Jun. 11th, 2010 08:22 pm
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Soooo, as if I needed another thing to fill my time, I've stumbled upon one of the greatest webcomics of all time--Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name. Vampires, werewolves, zombies, selkies, great comedy, great art style, and too much adorable for words. Seriously, it's excellent--the best webcomic I've seen in awhile, and I have a whole damn file devoted to webcomics. Also Hanna reminds me scarily of Jin.

While I'm on the topic of webcomics; IDK if I ever got around to mentioning this one before (good god I need to update more often), but another great webcomic I've been following for awhile is Freakangels more like a comic that happens to be online. The writer, Warren Ellis, is already a big name in comic books (he's written some X-Men stuff as well as plenty of originals). Twelve kids with superpowers who kinda broke the world and are sorta trying to put it back together. Craziness abounds. Excellent and quite pretty.

Also, here's one I've been waiting for for awhile: The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal. I have the artist bookmarked on DA and I'd been following her work for awhile; I knew a webcomic or sommat was in the works, but I had no idea she'd actually started it. Quite a happy discovery the other day. No superpowers in this one, just two guys roadtripping across America and discovering themselves.

Lastly, not a webcomic but quite possibly the greatest blog of all time.

That's all for now. All this awesome art/writing makes me want to go write myself. The Jin novel is plugging along, though with my lack of serious writing lately it's like riding a bike after...not, for like a year. You never forget, but you sort of go "wait, is this how I change gears?" Let's just say I think I'm gonna be doing a lot of rewriting, lol, but at least it's getting down on paper.

Or, uh, pixels?
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You know, I would really, really like to be able to post some of my writing--none of the big stuff, but backstory stuff, drabbles, that kind of thing--on a place like DA. Not because I'm a whore for comments or what-the-fuck-ever, but because, I dunno, I want to know what people think. I love characters; I love my characters; I know other people like characters as much as I do. I love seeing people's original characters wandering around their galleries. I just think it would be nice to have that as well.

But dear God! I never knew places like DA were so fucking dramatic! DA used to be awesome and filled with awesome art and such, but now it's nothing but flame wars, personal attacks, fanart of the same damn shit over and over, and "OMG SRS BIZNIS!" When the hell did places like DA get this pathetic? People are leaving there in droves or going invisible because people are such assholes. If you post something that someone doesn't like, it's like a given that you'll be flamed.

I mean, at least if you write and publish a book, it's out there and you get people talking about it on forums, reviewing it on Amazon and such. Stuff like that is usually pretty easily avoided, to some degree, and of course you just learn to develop a thick skin over time. But posting something in a gallery? It's right there where you are, and when people like or dislike it, you hear about it immediately. It's the equivalent of writing a book and putting your home address and phone number on the cover.

I feel so bad for the poor artists and writers who post things on large sites like DA and then get run out of town with pitchforks shaped like lolcats or whatever! Whatever happened to "don't like it, don't read/view it?" Or was that ever the standard?

I feel like an old person for saying it, but whatever happened to common courtesy?

And don't even get me started on the art/writing theft. God! It's getting to the point where I'm almost afraid to post excerpts here under friends-lock for fear some little shit will find it and try to pass it off as their own or something. Admittedly, the only people who really know me online are RL friends, but I've been paranoid and self-conscious about my writing for my entire life. I would be devastated if I found Boone or Kaz or Violin or Kaiyss on someone else's site. That's a part of myself they'd be stealing!

And I do mean devastated. Like, "my boyfriend of 5 years broke up with me and I'm going to spend a month in bed now, kthxbye" devastated. I wouldn't know what to do with myself. How do you fight art/writing thieves, anyway? It's not like I understand copyright laws.

The theft thing was my main deterrent for posting anything online for the longest time (it's why anything that's writing related and specific to one of my projects goes under friend-lock). Now, recently, I'd been thinking I might give something like DA a try, but no! Everyone's too fucking immature and pathetic!

