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Whut? WHUT? What's this I hear about Jerry Spinelli releasing a sequel to Stargirl? Holy crap, MUST HAVE! Stargirl was one of the most amazing books when I was younger and it's still pretty high on my favorites list. Now after all this time, a sequel?? I guess it's not coming out for awhile, but still!

So yeah, I notice I haven't had a real update in awhile. Let's see.

Well, I did end up seeing Hairspray (like, two weeks ago, lol) and it was quite excellent, quite charming, and I've already ordered the soundtrack. Haven't seen any movies since, though.

I also got my hands on The Mirador, though I haven't really started it yet (XOMG *squee!!* Mildmay! Felix! And now even Mehitabel gets some airtime!!). I also grabbed a copy of some H.P. Lovecraft story collection. I figure, considering I'm sort of kind of part of the fantasy writers crowd, I should go find out what's the deal with this Cthulhu guy. Cthulhu fhtagn?

I've also gotten the latest of all my manga, and hopefully no more will come out between now and the end of August, since I'm already shipping quite a few books to Ithaca (not nearly as many as last time, though).

And, in my neverending pursuit of new anime to watch, I've stumbled across yet another incredibly obscure show called Black Blood Brothers. I've only yet seen the first episode, since the second episode doesn't want to work for some reason, but boy did it snag me. It's an actual Aftermath series! I might not have explained it here, but I love stories about aftermath--you know, what happens after the journey is over, after the world has been saved, after the hero's triumphant return, because the story never really ends at "happily ever after." So in this series, near as I can figure, Jirou is some kind of vampire (so cliche, but I do love me a vampire) who has already lost everything important to him and is now trying to make his own way. Great fight scenes and great animation all around. Plus Jirou has a pretty freaking awesome hat. In fact the only complaint I have with the first episode is that they have a timeskip, but they don't really specify how much time has passed. But that's nitpicky. Pretty good so far, though of course I'll need to see more to make a sound judgment. And Sousei no Aquarion continues to thoroughly entertain.

Jobbage has slowed considerably since they cut hours all around, so I'm only working two days this week, tomorrow and Saturday. Not that long, either. I suppose it doesn't matter much since I'm leaving in about a week anyway. Gotta talk to my boss about that one. I'm leaving the 18th to go hang out with Julie for a few days before the lot of us drive back to Ithaca. Yay, I get to see a Minnesota State Fair for the first time! I hear it's quite an experience.

And after an entire summer of not writing, I'm actually writing again! I've finished the next chapter for my fanfic, finally and it's posted if anyone wants to go read it. I'm also writing some scenes for North--I finally got to introduce Rain and Chia! I've also got some pretty sick ideas for what happens next in Mot, so I think I might gravitate in that direction once the Rain and Chia scene is over. And I've been giving more thought to that idea I mentioned, the one that involves dreams. I still need to get a handle on the characters over there, though.

As for the 100 Situations, well, I still haven't heard back from the site mod, so I have no idea what's happening with that. I do want to start it, but I can't actually post anything until my claim has been confirmed. *shrug* I've even left comments asking what's up, but no one has replied.

And an XBox 360 has randomly come to live at our house. My brother can't possibly have any money left over. And the poor PS2 is so neglected. Did I mention that I also bought my own PS2? I just have to steal some of Ben's controllers and I'll be set. Man, that's a lot of stuff I'll need to ship, though fortunately all my books fit into one box this time.

Ooh, also got the latest volume of Digger, Ursula Vernon's awesome webcomic. You can get to her site on the links in the sidebar. Go support her, she's awesome!

And, holy shit, Blue Planet is going to be on the Discovery Channel starting Sunday! HO-SHIT. I'm excited!

Think that's about all there is. Summer's winding down, can you feel it?

One more thing. Withing Temptation=FTW.
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This is probably one of the best movies ever made.

Little Miss Sunshine )

I also bought Pan's Labyrinth the other day, but forgot to mention it. More movie reviews coming, since Tokyo Godfathers and the Ghost In the Shell movie just came in the mail.

Not much else to report. Went to the beach today with Liz and Lindy and got so fucking burned. On the backs of my legs too, so every time I move them it's like "AGH I KILL YOU!" Eurgh. It's all splotchy and gross too. I should know better by now. I always burn before I tan. x_x

I'm a slug bug. I haven't done any writing lately. I feel like such a loser. And I still haven't been approved for the 100 Themes Challenge. I think I'd better check up on that.

My job finally, really starts next week on Wednesday and it looks like I've got 15 hours this week. The woes of part-time work, but oh well. If I work like this from now until the end of summer I should have enough. And they might give me more hours eventually.

Had to deal with some major drama issues earlier as well. Not gonna talk about it, since it concerns a friend of mine, but let's just say that all is not well.

Julie, can you remind me of which cons we're going to? I've got to start thinking about getting the tickets. And any updates on whether I'm coming to Minnesota??

Geh. It's been a weird day.
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And here's the one for Kaz, Gecko and Kai.

