitake Japan! Gankuotsuo (I really don't know how to spell it) is...interesting. It's very...hm...it's very colorful. The animation isn't like anything I've ever seen. It's kind of like South Park, if you can imagine anime characters in the South Park style except that instead of paper cut outs, it's all like...cutouts from pattern books. Or wallpapers. Lots of patterns, in other words. It gets kind of confusing. As for the storyline, it's pretty much the Count of Monte Cristo set in the future and the Count is like...a vampire alien or something. In any case, he's blue and has pointy ears and fangs. Lots of yaoi subtext too.

The other one, Yakitake Japan, is...it's about bread. Yes. Bread. It's about a young guy who's on a mission to make a bread that reflects the Japanese culture. Or something. Like, you have Italian bread and French bread and Indian nan, and various German and English breads, but no strictly Japanese bread. It's campy and hilarious and totally fun. And it's about bread. I mean, really.

Meanwhile the muse has gone off the deep end. I thought she might settle down once I'd worked out a little bit of the Angels idea, which I did--got all the characters and developed some stuff. But noooo. Now I've got a new idea. This of course on top of everything else.

I've decided, though, to keep all these ideas. You Are Here has lasted for years without me ever actually touching it, after all. Mot takes precedence, at least when I'm not blocked on it, and I can just pick at the other ideas. Meanwhile I'll just shelve them until I have time to work on 'em all. Jeez. Some of them will end up being short stories anyway, or at least short novels. There's also Penta to think about, of course.

I love writing, but sometimes too many ideas is a bad thing.

My mom's birthday is coming up and I have no idea what to buy her. I do have to go in town eventually to buy some necessities.

I have lots of homework this weekend. Today is a relax day, though. We're having a movie night tonight. I should also start the next chapter of the fic.
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I really like my Fiction I teacher, Fred Wilcox. He talks and talks and talks but he has this redeeming quality of saying really good things. Like he was stressing today to just ignore all the little editors living inside your writerly head, and to just write. Which sounds obvious, but really. I dunno. I just like him for all these tangents he goes off on that don't seem to have a point until you realize what he's saying, and then you're just like..."Hey...yeah!"

I'm craving Froot Loops.

Azar Nafisi, writer of Reading Lolita in Tehran is gonna be here at 7 tonight to talk and sign books. Which is awesome. I've only just started the book, but I like it a lot already. She's got a great voice, with a lot of nostalgia, but she makes it work. Plus the topic itself is interesting. It takes place in Tehran right after the revolution, when the Ayatollah took over, and pretty much Nafisi was a teacher who hand-picked some female students to join her to discuss...well, pretty much forbidden "Western" literature. It's interesting to see the conflict going on, not only in the country, but in the women. Like, all of them seem to want to live their own lives and think for themselves, and yet the answers they give to Nafisi's questions on the texts are all what's expected of them.

House is also on right after that. We don't have cable yet, so we'll have to hijack a lounge. It's awesome, because SVU and CI have also moved to Tuesdays, but there's no time conflict with House. House is gonna get interesting this year!

Tomorrow is my very first Queer Studies class. I'm excited.

Chapter five of the fic doesn't seem to be working too well. As in, when I log in, I can read the fifth chapter, but then when I search for my fic or my pen name, the fifth chapter doesn't show up at all. I'm trying to fix it, but nothing's worked so far.

As for writing, well, I broke through my block in Mot! I'm writing again and trying very hard to ignore the fact that I'm up to 371 pages now (kill me) and still have at least another 100 to tack on. In any case, I should have them out of Tamara pretty soon. I gotta just listen to everyone's advice and "just write."

There's also Fox to think about, though, and Angels is still assaulting my mind. I'm thinking I'm just kinda gonna make up a town in Scotland for Fox to live in. It'll be somewhere kinda south of Alford (small town) and west of Aberdeen (city) out in the green countryside, with a nice little loch nearby. Just gotta come up with a name for the town.

Julie and I are halfway through the first season of Honey and Clover, and I think she likes it as much as I do. It's so freaking college! And adorable, of course. And we're watching Monster as well, which is so freaking awesome. And the opening song is like, the best opening song I've...ever...heard.
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Psych today, for the very, very first time. I've wanted to take a psych class since--let's see--sophomore year of high school? I've wafted about being a psych major/minor. I love the whole area of study. And so far the class is looking good, though at this point I don't think I'll major or minor in psych. Right now sociology is looking more interesting. Writing, of course, needs no mention.

Fiction I, too. The teacher is all talk talk talkalot, but he made a lot of interesting points that I kind of smiled and nodded about. We have to write something small for next Tuesday. That should be interesting.

I've gotta get tomorrow's homework done tonight. I also registered for Poetry I--finally! someone dropped!--so I should probably check online to see if there's anything I should know.

Gotta get cable, too. Stuff starts soon!

Have I mentioned I've gotten into Project Runway? Well, I've gotten into Project Runway. Yeah, a reality show, but I like it--the people aren't all backstabby, at least most of them, and the stuff they design is really cool. My vote's on Michael. He's such a nice guy, too!