And on the flipside, dear god, what if I got the yaoi fanbrats slavering over E and Kail and being all "OMG BUTTSECKS KAWAII!"? What if I had people shipping characters who just shouldn't be shipped? Imagine the Kaz/Aidan shippers, since everyone's so into enemy!hate!sex these days. Christ!

If I ever get popular enough that kind of thing might happen anyway, but I just really don't want to see that kind of stuff when my babies are still learning to walk.

I'm not so arrogant to think if I did have a gallery or some shit that people would actually stop by to check it out. But still.

I love wank, don't get me wrong. Particularly fandom wank, because it's usually just so goddamn stupid that it's hilarious to watch. It's an entirely different matter when you've got personal attacks on someone's work going on. That's another beast entirely, one that should be put down.

So, thanks a lot, Internets. Way to completely discourage me from ever trusting people online with anything.


Aug. 1st, 2006 12:17 am
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Long post follows! So the con report shall be under the cut.

Welcome to Con-dom--Jules said that, and I shall never let her live it down! )

After all that it was off to the airport for the flight back, the flight that got canceled, fuck you US Airways. Fortunately they had one that left later but by the miracle of time zones actually got into San Fran earlier than the one I was supposed to be on.

The wait? Yes, the wait. I arrived at one and had to wait till six. Which would have been a bummer if I hadn't whipped out the wireless card to see if the airport had wireless. And yes, yes it did have a signal where I was sitting, an exremely low signal, but I decided to hop on the internet, see what was flying. Checked my email, woot, whatever. Then I click on the first bookmark on my faves list that I actually check--that being the Shoebox Project. And what, oh what, should I find?

An update.

I was...well let's just say I was giddy for the whole rest of the day. It was a nightmare, though, because the signal was so low that my internet kept crapping out. In fact it crapped out as I was trying to link to the first part of the update--it was split into two. I was almost resigned to having to go the whole flight without knowing what's happening when I tried the internet again and, miracle of miracles, it worked and I got to read Part A! And I thought, well this is simply lovely, I am very happy right now, I hope Part B is as lovely, and I tried to get onto Part B internet crapped out again.

Waited awhile, tried again, clicked the links as fast as I could and voila! Part B!

Which was...which was...





I was incoherent and giggling and it was a good thing not many people were in the gate yet because I know I was grinning like a maniac and giggling sporadically which would have made anyone look at me like I was nuts, but seriously--I mean--only writing can do this, only writing can make me be seriously happy for hours after I read it, or sad, alternately. In Shoebox's case I was happy to the point of tears, quite literally, I was so happy and smiley and all that my eyes started watering.

You have to read it to understand.

That made my day. My week. My life. I left gratuitous comments for Mi'Lady Jaida, and I should probably leave some for Dorkorific though I don't think she's updated her LJ in awhile. Oh man. They--the--writing--guh--they'll be great one day. They'll be greater than great. Jaida especially. I mean, you read her stand-alone stuff, her original stuff, her other fanfics and it's like, this woman is going to be a bestseller in a few years, and not one of those shoddy bestsellers, I mean a real bestseller, the kind whose books you read and you just cry at the end no matter how sad or happy or bittersweet the ending is, the way you cry when you stand before the Mona Lisa, the way I cried at certain parts of RotK that just overwhelmed me, the way you cry when you're faced, unquestionably, with art.


Well yes. It made my flight actually decent. It's hard to be upset at all after a Shoebox Update.

Watched most of the second Naruto movie inflight as well, which is much more awesome than the first if only because it's got Sabaku no Gaara and Shika-Shika and Kankarou (sp?) and big moving machinery-type things and Sakura actually kicking ass for once, thank you. And Naruto being his Naruto-ey self, telling the bad guys what's what about the world in his Naruto-ey way. Some people get bored or annoyed at the way he almost always manages to change people, get them to see things, not that he really intends to be such a hero, he just speaks his mind. I find it endearing. It made it all the more a punch to the gut when...well.


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