Kaz, Gecko and Kai
Table Two

001.Disease 002.Bathroom 003.Delirious 004.Autumn 005.River
006.Sunset 007.Relief 008.Silence 009.Night 010.Cry
011.Fair 012.Allergy 013.Death 014.Table 015.Early
016.Criminal 017.Play 018.Numbered 019.Fun 020.Full
021.Pack 022.Taste 023.Bleach 024.String 025.Flu
026.Court 027.Dark 028.Succeed 029.Truth 030.Lies
031.Business 032.Deception 033.Enter 034.Leave 035.Sneer
036.Gun 037.Office 038.Enemy 039.Father 040.Bastard
041.Furious 042.Accident 043.Joke 044.Benign 045.Insult
046.Call 047.Bonus 048.Inside 049.Outside 050.Traffic
051.Hand 052.Lock 053.Trust 054.Drugs 055.Trip
056.Smoke 057.Test 058.Survive 059.Hang 060.Commit
061.Polish 062.Brave 063.Cheeky 064.Rough 065.Struggle
066.Relocate 067.Misguided 068.Scatter 069.Bitter 070.Sweet
071.Aim 072.Lost 073.Confront 074.Forbid 075.Disaster
076.Creature 077.Organize 078.Elevate 079.Safeguard 080.Emerge
081.Wild 082.Fan 083.Sushi 084.Crash 085.Myth
086.Languid 087.Nocturnal 088.Blood 089.Pitch 090.Stash
091.Burst 092.Rush 093.Limited 094.Grim 095.Beautiful
096.Writer‘s Choice. 097.Writer‘s Choice. 098.Writer‘s Choice. 099.Writer‘s Choice. 100.Writer‘s Choice.
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Screw it. I'm doing both. One for Fox and Mike--one a crossover for Kaz, Gecko and Kai.

I'm a masochist, what can I say? Thank god there's no deadline.

Here's the first one.

Fox and Mike

Table Three

001.Finger 002.Bad 003.Intelligence 004.Announce 005.Day
006.Murder 007.Sad 008.Plan 009.Ill 010.Secret
011.Behind 012.Want 013.Stranded 014.Wealthy 015.Marriage
016.Affected 017.Long Hours 018.Worthy 019.Sinful 020.Obvious
021.Caught 022.Splatter 023.Flight 024.Slip 025.Escape
026.Honor 027.Ashamed 028.Attentive 029.Motivated 030.Grovel
031.Swear 032.Shoot 033.Switch 034.Promise 035.Crawl
036.Hell 037.Grin 038.Hug 039.Burn 040.Kiss
041.Mute 042.Suffocate 043.Punch 044.Exile 045.Plead
046.Strong 047.Defenseless 048.Discover 049.Action 050.Sport
051.Memorable 052.Die 053.Missing 054.Luck 055.Rescue
056.Abort 057.Possessed 058.Graveyard 059.Trail 060.Walk
061.Plunge 062.Jump 063.Self-conscious 064.Suspicious 065.Mistake
066.Complicated 067.Black Out 068.Reveal 069.Grotesque 070.Swim
071.Resign 072.Nonsense 073.Declare 074.Corrupt 075.Wrong
076.Right 077.Administer 078.Embrace 079.Argue 080.Lose
081.Monster 082.Hit 083.Build 084.Destroy 085.Breathe
086.Assist 087.Stab 088.Bite 089.Hunger 090.Passage
091.Drama 092.Haunted 093.Crisis 094.Dirty 095.Emotional
096.Writer‘s Choice. 097.Writer‘s Choice. 098.Writer‘s Choice. 099.Writer‘s Choice. 100.Writer‘s Choice.


Jun. 23rd, 2007 02:35 am
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I'm seriously considering doing a crossover with Kaz, Gecko and Kai for the 100 Themes Challenge. Either that or doing Fox and Mike. Admittedly, I'll probably do Fox and Mike anyway--just later.

Or...I could make two claims. Do two of these things at once. One for Fox and Mike, one for Kaz, Gecko and Kai. Kill myself with 200 tidbits.

Sweet mercy, I'm seriously considering it.

Whadaya guys think??

And if I do this, should I make a separate journal specifically for writing?
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Bronchitis and strep--that's the diagnosis. Great, innit? So I'm on amoxicillin and kinda/sorta an inhaler for a week or so. It's all kinds of fun. I'm not wheezing too much, so I don't really need the inhaler, but yeah (plus the thing kind of scares me...a little).

I'm chugging tea and Vitamin Water like crazy. Think I'm gonna end up going to bed relatively early tonight, too. I'm just so tired today--plus I gotta get up early for the job training.

Lame, man.

No further on the 100 Themes.


Jun. 22nd, 2007 12:09 am
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Funniest two seconds EVER. Found on SEB

My job starts this Saturday--I go in at 11 for training to a store in Livermore. I finally got around to buying khaki pants at the mall yesterday. Also picked up some tank tops since I have about none. Also got another game for the DS--something called Trace Memory which looked interesting. I seriously considered getting Phoenix Wright, but I think I'm gonna hold off on that one until my job is underway. I already broke my rule and bought two other games--though both were for GBA so they were less expensive.

Went to the sushi place up the road earlier today with Liz, then we went hot tubbing. Pretty much all I've done all day, but oh well.

Still haven't figured out what to do about the 100 Themes Challenge. It also occurred to me that even if I start now there's no way in hell I'll finish before the end of summer--so I think I'll lower my summer goal to something like 25 or something reasonable like that. There's also my own stuff and the fic to think about.

And anyway, here's some movie reviews for you.

My Neighbor Totoro )

I don't even know what I have anymore. At first I thought it was allergies, then I thought it was a sinus infection, but now I'm coughing and generally feel horrible. Fuck.

Bee Season )

Jules, sorry I didn't get on AIM today--I'll be on probably all day tomorrow, though.

Oh, I got my license back. Apparently someone found it at a Post Office in San Francisco and sent it here. Go figure.


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