Very first ASIC meeting tonight. I'm inordinately excited. I mean, really, it sounds stupid, but it's the only place except online that I can be my crazy, anime-junkie-ish self. I mean, except around Julie of course, but it's so much fun to watch any TV show in a large group. With anime it's even more fun because--really--it's anime, and you have all these junkies shouting things out and...well. People back home just don't understand.

Julie and I finished Black Cat, btw. It's such a fun, awesome series, though the ending kind of bites because it's so gosh-darn rushed. I also broke down and am downloading PMK, Monster and One Piece because I'm insane and am trying to make Septimus (my computer) hate me.

Hmm, writing. I've been thinking mostly about Fox, the fic and the Angels project lately. I thought I had a name for my Japanese character. I was gonna name him Kyan, because excluding the fact that it's the name of a hella hot Queer Eye guy, it's also the name of a village in Okinawa. Then it occured to me that "Y" doesn't act as a vowel in Japanese, so the pronunciation would be similar to "Kyo"--as in, K-yan, instead of Kai-yan. Which doesn't work as well. I might have to break down and give him an English name. I mean, now that I think about it, I don't think I've really met anyone who's American but has a Japanese names. I've met/known plenty of people from China, Korea, Thailand or Cambodia with ethnic names, but none who hail from Japan.

As for the fic, well...this chapter is a lot of talk, compared to the last two action-centric ones, and it has a lot of Organization characters who I really hope are IC. I'm this close to finishing, but stuff keeps coming up, plus I'm a bit blocked on it in general. The Castle Oblivion stuff is about to start, kind of sooner than I would have liked. But oh well. When you think about the games, it can't really go any other way.

And of course Fox, because, well, he's Fox. It occurs to me that I need to develop Mikayla and Finch's characters more, as well as the other two characters who pop up. I haven't mentioned them before, but one of them's an African-British professional jewel thief, and a circa-college age female punk hacker, both of whom are friends of Fox's. They're not quite as weird as he is and help him when he's hunting. The guy can get into any physical location, the girl can get into any electronic location, which comes in handy not only on Mikayla's case but on others. After all, you have to know where the treasure is before you can hunt it. Maps are rarer than you might think.

I need to consider when in the series our idea for NaNo would occur. No doubt after Mikayla's case. I have a few other ideas of treasure/places Fox should search/go to, including some other place in Europe, somewhere in northern Africa (Egypt?), somewhere in the Caribbean (pirates!) or the South Pacific (pirates!) or around southern Europe/Africa (pirates!), and somewhere in South America. The South American story can feed into the NaNo project, or VV.

I also need Fox to return to Australia at some point, which is where his father was murdered.

You're probably all really sick of hearing about writing, aren't you?
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It's a poster, don't worry.

First two classes of the semester today: German and Persuasive Argument. German is allllll German and we have to write essays.

*shoots self*

Persuasive Argument on the other hand looks better than I thought it would. The teacher is nice and cool, and...I mean, the class is pretty much gonna teach you how to conduct convincing arguments. Which I need.

Did I mention my new fish? The betta? His name is Calypso. Tango, Calypso, it only made sense.

Not much has happened, but I've been busy running around, buying books, necessities, going to floor meetings and other stuff.

It's really cool being neighbors with Molly and Kate. It's like we're practically in the same room just separated by a wall.

I am writing the fifth chapter, and I will finish it today if it kills me, and get it posted.

Oh, and Julie and I are planning something for NaNoWriMo, which I've never done and want to do this year. We're going to cowrite a story with our "semi-real-world" characters--mine being Fox and Mike, and hers being Damien and Shelly from a NYC-set story series. We were getting all excited talking about it last night, and so far it's going to involve a disappeared guy researching some tablet in a hitherto unknown Mayan/Inca dialect that will also involve the legendary Incan city of Paititi. Damien's a private investigator, Fox is a treasure hunter...it works! *nee-hee-hee*

Haven't had much time to even think about stuff aside from the aforementioned, although scenes from Angels involving this one character keep running through my head. I think I'll try to get names for them today. I have Ilena, the MC, and the bouncy Is, and three others to name. There's a Japanese-American guy, and I'm wafting between several Japanese names and a few American names. The other two are straight-up American--there's the adorable nice-guy who makes people laugh and the rebellious guy with the medical problem who steals cars and is also the techie for the group.

Also thinking again about Mot and things that are going to happen down the line. I want to get back into it, because this is what happened a few months ago, when I stopped dead and didn't write anything for ages.

But the fic takes presedence for now.

Although at this point schoolwork and finding a job should take presedence, but oh well. Y'all know me.

Hm. What do you think in terms of Japanese names? My guy is the quiet, bookish type. His wings (cause everyone has wings) are black, which of course is considered unlucky, so I thought his name should convey the...let's say estrangement between him and his relatively traditional family. The tension between those with wings and those without wings feeds into it, of course.

Karasu, Karasuko (crow/raven, crow child)? Sainan (disaster)? Ayamari (mistake? Like I said...estrangement)? Or just stick with something simple, like Kuro (black)? I can't find the Japanese word for "blackbird." I'm sure it's just Karasu, as well.


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